Youtube Tips for Makers to Become Content Creators / Importance of SEO and Social Media Engagement

By | August 29, 2019

Hey I run a YouTube channel you do it you
see it’s a that’s my logo on my shirt so on the content creator now have you
heard the term content creator so what that means is we can great content we
publish content on various platforms it doesn’t have to be YouTube it can be
twitch give me Twitter Facebook no point in creating content is to create
something that some viewer at least one viewer the way if you can reach one
viewer that’s the important thing I’m also a side company the senior
that’s the that’s the point I’m a side hustle
what’s his side mess with him side hustle means you’re employed but then
you do things on the side you try to bring in extra money so if somebody
needs to write an at4 and I need to bring that for myself they want a little
application to manage this database I could do that
I can also coach them through the ways that develop software because I’m a
software engineer it’s a little bit of my background as to why I’m able to do
that I graduated Drexel University which is the University in Philadelphia and I
went for a lecture one care but I’ve always done software my entire life I
started in 1981 with Atari 800 Excel anybody remember Atari so the target 800
XL was my first computer that I own but I was trained on the trs-80 I was
trained on the Commodore starting with a plea or
something goes a little I forget the name of the computer but I was learning
to face it so basic was like my personal but then I started to learn in assembly
and I continued that that was my passion go on the drexel for electrical
engineering allowing me to excel in that program because I understood that a
program so then I specialized in robotics and it’s natural for me to see
anything that’s robotic elected I’m immediately called man I need to do
talking robotics now I started working at Siemens ran out
of drugs I was employed there and they guarantee
Department as a software engineer so my skills in software engineering have
improved over the years and now I’m doing nothing
I’ve got me an CNC machine about 11 years ago because then and robotics it’s
really the same thing now I wish I got into 3d printing when three clanging
those first little dudes I really wish I did I started that a
year ago so I ordered my Creuset printer had that delivered in
April and from that point on I just got totally involved with the community
so I am a maker they everyone here understands for the matrix a as a maker
that means I make things I create them it’s now making to me means that I will
use any technology available to me to create them
so originally I was doing woodworking painting of an artist I don’t do farthing but I do use C&C to
do part of informants so I can draw a fine on the computer I’m just not going
with actual carving miscreants so I would rather use the CNC machine where
they beep it to do part of the formula so in my weaknesses I instead direct
towards my strengths to do what other people can do and amazingly to their
hands so being a woodworker enables me to
build many different things and that table right there is one of the things
that I created that I’m most proud of to this day this is a coffee table that was
commissioned for the company that’s local to us they’re a film production
company and they knew that I lead they saw some signs that I made electronic
signs and they were watching the teacher and then the TV show they’re gonna be
futuristic marketing and that was going to be a focal point of the entire
segment where it’s a kid show so you have kids at the table if you remember
the Microsoft service when it first was can see they have a big tablet you would
be able to interact with it as a coffee table that was the concept and between
Adobe After Effects they introduced some special effects on it and then I saw some of the previews in
it and I’m tickled I can’t say much more than that I can’t say what the name of
the program is there anything it will be released probably within this year or
early next month but I haven’t video series that I’m going to release and
building this on my channel and it’s probably going to be an eight-part the
10 part series because it took me about 160 hours over the course of my near
Christmas grade so what events have I partook in and the
reason why events are important is because it allows it engaged in the
community so Nick angers here was one of one of the people who graciously
accepted me into the f.3d PCAs which is right next to my in here which
is the Friday night’s 3d printing community hangout and every other Friday
we talk about 3d printing we live streaming uh play and do this acceptance
I was able to become the panelist and I really hated missed the session yet
since we met at that night of New York Maker Faire in September I attended
Murph and the reason why I attended mark is because a special event for all of us
who became friends to me so yeah I mean it’s great we talk about 3d printer but
really it’s an event for us to meet and chat and talk about the next love of
projects that were working on and hey how’s the family
what’s your next thing going on now I also help out with them so I
slightly the robotics program together with my wife after the local elementary
school where on Friday Friday afternoon David instead of teaching science class
they would work on robotics that was actually pretty difficult so they would
teach Monday through Thursday would be the regular science and then they would
dedicate one period two periods at a time for a class we’re learning robotics
that was really beneficial to the kids now I’m doing earth and everybody knows
with her for this so we’ll be here next year also and here I got to meet a lot
of people talk talk to everybody here so I really appreciate you here talking to
us as a YouTube this enables me to take
knowledge that I have and share it with the community but the thing I really
like this the knowledge that I have and I share other community members get to
China and they get to tune my ideas so things that I come up with they’re not
the ultimate answer other people who might consider them controls but I look
at it a little differently they’re coming at it from a different angle
where they have an ability to help you so you have to be empathetic towards I
and that’s a that’s the approach that I take with everybody on the platform
trying to work with people get the idea out there that inspire somebody else
and that’s what the RepRap is if you look at you sales rep right we look at
Midwest rep around you look at the Rembrandt itself it was all derived from
somebody’s idea then you have this printer he’s now a vintage source that
other people can then build from he freaked them and looking over here
furniture now it’s being 3d incredible you have a needle over here where
they’re creating hands for those it’s just an amazing technology and I’m
really happy to be part of their cleaning beeps with Eagles
legs for the guts in dogs in Boston see as a youtuber I’ve learned a lot of
things my first year was really slow girl I was putting content out there
maybe recent couple people are telling the first 100 subscribers what’s really
told I was banging my mom please create achievements now please I want you to
subscribe and so they’re gonna be good to two subscribers just up from there
now to the point where I have 6500 subscribers I mean seven million minutes
watch time I appreciated everybody who subscribed to the channel everybody who
interacts with me daily it’s really great and it really motivates me to do
more and what I’m trying to say to you is that you can use anything do you have
an idea you do something whether you think it’s special it can replace the
oil filter in your cart if you print this special thing on the front you may
not think that special somebody else might someone you’ll find a video that
leads into the next topic then you release the video there’s
certain things you have to do to make that video become discover you have to
tight on the video properly you have to put the correct description
you have to make sure you do closed caption you can do it from your
voiceover you have to make sure you have anybody familiar with SEO is the term so
it’s search engine optimization these are all things that allow somebody on
YouTube to discover your country so for me one of my biggest videos that really
helped me realize that was I need a video of installing a movie and I left
that about three inches from the top of the ceiling and I placed LEDs around
that crown molding we had a thumbnail that my son helped me
mean it was like this blue purple issue and that was the fun one from that
thumbnail imagine you click on something for a
moment and you see calamari but then you see this room it has this blue light and
the world perfectly purpley shoe and fix it in there also what are you going to
click on the white downloading are you going to click on this blue shoe the
room on that video and that’s what be so we’ve got the complaint where people
were searching for family and they would click on my video well that tells you –
hey that’s a plus one in the counter they somebody watched this video and
then the next person doesn’t that’s a plus – and it keeps increasing and
that’s it signal and they’re called cygnets that’s what we will in youtube
calls it’s a signal to YouTube that hey this video might be important so we made
news that and it becomes a suggestive idiom so you want you to do who doesn’t
want you to write so everybody everybody here watches YouTube when you bring up
the YouTube list you research on something you’ll notice on the right
side sometimes on the bottom the mobile on your aspect you you will see a list
of suggested videos well they’re already figuring out then if you like promote
you probably will show you my video and that’s what you need to do discover just
don’t get me video up there and just like say hi for the title yeah you have
to be very descriptive than what the title is
everybody has this capability now I learned all this Romney pichi pichi
bumpers classes it’s called weekends as soon as you sign up and become a creator
and you reach one have subscribers the initial new classes for creative content
greater become and each one of these you take and you’re learning from these
astute people who understand you so I’m going to read off some names and I want
you may raise your hands if you recognize okay so roberto blake you may hear them
anyway tim schmoyer nickname and that one video
is also a one-time sale so these Derral Eve’s is a moment
these are youtubers being the very content creator you’d want to try to
find out how to become a better BTW i was learning from these content creators
and I’m traveling in August to Dallas to summit called video marketing and video
marketing Rob is where these content creators 40 of them and the listen I
gave you or people who will be in attendance
in addition to others they will be there to help us understand how we become
better content creators I’m going to take that information and
I’m gonna share it with you is what my experience was all my videos and I say
this is what you should probably do is start consider this because I want to
help others become discovered as well because in the end it’s going to help
everybody else if your video is going to be discovered on helvis the next gen
cleaning if via this break 3d printer and you put
it up on YouTube and everybody will mother but nobody can find it it’s just
going to sit there but you create this great thing and you make it searchable
search engine optimization you doing the right description proper social media
you tagging the Facebook you tag it on the 3d printing groups in Facebook be
tweeting out to your friends that’s what’s important doesn’t that look at
that video discovered and I want you I want you if you are willing to putting
the time to take a video I want you to get your video out there and I want you
to be this one so these names that I dropped are people who have various
degrees of infamous roberto blake festering their inflated thousand
subscribers there are these ease has five hundred fifty thousand subscribers
O&M seth has 35,000 subscribers but the point is is that he owns a company where
he has these other people who we interact with on a daily basis who are
part of this team of influencers who helps other people and the episode help
you financially in such a way they help you structure your videos to capture
revenue now the type of revenue to consider is affiliate ways even
understanding anybody did not understand what an affiliate like this so I’ll
explain it an affiliate link is a link that you click on and a cell is me a
partial commission is given to the person who posted the ability so you can
monetize even though they may not have reached monetization on your YouTube
channel as a certain criteria you can reach monetization through posting links
and feelings and they tried using all that so in conclusion if you want to
share something but in a bit of effort to create a video
on YouTube consider other social media levels twitter facebook Instagram and
consider consider the benefit of each of those platforms for Instagram because
the photo and the only have IG TV so IG TV is the Instagram TV they have
aspirations to compete with YouTube to consider check them out off and lastly
on the lead with one thing there’s a book written by Gary Vaynerchuk have you
heard of Gary Vaynerchuk Gary Vaynerchuk is a large influencer who converted his
family’s vineyard wine business from 5 million dollars to 60 million and he did
it all through the boarding school and finding the finding out that anything
that’s cool instead just wanted to deal with making
money through social media we created
campaigns – so his family’s business question anyway the second book Russian
and those books you understand and then you’ll learn from other content creators
of among those together with rollerblades and such a highly
respectable profession that may be thank you everyone

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