YouTube SEO Tips – 7 On-Page YouTube SEO tips to outrank your competitors

By | September 12, 2019

I’m telling you this video is going to rank on a top spot of YouTube you’re going to see Oh should we are feeling hi my name is Vitaly Rubin and you are probably searching for some YouTube SEO tips why well because you want to rank your YouTube videos on the top spot of YouTube and you know what that’s very smart because everybody isn’t you do probably even your grandma but you know what let’s be honest with each other you work very hard to create us awesome videos and you deserve to be seen because what’s the point of creating a video if nobody is going to watch it right so in this video I’m going to share with you some very secret techniques that they you know your competition they don’t want you to know because you know what is much much easier to rank your videos on YouTube than any other website because YouTube has Authority with Google it’s much much easier and I’m going I’m not going to cover a lot of technical stuff you’re very easy my friend youtube SEO is divided in butt into things you know it’s on page optimization and off-page optimization what is on page civilizations all the things that you are doing on the page when you upload your video and that’s one hundred percent in your control right so we’re going to talk about that and then that actually is twenty percent of the success any percentage success is off page optimization what that is or basically it’s backlinks backlinks backlinks and backlinks meaning you need to have a lot of bad things people are other size point into your video but you know what sometimes you don’t need even that because if you’re going to you for some keyword that is easy to read for and you do this part right then you don’t even to do this part all right but I’m going to tell you something if you’re going to for a hard keyword to rank if you don’t do this part right then all of this will not matter because although it’s all is twenty percent is very important twenty percent so in this video I’m going to focus on this guy 10 page optimization because we don’t have time to cover always right so what I’m going to do is going to jump into my computer i’m going to share with you some very secret tips how to do your own page optimization right so let’s jump to my computer all right so let me be honest with you up from i’m not an SEO expert normally tend to be one no you should be an SEO expert in order to rank your youtube videos on the top spot of youtube I just had a couple of videos to rank and most importantly I know some guys and girls for absolutely crushing it and I leaned in and I learned their secret and that’s what I’m going to share with you in this video what ranks videos well we’re talking about on page optimization off page optimization so on up on page optimization what ranks video first your title should be optimized with your keyboard so you have a keyword in mind that you want to go for like for example in this video I I went for a keyword predatory SEO alright so that’s the key word i went for and your title should start with this keyword but that said the best thing and if you can you should put your keyword twice in the title if it makes sense right don’t write your title for only SEO it should make sense for human being right but if you can’t put twice the key word there so that’s the first thing the second thing description your description should be optimized in this way you should write like a article style a 500-word 600-700 doesn’t matter article with you and your keyword should be there sprinkle naturally on the page for one to three percent density of the keyboard so if you go and check your density how many keywords are there should be around to three percent you don’t want to stuff your description with keywords keywords keywords keyword but you should you should definitely have keywords there in the description now at the end of the description you should include the link to your YouTube and you know youtube page itself that you created I don’t know why exactly words but it works trust me you can also put your your channel there as well and I’ve seen a lot of marketers they what they do is at the end of the video they also like right search terms and then on on the search term that they write all their keywords and related keywords I think it can help to as well next your your tags should be keyword optimized mean you’re going to a place like Google AdWords right and you’re just picking relevant keywords that are closely related to the keyword that you’re going after from the edward planner to as well what what what you can do is you want to type your keyword in the search on youtube and you go for the first video that the discount is ranking and it on the top spot and what you’re doing you’re going to reverse in engineer what they’re doing mean look at other title look at their description and then you want to find out what keywords they used in order to do that you can just click here view page source and on the page source you click ctrl f keywords alright and that’s the key word there with yours when went after just type keywords and you find somewhere here in the Dukes in the description area alright and then you can copy it so you can see you know what keywords they went went for in order to run this video what else what else you can do so we talked about title description tags now next next thing is annotation annotations are also very important after you’ve done uploading your video you click on annotations here and you can just say let’s save changes and allocation you can sprinkle annotations throughout your video with your keywords that you’re going after or one keyword should go to one keyword in particular all right and you add the annotation then the next thing is you go to subtitles and closed capture this is a ninja technique that’s basically each video is going to be automatically transcribed by YouTube all right and it very helps if you just take the subscription that they provide for you and you mess around with it and you just click em and you add your keyword throughout the the annotation the transcription here is the captions here you just go and just the other way it will not make sense because it’s not the damn they don’t trust to transcribe it perfectly but what you’re going to do is click here and there and just sprinkle your keywords route and put it on the top of the caption section and at the bottom so that’s the next thing that you want to do and then you can change the capture caption name itself to be the name of the of the keyword the next thing you want to do to optimize and is to add timeline stems it also very very helpful what do I mean timeline stems it means in your videos throughout your video you can just add point in time just like that just like in 1 minute and 30 seconds I talked about that in two minutes just like you see here and you want what you want to do is actually in this video I kind of done a really good job at doing it exactly but you don’t have to exactly know that the minutes and seconds what’s important is you you add your keyword as much as possible here on the timeline I I’ve seen people that just in every single time when they write a keyword this is probably what I should do as well and what you should do add your key wording on each time and it helps it helps it helps a lot then the next tip upload your video itself with a keyboard name meaning if I if I go after this keyword predator ratio then the file the mp4 file that i’m going to upload to YouTube is going to be predatory SEO dot mp4 all right let the file that i’m going to upload and that’s basically it that’s that’s how you optimize your video alright you have a title optimized have a description 500 600 word article and then keyword throughout just like I talked about tags that RL relevant you can go to google search and insert the key word and see what Google suggests as a related related keywords to this keyword it’s good next annotation other annotations with your keyword alright next you want you want in the description by the way to do you have your keyword to be the first first words that they are in the description also helped next to change the closed caption two dozen transcriptions and you add some keywords there all right and then you upload a new transcription with your keyword next you add timeline stamps and of course you upload your video itself is a keyword name so that’s basically how you optimize your videos and and that’s the twenty percent on page optimization next once you’ve done that hopefully it may be enough for many keywords that has little competition by itself to rank your your videos on the first page of youtube if it didn’t happen you you just do off page optimization which I’m not going to cover in this video basically you have lots of lots of different backlinks that there’s going to point to your video I’m just going to like you know mention a couple of programs that you can use like clink Emperor is one of them you can go to fiber and you just order some deep for five dollars you know and adds add some some backlinks and you can even add some views which I will not recommend you do on the channel that you are afraid of losing because real views are going to help you rank your YouTube videos but if you tip is going to discover that because a lot of views are stimulated are not really human abuse if they are going to discover that you’re paying for views they may close your channel but just let you know that views are going to definitely help you’re basically your channel and you know how many videos from there how many subscribers are going to help how many people like your video how many people comment on your video is going to help as well but views are the most important part and if you do this pride and then you add the off page optimization then you’re my friend you’re going to rock it you’re going to put your YouTube videos on the first page of the search and that’s how you’re going to be found the time you’re going to have a long term asset lots of traffic lots of views you’re going to monetize this traffic if you’re a smart internet marketing so that’s it for today’s video if you want some advanced marketing strategies and how to build your online business to six figures I invite you to a to go and check out my free boot camp training series which I’ve done specifically to help you step step by step to show you what you need to do in order to and create six-figure online business right how to position yourself how to do blogging how to set everything out so click click the link below this video and will be taken to a capture page where you can enter your email and in exchange you’re going to be given instant access to my free boot camp training that’s going to teach you how to build successful and profitable online business so this has been retitled opinion and I’m going to see you in the next video

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