Zero Budget Marketing Ideas For Churches

By | August 11, 2019

– I’ve got great news for you. It is never been easier or more affordable to share the message of
Jesus with the world. In fact, thanks to digital media, outreach and marketing can
be done well on zero budget. And in this video, I’ll share with you five
specific platforms and tools that you can use to take the
timeless message of Jesus and share it through timely
mediums at zero cost. (whoosh)
(choir singing Amen) Well hey there and welcome
to Pro Church Tools. The show where, in ten minutes or less, you’re gonna get a dose
of tips and tactics to help your church share
the message of Jesus while we navigate the biggest communication shift in 500 years. I’m your host Alex Mills joined as always by the boss man, Brady Shearer. – Alex we know that churches are dealing with limited resources and that is often manifested
with a limited budget. – Of Course. – I heard a quote from my buddy, Carey Nieuwhof just recently. He said: “If churches
could just dedicate 5% “of their annual budget to digital media, “think about the difference
that we could make.” – Yeah.
– It’s a nice hypothetical but it’s not the reality. – (laughs)
– At least right now – for most churches.
– No. – So in this episode of Pro Church Tools we want to talk about
five specific strategies, platforms, tools, whatever
word you care to use, that you can begin endeavoring zero cost. – Can I just say before we get into this. – You could say anything you want. – That I pastor a church that has pretty much a zero
online marketing budget. We’re working with Facebook Ads right now but before that it was zero. And these five tools we’re gonna get into have all individually and
significantly helped our church. We’ve seen, I’ve got stories. I’m taking notes because of the stories that are just increasingly coming in. People who are interacting with us online because we’ve put these
things into practice. This stuff works and it’s
going to help your church. – Strategy number one is Email marketing. Email continues to crush social media when it comes to compelling
people to take action and it’s not as glamorous as social media. – Right. – But when we look at the data, we have found time and time again: One, more people have email accounts than are active on social media. – Of Course.
– But we also expect email to be the type of platform where, when we’re communicated to we’re almost expected to take action. – Yeah.
– You Know, emails come into our inbox and then we click links in them versus social where we see something and then scroll onto the next thing. – Right.
– So the behavior of, the way we use these
platforms is different. My most engaged social
platform for instance, is Instagram Stories. And let’s say everyday I get on average you know, 2500 views on there. The max amount of action
that I’m gonna see is anywhere between 50 and 250 clicks. – Right. – Maybe on my most engaged Instagram Story of all time I’ll get 500 clicks. But here are some of the data. Here’s some of the data from some of the recent email
campaigns that I’ve sent. I sent an email campaign
with the headline: Have you seen our new logo? It got a 37% Open Rate. 13% click, that’s 5000 clicks. – [Alex] Yeah. – I sent one called: The Church announcements scripts bundle. 40.5% Open Rate. 10.8% Click Rate, 3500 clicks. So just to point out that email when it comes to driving action is still the most important platform. Even more important, while all be it less
glamorous than social media and you can be doing it for free. If you use a platform like Mailchimp. – [Alex] Yeah.
– And have less than 2000 subscribers on your
email list it is free forever. And we have an entire course on Email Marketing on It’s linked in the show notes. If you’re looking to get
started in email marketing and are uncertain of how to do it, you can start with that free mini course. That is option number one for zero budget. Option number two is Story Telling. Story telling is the most powerful form of human communication and the reason that people follow Pro
Church Tools online, on our social platforms, one email, the reason they buy our products, the reason you listen to this
podcast or watch this video is in part because of the
amount of stories that we tell. – Yeah. – When I was just trying to
drive home my point on email, I talked about my own Instagram
Stories versus my own email. That was a story. And it was easier to listen to and more compelling when I shared even boring data through a story. – [Alex] Yeah. – Versus stats that are
just plain on the page. – Yeah, we’ve talked about this before. This is not something you
and I have come up with. This is something that has been around for all of human history. And we see it in Jesus, the greatest teacher of all time. When He was communicating these truths about existential matters. He chose to stand on the riverside and tell a story, tell a parable. Use nature and use metaphor and allegory because it is just so compelling. This is true then, it is true now. Will be true for ever. You know that there’s data to back it up. We’ve talked about it before. We have a playlist of about storytelling. That you can watch and
you can engage with. It’s gonna be in the show notes below. That’ll help you in your communication. Whether it’s online, whether
it’s from the pulpit, to tell better stories and
be a better communicator. – I’ve often said that story
telling is the best skill that you can learn to help your church because it transcends every
platform and it’s future proof. – [Alex] Yeah. – Snapchat was taken over by Instagram. That’s okay you can story
tell on each platform, if you understand story you will understand any
communication platform from now until eternity. We also have a free playlist
on learning story telling and it is linked again in the show notes. A free course to get started
learning how to do story. Zero budget marketing
idea number three is SEO. Stands for Search Engine Optimization. You as a church should make sure you set up your Google
My Business profile. – Yeah.
– That is free. You can ask for reviews on
Facebook, Google and Yelp. Those are free. You can improve your website speed using a free tool called
the Pingdom Speed Test tool. It’s gonna tell you how
fast your website is. – [Alex] Yeah. How fast it loads
compared to other websites and it will give you actual feedback and suggestions on how to improve that. You can also make sure that you have your, every single page on
your website optimized. Your SEO page title and
SEO meta descriptions using key words for your city along with the name of your
church or just the name, just the word church all by it self. And we have another episode
of Pro Church Tools. – Yes we do. – Called seven free
SEO tools for churches. So if you’re looking for
specific actual platforms that help you with that SEO. Again that will be linked
in the show notes for free. Tool, strategy, platform
number four is Instagram. What’s amazing about Instagram is that there are unique
strategies that you can use to actually improve your audience. – [Alex] Yeah. – And get more followers
and reach more people. The algo rhythm isn’t such like Facebook where it’s like no matter what you do. – (laughs) – I’m not gonna let anybody see you. – I’m not showing this post to anybody. – No organic reach. Instagram you can work around that. – Yeah.
– With something called: “The three minute comment strategy.” There are profile hacks. You can use hashtags. You can tag your location
in Instagram Stories and get it viewed by so many people. – Yeah.
– That are looking at the regional or city
based Instagram Story. Again all of these techniques, all of these tactics are in
a free course on Instagram. It is also linked in the
show notes for this episode. And the final free marketing strategy, zero budget idea that you can use. It is Facebook. Now Facebook’s organic reach
isn’t what it used to be. – [Alex] Right.
– But it is still vitally important for
Search Engine Optimization. – [Alex] Yeah.
– We found that your Facebook page is probably gonna be the second or third thing
on the first page of Google when people search for
your churches’ name. – [Alex] Yeah.
– And there are other things that you can do. You can create, build a Social
Media Notification Squad. – Yes you can.
– You know, ten to 20 volunteers in your church. We’ve seen great success with this. Despite the organic reach drop. – Yeah.
– Hey. Is organic reach dropping? Get a team that will circumvent that by setting up notifications
on their mobile devices. – [Alex] Yeah. – So that when your
church posts a new video, posts a new post, goes live, they’re immediately jumping
in and sharing and liking and commenting and this will
signal to the algo rhythm: “Yeah people are actually
liking this post, “maybe show it to three more people.” – Yeah.
– Which is, you know, not many.
– (laughs) – But it’s still better
than what you’ve got if you’re ding nothing. You can also maximize your organic reach by doing the types of things that Facebook wants namely Facebook Live. – Of course. – If there’s one type of
post that Facebook still, still will give extra organic reach to, it is going live on that platform. And following along the
trend of this entire episode, we’ve got a free course on Facebook with all of these individual strategies, detailed in depth so that
you can start using them. And hopefully you’ve noticed
the trend with this episode. Yeah we’ve talked about
five zero budget ideas. But we want you to be able to go deep. – Yeah.
– With each of these ideas and so we’ve got free
resources for most of the them. Free entire mini courses that are all linked in the show notes. Anything you care to add Alex? I just spoke for a long time. – No that’s okay. I’m excited for our
listeners and our viewers to go back and visit there resources that we’re talking about. Basically that’s what this episode is. We’re saying look there’s
never been a time before, in human history where
you’ve had this many, you know, free tools and
resources available to you and your church to reach your community. And so we’ve done a lot of talking about these things for a long time. We’ve compiled them into
playlists and I think, and I’m speaking from personal experience, these are gonna be very helpful
for you and your church. So open those show notes. Click on those playlists. You know get your pen, get your paper. Start taking notes. Start putting some of
the stuff into action. You’re going to see results. – We say we’re living through the biggest communication
shift in 500 years. You’ve got two options: You can sulk and say
this stuff is too hard, – [Alex] (laughs)
– I can’t figure it out. Or you can be one of the
few churches and ministries that takes advantage. – [Alex] Yeah.
– Of this amazing opportunity and actually share the message of Jesus in ways that have never been done before. Even if you’re a small church. Even if you have zero dollars. That’ll do it for this
episode of Pro Church Tools. We’ll see you next time. (whoosh)
(choir singing Amen) – Hey thanks for watching this video. Join the tens of thousands of churches on the Pro Church Tools channel that subscribe. – We love each other. We love you. Do you love us? – Subscribe. (laughs)

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    Set up Google My Business for the church. Was contacted about 2 weeks later by Google (appropriately verified) and was told it will cost $150 to keep the data posted. It is a one time fee, but fee ain't free.

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