Can You Become a Data Scientist?

Every decade has its hottest job opportunities. During the 1980s and early 1990s people were in a rush to apply for investment banking jobs. Then, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it became clear that the Internet will soon change the world and a lot of tech savvy graduates started specializing in software and… Read More »

Live PD: Best of Jeffersonville, Indiana Police Department | A&E

34, what’s your 20? All right, he’s going left the center now, so we’re going to stop him. OFFICER (ON RADIO): Dispatch received. The driver keeps reaching over to the right. Afternoon, sir. Officer with Jeff Police. Reason I stopped you, you keep driving left the center. Is everything OK? DRIVER: Oh, yeah, I’m using… Read More »

Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Day 1 | NBC News (Live Stream)

İstanbul Havalimanı | Hava Trafik Kontrol Kulesi

You are now at the flight control center inside the air traffic control tower of Istanbul Airport. We work here round the clock to ensure that aircraft can land and take off safely and quickly. We control 1,200 flights each day. This figure actually multiplies as Istanbul is a hub for transit flights connecting the… Read More »

Investigating the Haitian Zombie (Part 6/6)

[THEME MUSIC] HAMILTON MORRIS: Since leaving Crescent’s peristyle, I’ve been plagued by questions regarding the man I saw locked in the shed. Unlike classic descriptions of the zombie, this man was not shy nor sullen. Indeed, he was screaming. It would be equally foolish to blindly trust or completely dismiss what I have seen. But… Read More »

Boneless Baby Back Rib Sandwich (McRib® Copycat) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes calm with boneless baby back ribs sandwich that’s Mick right this incredibly amazing sandwich is inspired by the McRib and while there are some similarities there’s also some big differences for example this is actually made with pork ribs while the fast-food franchise version is made with… Read More »

Yaman – Tamil Full Movie | Vijay Antony | Miya George | Thiagarajan

Our leader has struggled a lot for our party’s growth There is no doubt in it Is that why, being an MLA in his district for almost 20 years,,, instead of offering me, his son, a seat in the upcoming election the seat has been offered to a servant’s son, Arivudai Nambi? Many a times… Read More »