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By | September 15, 2019

hi my name is Joe Caneen the Video
Whisperer and this is going to be talk on YouTube and SEO search engine
optimization what they have to do with each other and
what it all has to do with your own web sites and blogs and
anything else like this you do on the Internet I’m gonna start at where this started for me
back in 2008 this is about the time I decided I was gonna go into business for
myself as a videographer and somebody sent me a link to a guy a talk given by a guy called Bruce
Clay who at the time was considered and may
still be the top or one of the top SEO experts in the
world. He’d been around since the internet was a pup the thing that caught my attention was
this he said at that time 2007 2008 if in the next two years you don’t have
video content meaning on your website you won’t rank alright now he went on to talk about engagement objects and that’s the first
thing I’m gonna go into into in a little bit of detail to put
everything I’m about to tell you in the context but
going back to his prediction you might say was a little ahead of his time and he was but I did then become videographer specializing in business
videos so I joined a lot of groups followed a lot of blogs and so forth and kept track of video SEO, video and marketing and all that
kind of thing I can tell you that probably within the last two maybe three
years the general consensus across the world
and by some pretty important people was that what he said then was coming true I’ll and now the current
prediction is that by 2015 ninety percent overall consumer traffic on the Internet
will be driven by video. okay now let’s go back to engagement objects what
he was talking about and at the time the idea was fairly new
you know YouTube at the time if it existed then I think it did was funny
cat videos and that kinda thing few companies had videos on their sites at that time but it was starting starting to show up
in the Internet and people tend to watch video and so it became something the people engaged with you click start
you watch the video he then tend to stay on the site a
little longer presuming it was a good video and got your interest and you click through some other pages and so became a metric of measuring the effectiveness of your site and and people staying on it and doing things
back in those days I’m not sure whether what other kinda
engagement objects there were photographs would be one links on the
site something that you do you click on it takes you somewhere
within the site or elsewhere but of course these days there’s all kinds of engagement metrics they
include liking sharing and you can share a multitude of ways you can share to
Facebook Linkedin Twitter Tumbler dozens of ways you can
share a you can subscribe to the person site subscribe to the blog subscribe to the
YouTube channel that’s engagement a you can comment comments are engagement and so forth and so the point was and terms of a search engine trying to
offer up what you’re looking for it wants to give you relevant content in exchange for your search. it
wants to provide you as close as possible what you are actually
looking for and the way the search engines measure
what is relevant to your search is a number of things of course it includes keywords but
keywords in the content to your site not on the back end a lot of people don’t
know that Google has ignored meta tag keywords for years why because thats one other things that people use to do
to try to get around their ranking by filling up their back
and with all kinds keywords to get the site to rank or
something like that but the keywords are there in your
content and that’s where the search engines look they read the content and if the content
seemed relevant to the search good thats that’s a little check mark
alright well there’s probably a lot of sites out there that have the relevant
keywords on it so how does a search engine know how to prioritize in terms of
offering up to you what it is you are searching for
specifically all right let’s go to video video
content on the site we already know that video causes people
to stay on the site more than two times longer than they
would have if there wasn’t video alright they watch the video they get
interested it makes them click on some other pages on the site and then there’s other engagement
metrics if the video on the site the content a really good the search
engine notices that the persons YouTube site now that subscribe to their blog got subscribe to their page got shared to
Facebook to Google+ to LinkedIn etc. you get the idea
and the more there is of these engagement metrics connected
with that particular site that seems to have relevant information that
you’re looking for the higher it ranks on the Google search so that the ones that rank the highest
gonna be most relevant to what you’re looking for and that’s how it works now let’s go
back to YouTube specifically which is what this talk is
supposed to be about we all know that Google bought YouTube
some years ago and at the time YouTube you might
consider the largest video engine out there well it’s come a long way
since Google bought it it’s made tremendous advances. yes it used to be about funny cat videos
and all that but it’s much more now but let me tell you something a lot of
people don’t know and I discovered this by accident about a year ago and I wrote a
blog on a call YouTube drops a bomb and I put the blog
out it turns out a lot of other professionals didn’t know either and probably still don’t a lot of people
probably still don’t know and that is the fact that if you have a
video uploaded that has narrative content in it in other words as people talking
YouTube automatically transcribes it using voice
recognition technology they’ve been doing this for a year
probably more why? is it so deaf people can watch videos well it would help to people that there is an automatic
transcript that they can turn on to watch it but that’s not really the real
reason the real reason is a search engine has
no idea what’s in your video you can’t watch the video but can read alright so there’s a transcript in there well there you go here’s another way to offer up a highly sought-after
commodity on the internet which is video-content
that’s another way to help rank a site or to rank a video if you were to go into the back into
your YouTube site and look at the transcript that was generated from for one of your videos that has narrative content you you’d probably die laughing because they are fraught with errors
however YouTube has made it really really easy to fix it so it’s accurate okay so in a minute we’re gonna go to
the computer and I’m going to start showing you all these things but first
let me tell you a short story I wouldn’t have been able to give this
talk had I not sort of accidentally produced a
video that sorta ticked all these boxes here’s what happened you see about a year ago I need a new
camera like anybody else I did an internet
search to sort of narrow down the field and when I got it narrowed down a bit I
started looking down at the reviews of the various different cameras that’s
engagement by the way and then when I narrowed it down to like
two or three cameras I started looking at looking for video reviews of which you
can always find and just about any product out there and
sure enough there were several on the camera that I was most interested
in and I was sold on the camera and I bought it and I got it and I was
even more blown away than I thought be would be totally love the camera but I didn’t
like any the video reviews why? I’ve been a cameraman all
my life what did I want to see? I wanted to see what the
camera can do show me some footage you know it was
just a lotta techno babble geek stuff you know i mean
and one guy zoomed into a cat on his couch at the end of it that was the footage so I said all right
I’m gonna do I’ll do my own review and I’d never done
one before and long story short was a 14-minute video and I don’t remember exactly but I think
within about a month it was a top-ranking video for searches on that camera on the
entire internet within four months it hit 10,000 views on
YouTube right now it’s just under thirty
thousand just short of a year later I did a Part 3 which is just
short of 18,000 views. so between the two videos in the year I’ve had about 50,000
views but more than that it caused the blog
that I have the whisper blog to go from about 17 followers to I forgot what it is but I think it’s a 150. my youtube channel
went from oh must have been around 50 followers 50 subscribers to it’s over 500 I think it’s just under
600 now this is just in the last year My Facebook video whisperer page went from really no followers at all to I think
it’s about eighty now um we’re gonna look at all
these things up I’m lying you’re gonna see the figures but at any rate the
point is all these things went from nowhere to
they zoomed up to the top I’m gonna show you why that happened and furthermore you have to realize
that all these things are interlinked the
blog is interlinked with the website with Facebook with Twitter with LinkedIn the bottom of email my gmail has links to
all these different sites and so creating engagement is more than just putting all those
factors into one thing it’s putting all those factors and
everything that you do and so somebody will find my YouTube video on this camera on YouTube and it brings
them back to my blog and next thing you know they become a
subscriber and so on you get the idea so what we’re gonna do now is going to
go to the computer and let’s start with showing you the the blog that I wrote that started it all
in and then I’m going to show you what happened with it alright here’s the original blog it was
called pure friking magic Sony HXR NX30 and let me read you the beginning so you get the idea why I titled
it that way urban legend has it that buried deep in
the guts of the Boeing 747 somewhere is a little black box a young engineer once noted that in the
schematic the box was given the cryptic designation PFM it seemed no one knew with the letter
stood for years later he tracked down when the
original engineers and asked him pure f-ing magic is with the old man
told them well for anybody that was searching for
this camera Sony HXR NX30 that’s the key words and
once you’ve narrowed down what you’re looking for you know the name the camera
that is what you’re going to type in and I’ll show you in a bit that this
title comes up right up top and if you see a title
called pure fricking magic you’re gonna get interested in aren’t you?
alright so there is the blog and there is the first fourteen-minute
review I did and there is part two here’s all the
content these red things you see here are
clickable links they’ve been clicked on many many times as this is all engagement. but mainly this is all very
relevant a content with the camera was and later
on I did some productions is a music video
there’s a video I did for local business and at
the end here you’ll notice that I can from here and anybody else can from here share it to email Twitter
Google LinkedIn Facebook and more if you click
More StumbleUpon PressThis Dig Reddit
Pinterest Tumbler you get the idea these are all
the ways that people can share it to now let’s go to YouTube here’s the
video on my YouTube channel some so I’m clicking edit which takes me into the back end. no
no one else can see this but me and there’s the title Sony HXR NX30 cameramen’s review that’s the YouTube
title again if somebody’s searching for this camera
they see cameraman’s review.. review is a keyword but ‘cameraman’s review’ is
different from all the others say so I might be interested in that being a
cameraman the very first line: is a clickable link
to my blog. to have a clickable link in
YouTube it should always be your first thing in the description area and has to be the full URL including HTTP , etc., okay? and description is all very relevant
information and then down here are all the tags and
these are all relevant tags Sony HXR NX 30 review video test test reviews intro best
review Steadicam these are all things that people might
be searching for when they’re looking for a good camera
you’ll notice on YouTube you can click these boxes
here and when you publish your video it will automatically be shared to Twitter or Facebook I have facebook unchecked because when I share to
Twitter my Twitter shares into Facebook automatically and I don’t like having multiple things
showing up on Facebook so that’s that alright, now lets go up here to the top where it says
annotations I’m going to click that and then show you what you show you what can do now here it says add annotation you have various choices here we’re
gonna select ‘note’ and you can put a note in here watch my next great video down here you can click the link and you
can put various types have links in here this is set for videos I could put a
video link if I wanted them to watch say the next related video on there is a
park to this one there’s a drop down menu you can have
them go to a playlist a channel Google+ profile page. You can have them subscribe. Oh, I didn’t know
that they keep changing things you could send them into a fundraising project or an associated web site in my case I chose associated web site
so let’s delete this here because I already have one in there at the end see right down here at the bottom? that’s
where I put the annotation it starts at about it starts at fourteen minutes 19
seconds into the video this is right at the end and it says click here for more
video whisper info articles and videos on the Sony HXR NX30 and when they’re on YouTube or wherever they see this video if they click this it will take them to my blog okay so
that’s one way to create engagement and you can put multiple annotations throughout your video I wouldn’t necessarily do that but
certainly when they get toward the end and the main message has been gotten across well you want to give them the
opportunity to go somewhere else somewhere related or to your website whatever that that’s one
way of doing it okay and we’ve done that of course you
have to hit publish okay so let’s get out of that. well
let’s go to captions alright you see it has automatic
captions and let me read them to you it good I’m Joe the videos spurned today
I’m gonna do a camera review something I’ve never
done before but this little guy’s got me really
excited a well the name in the cameras up there at the top.. anyway it’s close but no cigar so what I did let’s go back to track list I uploaded
the transcript and this is an accurate transcript the
entire 14-minute video I’m going to use another
video to demonstrate how to do this how to
correct a transcript later but first let’s finish with this one
okay okay now we’re on the analytics page for
this video the Sony HXR NX30. this is set for last 30
days in the last 30 days been seen over three
thousand times an estimated 15,000 minutes have been
watched and I’ve made two dollars in 27 cents
but also in the last 30 days ago 25 likes 1 dislike 23 comments no shares 5 added my site as a favorite and I got twenty new
subscribers because this video in the last 30 days. And you can go up here drop down the menu and you can look at the
life time in the video or the last, uh this quarter or this year there’s all kinds of choices
let’s go to lifetime in this case it’s just under a year and in a lifetime its had 29632 views it’s been watched well a hundred and six days and 16 hours it’s made a hundred and nine dollars but
let’s look at the engagement 217 likes 6 dislikes 208 comments 16 shares 55 added it is a favorite and I got 208 subscribers because this video okay there’s various other things you
can look at it at an analytics but now let’s go to some other aspect to
this okay so now we’re on the YouTube page, this is
where somebody would view this video I want toshow you comments. there’s 194
comments I learned something interesting about
comments when I was looking at some of these other videos like this is one that I looked at
here his has been up for I think two years and
years twenty-five thousand views so I’ve overtaken him already but when I was watching this video and
the reviews underneath it as well as a couple of others I noticed
that a lot of the reviews are just pure drivel and I’m not certain and I’m not really
going to accuse anybody of trying to bump their engagement up but it seem like a lot of the the the comments just really had nothing to
do with anything but when I noticed on mine I have a lot of great engagement with these
reviews lot of information a lot of questions and in every single case I would answer the question or acknowledged the
receipt the comment and when I started doing
that I found out by accident that when I comment it counts as a view alright so admittedly of all of these 194 comments I wouldn’t say half of them
are mine but in a good good portion of them are mine but
they’re all informative so they all add to the relevant content of what’s
being engaged with okay okay now we’re gonna go back to the blog
and I wanna show you some of the analytics that are available to me there what we’re looking at here are daily
stats for the last month you can see that this is all time views is 22,000, a bit
over 22,000 best ever in a single day was a hundred and eighty and there’ve been 275 comments on
the blog now we can go into a longer-term view months and you can see way back here are on (that line is so thin) November 2011 is when I started the blog. I wasn’t doing
it very seriously but I kinda like publishing things and every now and then I’d write an
article and you can see for an entire year it sort of dragged along the bottom here
about 15 views a month And then here are started doing some
video tutorials on lighting and stuff and got a little more interest but on this
date June 2013 is when I release this Sony video and you can see that month the statistics doubled and that they’ve
been going up ever since now let’s go into a summary here and this is a summary of views presently
it’s set on the last seven days and you can see
at the top of the list well the top the list this is the home
page but 181 views of the Sony article if we go to ‘all time’ you’ll see that there have been 7563 views of that article in that video on this blog it doesn’t count people seeing it
separately on YouTube which happens to be about a third of all of the views on the blog all time but here’s here’s the point I’m trying
to make let’s just look at.well, today’s not over
so let’s look at yesterday alright yesterday that Sony article got 25 views, but the blog got eighty so what’s really happened
here is because of a video that checked all the
boxes on relevancy and engagement, people wound up coming to the blog via YouTube and via LinkedIn and
various other places and started discovering other
content and as a result the subscribership went
up everything went up. statistics have gone
up. I have more reach have bigger profile on Google and I’m more discoverable and this is this is the result producing content that is not only relevant but also has a very high engagement
value okay. Alright, now we’re going to do a Google search .if I know the name
the camera and I almost certainly have if I’ve been looking and narrowed it down I want some information on the Sony
NX30 and ‘HXR’ there you go and here we have some paid for ads,
here’s the Sony site Sony product detail a BH photo/ –that’s a huge outfit sells equipment, and then there we are that’s my review there’s that other guy’s review and the next
one down is the blog article okay now if I was searching for ‘Sony HXR NX30 review’ because that’s what I did you see the the blog article comes up
first immediately followed by the video. okay now the funny thing is I
did this talk four times to some local business meetings and every time I did this Live
Search I would get different results depending
on the computer that I used and the location I was at but in all cases either this video here for this article or both wound up
basically certainly on page one and usually at or
near the top above any other similar reviews or videos okay the next saying I’m gonna show use
how to fix that transcript on YouTube in to do that we’re going to use a video I
made a little shameless promotion for myself
it’s a short little video I think you’ll find it’s quite cute first we’re gonna watch the whole thing
I’m going to force you to watch it and right after that I’m gonna show you
the transcript the Google figured out and then I’m going to show you how to correct it gang the show business he gave a DI does
the paper have a balcony Anna how would you feel if you walk into
a shop I’m that was going on just some ice on
the walls on cover the picket but without remind you
of mom Nathan I seventy EDS will be the majority all-consuming
Internet traffic chemotactic not kneecap atas on get that’s almost 50 percent more than
it is right now might now it cannot if you want to buy
something days 20k smile at me he giggle FS right and it has a VGA you watch it day big is your website friendly face
Honeywell can be pretty a website they can share them what you have to
offer well can explain your unique selling point
well share hopping fled and all the things you can get a if you
write that on to the path now thou make it important you know that you left
64 eighty-five percent more likely to buy after watching the acting I act byline professional billion is not as
expensive as the study worries man vs we thank you girl yeah the day ok back here we are in the back into this
video and we’re gonna fix well or person show the transcript that
you too created for hear your YouTube thinks it said gang the show business he gave died as
the pair have a balcony and a how would you feel if you walk
into a shop I’m that was on now just some ice on the walls on cover the picket but without remind
you mom right that won’t do alright so let’s fix
it we got to track list is an option to add a new track on a
quick bath and if you have a transcript already you can simply
upload you too will sink but we’re gonna choose this one
transcribed and sink that opens up this box you’ll notice it’s automatically checked
to automatically pause for a while typing there’s your play and if you need to go
back five seconds you can go back five seconds so watch what happens on hit the play
button game this your business yep does the pain hmm up some today you get the idea how do you see if
you walk into a shop I’m so the point is ’em it’s really easy to fix you type and
when you’re typing the video stops and you stop the video plays and you can
just go phrase by phrase by phrase straight through to the end and when
you’re done you hit sync and YouTube you’ll feel this box will be
awful stuff you don’t worry about paragraphs or anything else you hit sync and you too will
automatically sync every single phrase to the exact right
portion the video it’s amazing and that’s it those are the salient points so that
some rice what’s important here in terms of having
a website a blogger something like that it’s
important to have video-content video is the highest ranking engagement object there is all
rights and I’ll when you do have a video make sure it is
correctly titled as a relevant title that people
actually search for it has in its first line in the
description a full URL that takes them to where you
want them to go be a website page blogger anywhere else
have the description be full a relevant content there’s lots of information you
could put in there make sure you have & Co correct the
transcript and have a transcript on the video the share it yourself soon as you posted to
everywhere you can 20 love your social media sites yes you
can ask your friends to watch it and share but in my experience that usually
doesn’t amount to much maybe I just don’t have that many friends I don’t
know but the thing is if the video is good has good and relevant content is well title than all the rest a bit it
should start to take off on its own and the 1i showed you today is an
example of that it’s in each area right a a prosumer
video camera however there’s lotsa people apparently
looking for that and as a result love that video and
those blog post I know for a fact and personally sold about 20 on the 900 another trying to but people found it useful and I’m
constantly getting feedback multiple feedbacks from multiple people multiple times from the
same people on the camera either thanking me for the
review or asking further questions and so forth
so what else it’s also important to have multiple ways to disseminate your
information have a website for your your story your
business or whatever have a blog that relates to the the website its products and
services post videos in your blog posts videos on
your website crosslink them have your YouTube channel have a LinkedIn every time you do a new blog article or have a new
video or something like that disseminated across all these things and
eventually what happens is over time and depending
how good your content is your profile with generally raise in rank on Google like your name your website your company or in this
case well for example for me alright what did it
do for me okay my blog is addressed to young videographers our videographers who may
be running a little bit better in this day in age median go to film school they
just you know equipments cheap these days anybody can
get it and there’s a lot of amatures out there but some of them really wanna learn the basics and thats
Neish audience my blogs address to okay that doesn’t get me business at this and
get me business videos obviously but what it does do is it raises my
profile and Google it all works together because the blog’s
link to the website gets traffic to my site people watching read stuff on the
site and let me tell you something that video
with the two little girls I did last december I posted really
hoping it would go viral well it didn’t it at about 1000 views
since then not bad and I haven’t really done much with it
sense but it is on my website and within 12
hours posting that and this has never happened
to me before someone had shared to someone down in
London who called me up and as a matter fact I have 4 bit 3 videos if his on the
boards right now so I got direct business from that video
we started in December did January and we just finished
shooting last week that was one result immediate result
from that video but somehow and i cant really track it
all down this month and last month have been the
busiest months I’ve ever had since being in England I started here about three years ago
I’ve got something like a 140 videos that have
done mainly for businesses on my YouTube site which is not all that
I’ve done but in the last two months I’ve had over 20 videos I’m working on so the point is it was a long hard work alright over the past year to build up the blog
I’ll I lucked out and doing that Sony video
because it just seemed to be you know the real charm my site but the
thing is just a lot of other good content on my site and because at video
got people there i’m talking bout the blog then they started reading the other
articles and then my subscribers started going up I get new youtube subscribers every
single day I don’t even know why but I get two or 3*a day I used to get
none but anyway remember content is king and good content gives you the potential
for good engagement and good engagement with good content gives you a ranking so long as you provide the means for
people to engage alright good gotta feed cat yessir I’m on it the

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  1. Justin Opinion Post author

    It was that video review of that Sony camera that led me to your blog. I'm a huge fan of your skill, talent, and excellent delivery and personality. I hope your business is very successful. You're a talented man.

  2. Eduardo Portas Post author

    Great video, you must be a very good teacher in the real world!

  3. BoatingWithBoogaboo Post author

    Another great presentation. I was about to type it when you said it – Content is king. As with yourself, I have steadily built an increasingly larger and engaged following in my niche; the wonderful world of #boating . As you say, it does take a lot of work, but is my overwhelming passion and I don't consider it 'work' at all. Daily interaction with one's followers it crucial and in my opinion, every much as important as the content being provided.

     Anyone interested in learning more about Social Media should watch this, along with one of the many videos from #garyvaynerchuk . His bravado + your calm, technical (is that the best term??) approach provides very well rounded insight to learning about the importance of Social.

     So, how did I find you? Yup, the Sony cam. I, too, wish to provide even more engaging content and it's time for yet another camera to add to my arsenal, so why not a PFM 😉

     One last little tip I might offer is to have the on screen links to your site & blog as click-able links. All doable through YouTube editing. . .

     Happy to have come to learn about the Video Whisperer. My only wish is that I had more time to peruse your Blog. These days though, my 'free time' (read: waking hours) is filled with producing, interacting, promoting & hustling to move my vision forward. Fortunately for me, my lovely wife feeds the cats 😉

    Cheers, Paul.

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    Thank you Joe, that was useful, informative and generous of you to share.


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