YouTube SEO Tips and How To Rank In Search On YouTube

By | August 27, 2019

If you want to learn the secrets of
YouTube SEO Tips and how to rank your videos be sure to watch till the end as I’m
gonna go over everything you need to know to rank your videos in search on YouTube what’s going on my name is Devin Street
helping you build your online presence and today we’re gonna be talking about
all the SEO tips that you need to know to rank your YouTube videos in search
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you how you can grow on YouTube so with my time on YouTube I’ve been able to
outrank people with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of
views on their videos and how I’ve been able to do it with just such a small
channel well I’m gonna go over all of that in this video first I’m gonna break
down the five most important things to ranking and search you have your title
your descriptions your tags your closed captions and your engagement /watch time
and each one of those elements are gonna decide how you rank and search now one
of the ones I see most important there is your watch time that’s gonna keep you
ranking and searched for a very long time and your watch time is how long
people watch your videos for so we have a video that’s a minute long and a video
that’s ten minutes long it’s more likely that the one with ten minutes is going
to rank higher just because it’s a longer video and people are more likely
to watch that one longer so it’s probably gonna get more watch time but
keep in mind not to stretch your videos out for no reason because you need to
have them be engaging if that 10 minute video everyone’s leaving within the
first five seconds then that one with a 1 minute video length and everyone’s
watching till the end that one minute video is going to outrank the 10 minute
video because it’s basically watch time but that’s not all that goes into it so
there’s another thing called relevancy and relevancy is how close your videos
match with what someone’s searching so for instance it’s someone searching how
to get more views the person that has their title say exactly how to get more
views is going to be the best as far as relevancy goes so how do you balance
this thing between relevancy and watch time to where they both mesh
perfectly well the first thing I think you need to do is have a purpose to
every single one of your videos what is the purpose of your video is it to
entertain is it to inform and educate someone find that purpose and find the
exact specific thing it’s doing and then create a keyword out of that for
instance this video showing you how to rank so the keyword could be how to rank
your videos on YouTube and that could be the keyword for this video that I could
use as my relevancy so now that you have that keyword what you need to do is put
this everywhere you need to have this as your title you need to have it as the
first thing in your description you need to have it as your first tag and you
need to say it in your video so you have it as a closed caption so YouTube can
pick up on that now that you have this perfect relevancy YouTube is actually
going to rank you a lot higher because you’re very relevant in that search but
it’s just for a very short time because your video is brand new so YouTube needs
to figure out okay this video says that it matches these things but two people
like the video are they’re gonna watch for a long time so for those first 72
hours – about a week you may be ranked a lot higher in YouTube search so what you
need to do is see how many people will click on your video because you’re going
to be ranked pretty high and once they click on your video they need to watch
for a very long time once they’ve watched for this very long
time you’re gonna start to build up watch time on your video so once you’re
72 hours to a week is over you may still be able to stay in that search and keep
ranking on YouTube and as your video gets older you’re going to build up more
watch time and this is going to be able to help you rank higher in search and
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want to thank you for watching till the end and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. April Braswell Post author

    Hi Devin, just swinging by during the Live Stream. Like your content. Certainly relevant for me. New sub 695 here. Ooooo. Like #2 and view #10. I'll check back later tonight to peruse more of your videos. But I wanted to make sure to give your latest video some LUV. I invite you to come over to my channel and check it out in case it resonates for you or friends in some way. Cheers and blessings, April

  2. April Braswell Post author

    Hi Devin, did I catch that correctly when you were signing off of the Live Stream tonight that you'll be having a LIVE session sometime Thursday? If so, when, please. If I can, would love to swing by, listen, glean, and support. I didn't want to barf in the comment stream during the Live Stream, but yes that was ME who subbed you during the stream. Glad to see you got a few more peeps since then. Cheers and blessings, April


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