YouTube SEO Tips 2018 – How to Optimize YouTube Videos

By | August 12, 2019

– YouTube SEO Tips and
Optimization for 2018 and Beyond. It’s coming up. (funky jazz music) Brian G. Johnson. Hey, it’s me, Brian G. Welcome back. If you’re new, stake your
claim and amplify your message. Do that, and you’ll gain more subscribers. Click on the subscribe button as well as the bell notification
and you’ll be good to go. What’s the best way to optimize my videos? Is it okay to change my
metadata, titles, and tags? And of course, how can I drive more views? These are the questions I
get time and time again. Follow these four steps and what you’ll do is
really make great decisions focused on your titles, your
tags, and how you optimize. Let’s jump in. And step number on, don’t
change your metadata, that’s your titles and
tags, for at least 30 days. Now, the real answer is
it’s based on watch time. Everything on YouTube runs on watch time. There’s no calendar or number of days, but as you’re getting started, or if you’re overwhelmed with analytics and the whole watch time thing, just know you don’t wanna
mess around and change things for the first 30 days
of a video’s release. Now, we’ll talk more
about whether it’s okay to change your metadata
coming up in step number two. Step number two is understanding
the risk versus reward when it comes to changing your metadata. I talked about this a bit in my last video on the YouTube suggested video algorithm. Over time, videos gain watch time, and then they’re pushed out in suggested and search locations on YouTube, thus, you don’t wanna
just be making changes. Instead, it’s far better to
have a planned out strategy based on how you title your videos, and what I’m gonna share
in step four is powerful because we identify one
search term we wanna rank for, and then we add to our video titles to incorporate more keyword
phrases or a buzzworthy word. Stick around. This is gonna get pretty good. Step number three is measuring
your audience retention for the video you’re considering changing the metadata around, so let’s say you’ve got a video. It’s not performing and you’re wondering, can I change the video
title and do better? Well, possibly. What I like to do is, number one, again, never change the
metadata before a 30 day period, or until your video has accumulated a lot of minutes watched. If that’s the case, then you pay attention to audience retention on
that particular video, and if it’s pretty high, but
you’re not driving views, and you think there’s a
better keyword phrase, then by all means, make the
change to your video title and you’ll be good to go. However, if your audience
retention metrics are poor, then understand that that directly impacts just how much YouTube is gonna promote and push out the video in
search and suggested locations. I’m really glad you made it this far. This is what you wanna do. Step number four, best YouTube SEO advice. Number one is begin by
publishing your video and focusing on one core search term. Think about this: when
someone’s on YouTube and they’re searching, they
really can only be thinking about one thing at a time. They can only be thinking about one keyword phrase at a time. Thus, every video you publish
should really be focused around that one idea or search term. For example, in fact, I’m
gonna walk you through how I’m gonna upgrade this video title to drive more views throughout 2018. I went to YouTube and
I typed in YouTube SEO, and I saw a lot of different keyword phrases being displayed, primarily, YouTube SEO tips, and I thought that looks pretty good, but it’s probably competitive. I also noticed some search
queries that included 2017 and 2018, and sure enough,
I noticed the search term YouTube SEO tips 2018. By the way, by targeting
this specific keyword phrase, it’s gonna be easier to rank
for that one keyword phrase, YouTube SEO tips 2018, and furthermore, my
video title will still be incredibly optimized and
relevant for the keyword phrase YouTube SEO tips. So, I’m gonna publish my video, and the only thing I’m gonna
have in the video title is YouTube SEO Tips 2018, and as I begin to rank and
drive views with that video, yes, the video will
accumulate watch time minutes, and if the retention is high, at that point, I’ll add
additional keyword phrases. What kinda keyword phrases will I add? Well, it’s really based
on other keyword phrases that people are searching for. How can you identify those? By simply going to YouTube, typing in the primary keyword phrase you’re gonna begin with,
you’re going to publish with, and then pay attention if YouTube suggests any additional keyword phrases. Now, hang on, and this is how you can really
drive more views easily. Just start off with one keyword phrase and add keyword phrases over time, and when I search for YouTube SEO tips, I see tips and tricks. I’ll add that as a tag, by the way. YouTube SEO tips how to optimize videos, and that’s the keyword phrase
I’ll add to my title later. That is, how to optimize videos, because this video really talks
about that specific thing. Now, you might be wondering, but, Brian, you told us about like the
buzzworthy trigger words and how we should add
those to a video title, and that’s a great way
to move forward as well. In this example, we’re
really focused on SEO, but there’s a trick, and
the trick is to focus, in this example, on the SEO in the title, but then to add the trigger
words or the buzzwords in the thumbnail. That way, the users, the viewers, still see the trigger words. They are emotionally charged
to click on your video, but you’re targeting more keyword phrases, and this is exactly how you can drive more views easily on YouTube. Now, check this out. How would you like to drive
as much as six, seven, even 800 views per day
with just one video? Click on the video in the
YouTube card right now to do just that, and if
you wanna not just upload, but amplify your videos, click on the yellow B to the G icon below. You’ll subscribe, and
I’ll share the strategies, the tactics, the very simple methods that can allow you to
successfully grow a channel, and yeah, you’ll feed a poodle. I got two, ya dig?

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