YouTube SEO With Guest Star Matt Ballek From VidiSEO Video SEO

By | August 20, 2019

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Hi Besties\par I have an uber awesome-sauce guest to speak
to you today\par Although I’m a little bit nervous about showing
him to you\par I’m afraid you’ll all leave me for his channel\par
You’d never do that right Right Right\par Tell me you’ll never leave me\par
Introducing one of the most talented\par fun\par
substance filled\par family oriented\par
and all around nice guys\par Matt from VidiSEO\par
Thanks Renae I’m really excited here and really excited about SEO\par
Did you know that more people search on YouTube than Bing Yahoo and Ask combined\par
if you want to connect with those searchers you need to be optimized \par
search engine optimized \par SEO isn’t just for nerds with glasses and
goatees\par It’s also for normal people \par
If you just get started here’s 4 tips from my 4 pillars YouTube optimization\par
Starting with content \par Create great content\par
easier said then done right\par I say find ways to make your content greater
with each new upload\par Study creators in your niche\par
see what works for them\par Vary your attention methods and YouTube analytics
to see where people are paying attention and where they’re dropping off\par
watch programs for the editing program net you use and try to incorporate some new techniques\par
and most importantly just be yourself\par or don’t be yourself \par
check your analyst\par Metadata\par
YouTube uses words to figure out what you video is all about and they look forward to
your videos title description tags and captions\par make sure the words you use are words that
people use when searching by using Google’s free keyword tool \par
Links below\par Use your most important keyword naturally
at the beginning of the title and your description and then list down 5 up to 15 keywords in
the tags area ranging from general to more specific keywords\par
promotion \par Ideally you should spend as much time promoting
your video as you do creating your video\par Promotion can include sharing your videon
on social media sites \par reaching out to blog or websites on your niche\par
or creating annotations and cross promoting contents that you already created\par
Community\par Unless someone is being a real jerk there
is no reason why you should leave any comments hanging \par
already here\par Respond to any comment in your video atleast
for the first day or longer if you’re just getting started\par
Comments like a polls for your video\par All things being the same\par
A video with more comments will rank higher than the video with less comments\par
So those are just a few tips to help your YouTube videos optimized\par
For more information about my Youtube pillars you can visit me online at \par
company\par otherwise i’ll see you in the comments below\par
Back to you Renae\par Thanks again Matt\par
You complete me\par Now click my face to go to his channel\par
subscribe\par and I have a little surprise for you over
there as well\par Luv you all\par
Peace out yo\par }

40 thoughts on “YouTube SEO With Guest Star Matt Ballek From VidiSEO Video SEO

  1. XoXo Katelyn Faith Post author

    <3 leaving him for you is more like it! jk I can love you both <3

  2. Gabe Johansson Post author

    Hm… Interesting! I find embedding videos on your site and promoting that too really helps boost rankings.

  3. Renae Christine Post author

    Good. I'll be jealous if you talk lamps with anyone else.

  4. Renae Christine Post author

    You are soooo awesome-sauce. Don't think I've forgotten about our collab. I want to watch more of your vids so we can make a good one that suits both our tastes. 🙂

  5. ImTheDaveman Post author

    I left smack about you on Matt's channel. You know how evil and abnoxious i are. 🙂 **High FIves**

  6. Renae Christine Post author

    For sure. We have a similar style in videos but I can see how he does the same style while being calmer. Hopefully that will help my voice control. 🙂

  7. Renae Christine Post author

    Make sure you look for the video with ME in it. Surprise!!! I'm on his channel too!

  8. Renae Christine Post author

    Um … thanks. I'm not sure how to comment on this until I see it …

  9. ImTheDaveman Post author

    LoL – no worries. I was easy on you. Unless your ears burst into flames – no worries 🙂

  10. Lisa Rodriguez Post author

    Another goody! And the "you complete me" had me rolling. Great tips!

  11. Ann Brennan Post author

    How awesome that you and Matt connected. I love him. And I love your video over there. Any chance you know how to favorite a video so I can keep going back to it. 12 tips are too many for this ADHD mom to follow so I need to keep going…squirrel…sorry, I need to keep going back.

  12. Renae Christine Post author

    Thanks Ileane. You're next. >:) Shall we collab? We can do a video on reaching your target audience. Your part can be if your target audience appreciates calm vids while mine is for crazy people. 🙂

  13. Renae Christine Post author

    Music. Music is the beeeest. Use it to get across the feeling your watchers are supposed to have.

  14. Laws Of Knitting Post author

    This was fabulous. Thanks for the help. I subscribed to him. Oh, and… I will never leave you.

  15. Tomeka Haywood Post author

    Thanks for this video! Love the clapping!!

  16. Assorted Analytics Post author

    The clapping is interesting. It is borderline obnoxious if your volume is too high. But that could also be useful for grabbing attention.

  17. Renae Christine Post author

    For sure. It's so hard to figure out music volume when you're just starting out. 🙂


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