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By | February 27, 2020

So you need expensive cameras, and
lighting equipment, and sound equipment and so on to make great YouTube videos
right? Wrong! You can make great YouTube videos with free resources and with
things that you already have. So we’ll call that free right? Some people like to
find a few inexpensive things to make things easier, maybe a little better.
We’ll talk about some of those too. So by the end of this video you should know
how to make great YouTube videos. So let’s do it! For the best advice on how
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that check out the link in the upper left. Okay, so let’s get started. Why are we
talking about this. Well, this is a series of six videos that we’re going to do on
getting traffic to your website with video, with content marketing, and
specifically with video. So that’s why we’re talking about videos here. The
first step in that was creating videos and uploading them to YouTube. So what
are the things you need to make a great video and how can you do it with free
resources? Okay, so what is number one? Number one, you need a camera and I’m
sure you already have one. Almost everybody does. Almost everybody has a
smartphone these days, and smartphones have incredible cameras on them. Lots of
things that you can do with the camera on your smartphone. I make almost all of
my videos with a smartphone, even when I have other equipment to do that. And why
do I do that. Because it’s easy. I always have it with me. Okay, so if you’ve got an
iPhone or an Android phone or basically any phone out there has
great camera on it that you can create great videos on. So you’ve
already got it. So we can call that free. Okay, so that’s number one. You need a
camera and you’ve got it in your smartphone. And number two you need
support for that camera. You need some sort of a tripod or something like that.
Now I know lots of people who have used books as they’re starting out and lots
of other things to hold up their camera. But very inexpensively you can get
tripods. I’m going to put a picture of the one I use, and I do have a link below
in the description of this video of a great tripod that you can get from
Amazon. Okay, it’s one of those that are flexible. You may even want to put it on
a on a stack of books or a box to get it at the right level but it holds your
phone very securely. Those that are flexible you can also use out-of-doors
attach them to things. You can wrap those legs around things and use that if
you’re going to shoot outside. Or you can use it as your selfie stick for taking
video with your camera. All right, so that’s support for your camera, and
actually when we talk about the next section I’m going to talk about
something else that you can use to support your camera. And what is number
three? Well, let’s go on to lighting now. You do need good lighting because you
need to be able to be seen in your video. Okay, it’s really important that you’re seen,
really important that the lighting is is decent, they can tell who you are.
Lighting that isn’t good is distracting, and you get a lot of people that will
not watch your video because they’re distracted by a unnatural light, or an uneven
light, or you know things that just don’t look right. You know we don’t like to
watch that. Okay, so you need good lighting. Now I
know people, even quite successful people who started out just using natural light
through a window. You may have to be careful about what
days you record video on and things like that but there are lots of ways to get
good light. I have many times set up lights, had a
good overhead light and a lamp that I took the shade off of and things like that.
There’s lots of things you can do for inexpensive light. I did discover
something very recently that I really like though and I found this on Amazon
and I’ll also link this below. Here’s something that you can look up if you’re
interested, something that you can get on Amazon quite inexpensively. It’s
about $40, and what it has is a 12 inch ring light so that you can light your
face up. It’s specifically for selfies, so it’s close up. It’s not something that
you can put a long ways away. And it has a tripod that holds that light up. The
tripod can also hold your phone, and bonuses in that it has three different
settings for the light that you can control remotely with a cord. And it also
has a remote that you can use to control your phone with Bluetooth. So lots of
different things all in one. I actually haven’t, I just found this product I’m
ordering one but it’s very highly rated on Amazon four and a half stars. So just
to be straight upfront, I put a link in there. I actually haven’t tried this yet
but like I say it’s very highly rated so I’m trying it alright. So you definitely
need good lighting. But you can do it with free or very inexpensive equipment
to light yourself. And what’s number four? Number four is good sound. Bad sound can
be really distracting. I’m sure you’ve watched videos where
there’s lots of background noise, or the voice isn’t clear, you know, it just, you
don’t want to stay there and watch that. You want to get away from it. Okay, now I
use my phone and I’m usually fairly close to it, and often don’t need a
microphone. But there are very inexpensive microphones
that clip on. I’ve again put a picture in here and there’s a link for something
that you can get on Amazon for about $20 it’s called a lavalier mic that clips to
your collar you can run the the wiring inside your clothes so that people
barely even know you have that on. It’s really good if I use it when there’s a
lot of distracting noise around and that sort of thing. It tends to isolate the
sound just a little bit so that some of the background noise doesn’t happen. It’s
got a little thing on it for wind to help eliminate that if you’re outside.
So that’s a very inexpensive way that you can have a microphone. But like I say,
if you’re close you can even do it with your phone if your phone has a good
microphone. I use an iPhone. My iPhone has a very good microphone and most of the
time I don’t even use a microphone. Check out the sound. I’m not using one now
check out the sound on this. Is it good? I think it’s really good. It’s certainly
not distracting. Alright so you need good sound on your videos or people aren’t
going to watch them, but you can do that with very inexpensive or even free
equipment if you do it in the right way. Alright, so a question for you. If you
already do video, what do you use as a camera to take your videos? If you’re not
doing video, let me know why you don’t do video. Okay. I think it’s the best thing
out there. Why don’t you do video? Let me know in the comments below. All right, so
we need to talk a little bit about video editing. And what I’m going to use here
is something that’s on my iphone, on my ipad, and it’s on Mac computers as well.
But you can use it just as well on your iPhone or tablet. Now I don’t know what’s
available on Android phones, devices, etc. But there’s something. It may even be an
app that you have to buy that cost you a few dollars. But there’s, there’s
something that you can do that’s at least very inexpensive
if not free. Okay and you don’t even have to use the computer. It may be nice for some
things but you can do a great video without it. Alright, so I’m gonna do a
screen capture here of my, I’m actually doing this on my iPad just because it’s
a little bigger screen but I’m gonna do a screen capture using iMovie to
edit some video for you, okay, so I’m in iMovie here. I’m gonna click on this big
plus here we’re gonna choose movie not trailer and we’re just gonna choose some
video here. Okay this is some video and create movie. You see the check mark
there create movie and you could move in more Clips than than one if you want it
to. Okay now this is in the wrong orientation. I didn’t know I was gonna
have to show you this but two fingers on that and rotate it and there we are.
Okay so you’ve learned how to do that as well. Now this is the end of the video
here. I’m not right, I had to get up and turn the camera off. I wasn’t using a
remote. I can shorten it that way to let’s say this is where I quit talking
right here the other way I can shorten it if I didn’t do it that way I could
find the spot where I was stopped, where I stopped talking, click on this line
here, click split, and then I could delete this by clicking the trash can down
here in the corner, because that’s highlighted. What’s yellow is highlighted,
that’s what it’s going to delete now. Let’s say I delete the wrong thing. You
see this kind of redo button here that puts it back in there and I can even
redo the second time and eliminate the split. Okay,
there’s a back button here up by the play button you can click on that and
it’ll take me to the front of the video. I can do the same things there okay?
Let’s say I wanted to put a picture at the front of this video. So I click the
plus button up in the corner, choose photos and there are photos in my photo
library. Let’s say I wanted to put this one out. Let’s say I wanted to put this
right at the front of this video. This is actually my thumbnail. This might be
something that you would do to put on Instagram for a short video or something
like that okay? That puts my thumbnail at the front of the video and for
transitions between, either after I’ve split or just when I put it that way.
that is a fade there, I think it calls it, dissolve, that’s what it is, dissolve. You
can see I can change the number of seconds of it or I could do some of
these others. I’m not going to go into to those, but even if I split it I could do
the same thing. So split, I could click on that, and then I can choose to dissolve
that okay? Now let’s go back to talking about pictures, the other things that I
can do. The plus is if I wanted to put it on the timeline somewhere in the middle
of the video, but if I click these it puts it in different ways in the video.
The cutaway, it means that my video is still gonna be running and that sound’s
gonna be running, but it’s going to be showing this picture. Alright? Let’s do
the second one, and that’s picture in picture, and that
means you see it’s in the picture there. now you’re not stuck with just that
orientation of it. You can, once it’s selected, you can move it
around. You can even pinch it in to resize it, okay? So you’ve got some some
choices there where you want to put it. All right, let’s do the third one and
that was split screen. That’s fairly obvious, but you see what it does it
splits the screen okay? For the last one I’m going to use a different picture
because that’s green/blue screen, which it should be something that has a
transparent background, and this picture does. Now it’s going to put this right
over my face which is not the way I would use it, but you see it just puts a
symbol somewhere. So that’s a way that you can put text on there. I’ve got a
video on how you can actually make these. But that’s how you could put some text
on there if you wanted to put your different sections, and things like that
Instructions to tell people buttons to click, etc. Okay, let’s say I wanted to cut
a little section out, split, move it over. Say I just wanted this small section out
split that, highlight that, make it turn yellow, click the trash can down here in
the corner and that section is gone, okay? Let’s say I wanted to put video in there.
Go back to to media here and find the videos. And I’ll just go to all, and I
want to find a short one down here. There’s one that’s 41 seconds and if I
click on that, if I do plus it just puts it right there inside the video like it
did with the picture. If I do the three dots I have those same three things. They
do things the same way and there’s also an audio-only,
okay? So let’s just say in this case that I wanted to do the cutaway. It’s going to
put it right there and while I’m talking this video is going to be going on and
you can turn down the volume on that if it has volume – okay?
And when it’s selected you can hold it down and move it around. When it’s
selected you can split it and then move one part or the another part you could
also split two spots on it and delete a section or whatever you wanted to do,
okay? All right, so that’s the things that you can do. Let’s see one more thing.
Audio, let’s click down here on the audio, and I can put sound effects in okay? So
some of these are long. I’m gonna try and find short ones.
Camera shutter, all right you can put sounds like that and I’m not, you click
the plus button to put them in there. I’m not putting them in, I’m just showing you
what they sound like. Sometimes the bell I use occasionally or
part of the bell and I put that when it’s time to click the bell for
notification. The golf hit I think is a nice one for emphasizing a spot when
something appears, it, you know, sound wise, audio wise, tells people that something’s
coming. that’s what it sounds like, okay? So that’s the types of things that you
can do on editing. When you’re done editing you can name your movie by
clicking there. And then go back to your projects and, actually that’s not right,
and then you can download it to your files so that you can save the video to
your files. You can choose what file size that sort of thing I’m not gonna save
this movie but you get the idea, okay? So that is video editing with iMovie.
Again, you may not have iMovie on the devices that you have, that’s fine,
there’s something that you can use inexpensively or most likely even free.
And you can turn out great videos, you can look at my videos, probably not the
best thing you’ve ever seen out there, but they can be very effective videos
with the quality that you can do just with the basically free resources or the
things that you already have. Okay so that’s editing alright? Number
six – we’re going to talk about content. Okay now we’re not going to spend a lot
of time on this because this is a whole video or maybe even a whole video course,
but we’re gonna talk about what kinds of things you should put as content on your
video. Okay, now we’ve talked a little bit about this as far as it should be
something that’s helpful or something that’s entertaining something that’s
instructional. You can do tutorial videos. There’s lots of things that you can do
video on and this, it really doesn’t matter what niche you’re you’re involved
in, you know, you could, you could be doing gardening, health, you know, exercise,
losing weight, business like I do, any of those things.
There’s so much information about all of those things. It’s important to choose a
niche, important to choose something fairly narrow, a fairly narrow
topic, especially early on so that it’s narrowed down and you can reach a very
specific audience. What kinds of things you should do and how should you set up
your video, well I would suggest watching, you know, whoever your favorite video
channels are watch some of their videos and see how they set it up. Now I
wouldn’t suggest doing somebody who is really famous because they have big
channels. They can get away with whatever they want and people watch it. But watch,
you know, a little bit smaller channels people that most people have never heard
of but they might have a pretty good sized channel, get a lot of views on
their video, see how they set things up. people do things a lot differently.
Obviously your style is important, and it should, be you don’t copy what they do,
but look at how people do things okay? That’s what I would suggest for coming
up with content. Come up with, you know, different ideas of things that you can
do and, you know, the style based that on some of the things that you’ve seen. It’s
like anything else you’re gonna grow as time goes on,
and it’s gonna be good but the important thing is get started. Get started
creating that content all right? So that’s all we’re gonna say about content
for now we’ll have more on that later on, and I already have other things in this
channel. Subscribe to my channel as I mentioned earlier. We’ve got things about
content for video. All right, so how do you upload your video to YouTube. Well
I’ve got a picture here of the screen. I’ve just gone to and you
see what comes up there. You see this button up here on the upper right that
looks like a camera.You click on that and then you can either drag your file
on to this or you can browse below and find your video on your computer. Or you
can do this on a tablet or on on a phone as well, okay? It’s that simple to upload
it. And how do you make the video show up well in search. Well, there, there are
several tools that you can use. You can go to the google keywords tool. You can
look at that, I would suggest, it has them in categories of searches, as in zero to
a hundred, a hundred to a thousand, I would probably stick with those a
hundred to a thousand. You need to have some searches on it, probably over a
hundred searches, this is per month. But you don’t want to go too high or it ends
up being too competitive okay? So really important that you do that. If you have
some of the other tools, that one’s free by the way. If you have some of the other
tools like Keywords Everywhere is a great tool, Tube Buddy is a great tool. I
use that to figure out how many videos there are that would be competing with
mine by just typing in my keywords you know, try to keep control of that. I don’t
want millions of videos that I’m competing with and I want to keep it
down to, you know tens of thousands, somewhere in that vicinity, so that it
isn’t too competitive, and I have a chance to compete. Okay so those are some
of the things that you can do to get it to search hi as you upload your video,
all right? That again is a huge topic. There’s lots of information that you can
find on that but that’s what we’ll say about it at this point, okay? So the last
one was uploading it to YouTube and getting it to search well. Now you know
all the basics about making a video and getting it uploaded to YouTube, but maybe
you’re asking, “I’m still not sure, still not sure I know what to do okay?”
Well I have a the, the template that I use, that I fill out to guide me through
all the steps that I do when I’m making a video and I’m making that available to
you. You can access that by clicking on the first link below. If you click on
that you can not only get access to the template in PDF form that you can do
with as you please, but I’ve also filled it out once for one of the videos that I
made so that you can get some guide on what it is that you need to do, okay?
I think you’ll find that really helpful. So click on that link if you want that
template to help guide you through that. Or maybe you don’t even know what niche
to focus on or you have lots of other questions about how you’re going to get
things going, how you’re going to get things started with your online business.
Well, I have developed a course that you can also access with the second link
below and it will help you step-by-step as you begin to develop your online
business. So click on that link if that’s of interest to you. Also if you want to
join a group of like-minded individuals, people who are escaping the rat race,
people who have developed an online business, you can do that by joining the
facebook group that is linked, the third link down below, okay? I think you’ll find
lots of tips and and helpful information there, helping you as you escape the rat
race and develop your online business. All right, so what should you do next?
Well check out the videos that you see around me here, or, if you’re on some sort
of a device that doesn’t do that check out the other videos on my youtube
channel, okay? Subscribe, check those out as you
learn about escaping the rat race and developing your own successful online
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your friends. Okay, thank you very much. I’m Daryl Ballard, and we will see you on
the next video!

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