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By | October 21, 2019

[Music] all right sweet what’s up everybody so I’m excited to be here and I I don’t do live events too often I used to so much more and I think that they’re so cool because we’re all like immersed in here there’s a felt like 40 of us let’s say like I get to speak in front of 40 people I get 40 people to view this and I’m gonna teach 40 people and like some people might be nervous up here 40 people but then and I don’t mean to like but let me show you my point my point is with YouTube let a week ago and it got cut off but and I know it’s kind of small but a week ago my video got 631 views so two weeks ago my video got 555 years three weeks ago I got 413 views the video before that 646 a month ago four weeks ago 437 so almost like I was in a room presenting in front of 600 people 500 people but I don’t have to go anywhere I don’t even have to wear pants I just got to film from my head above for 10 minutes 20 minutes and upload rank the video there’s still steps to take which I’m going to show you guys and I get those views does it mean that all these people like watch it all the way through no but does that mean you guys are going to pay attention this whole 45 minutes no so so about me um gosh I enough I keep like I don’t want to like knock down this event or anything cuz it’s all like agency and Antony Kong and some affiliate marketing and there’s so many ways to make money online and a lot of us I bet are like oh should I do the agency thing should I do the e-comm thing should I do the affiliate thing should I make a software like whatever it is I tried it at all I still like do it all and I don’t recommend that but sometimes you just experiment with all of it so I was doing the agency thing I’ll still take on some clients was doing the EECOM thing I was just over it I’m so over it there’s so much drama today they’re like working with the team you know I feel like in you know getting two hours of sleep Blake was showing that miracle scraper funnel that I was in that part of that funnel we got to comma Club we did a million dollars in less than two months but we weren’t sleeping it was not it wasn’t fun it wasn’t like yeah I made a million dollars it was like oh my gosh like just wasn’t even worth it it just something like at some point the money’s not worth it you need to want to do like what you like to do so I’ve definitely taken on clients and just not been happy with it it’s up to you how you want to do it but for me I was like I just don’t want to do this I don’t want to work I don’t want to design presentations I just want to like chill and make passive income I wanted a passive income I was making about $400 a month from passive income because the clients I would get or the econ projects I would start with teams I would sign them up for clip funnels or convertkit or whatever automation software so I would make like a little bit of money but four hundred dollars a month is not enough to pay my rent in LA and I thing else I thought if I could 10x that then $4,000 a month I can live off of but I don’t want to get 10x more clients I don’t want to have to sign up more clients do more proposals and more projects I just didn’t want to do it so I was like what if I could present in front of people I did start doing like meetups and I would present in front of people have like 15 people there 20 people there maybe get a few signups but I was thinking like what if I could do this YouTube thing video thing and present to many people and just stay at home leave my house so I did that I made a review video about clickfunnels stuck it up on YouTube wasn’t the best I have like some dislikes on it but I have some likes on it to whatever but it still work people were still clicking it I was still getting sticky cooking to the affiliate offer still people who are still buying and signing up and I just kept making horn just get making more review videos and tutorial videos about clickfunnels about other softwares and then started making them about online courses that pay like 50 percent commission so making videos about like thousand dollar courses where I make five hundred dollar commission and then after I kept doing this to make my own program and you can do this for your own program too you can make educational videos for your for your agency and get agency clients if you’re an accounting industry to make educational videos about accounting if you do real estate educational videos about real estate so the Education Review tutorial I have a pretty small channel I have as of today like 5400 subscribers and to me I’m like oh that’s small because some of my colleagues they got twenty thousand subscribers or fifty thousand subscribers some people we started off around the same time now they got millions subscribers they published a video get a quarter million views and a day like I’m only getting 250 views the first or like 350 views the first 24 hours like it’s not enough but it’s all relative and you guys you ought to be happy with that well about the views are the subscribers – it’s like why are we doing this to make more money so if you want to have your videos to have that buyer intent and that call to action and think how can i monetize this video so I’m going to show you guys with different ways to monetize your videos and ways to rank them so after doing this I I don’t like to just do this and like keep all the money and like okay bye everyone I’m not gonna help anyone it’s more meaningful to help people so even as you guys learn stuff it makes you want to more excited to wake up in the morning when you know that you gotta help other people so why YouTube it’s three things it’s a search engine platform it’s owned by Google so people Google things and then YouTube videos will pop up and blog posts will pop up – but it takes a long time to rank blog posts a youtube video today wrinkles in the first day it’s also a social media platform so when you get subscribers and you put stuff out your subscrive ‘ya subscribers will see this stuff and you can comment with each other and engage and it’s advertising platform you can run ads in front of other people’s videos if people are searching for click funnels I can have my ad and run before theirs or I can have my video be at the top of the results but in this presentation I’m just mostly going to talk about the organic search because also a lot of people are like and you go out more time than money then do this free organic methods you got more money than time then do the paid methods I’m like the payment that still take a long time to work so I like to teach my students like master the organic stuff first monetization you could get paid from YouTube from Google Adsense the ads in front of the video people will put ads in front of my videos and I’m making about 10 bucks a day having ads in front of my videos I’m going to start putting ads in the middle of my videos in the end – and as I get more views hope you know maybe I’ll make it extra thousand books a month but it’s kind of a smaller amount and some people start out selling anything then maybe they’ll slowly rely on Adsense but I wouldn’t suggest that any a thousand subscribers even get Adsense so if you’re starting I wouldn’t even worry about that the better way to do it is sell what you’re selling so sell your econ products sell your agency services sell your online course or you can also do it I did being affiliate so someone else’s can be an affiliate for Macs and Germany’s product you could be an affiliate for my product it could be an affiliate for I’m sure all of us have products it could be a affiliates what we’re talking about imagine make videos about high level there would F be tutorial videos it can’t just be my face talking about it I mean it can but it’d be more effective if I’m screaming sharing and explaining this offers so you do software software software’s are kind of lower ticket though like okay let’s say I’m making thirty eight dollars a month for each clickfunnels subscriber that’s cool but I would rather so two thousand dollar clickfunnels course and make eight hundred dollar commission but you know if you got enough click on those subscribers you get a dream car so that’s fun too I hit that this year I want to mentioned too before I go into all the specifics and show you guys images of all the tech stuff like I don’t really want to make us a motivational talk because I feel like we’re all motivated enough so we’re just going to like go into tactical but a lot of people they get stuck because they’re like wow I don’t know how to make a video you just open up a zoom software it’s free and you screen a share and you can have your face in the corner or not to show your face I would take forever to edit my you know fancy edits maybe some jump cuts if you say um but too much or so and you could like cut that out but it doesn’t even really matter people are like add background music and these bumpers and like just different things and you don’t even need all of that it’s just gonna slow you down it’s better just to put the content out there you don’t need a fancy set or fancy background you get you that like white background camera you could just use your phone it is nice to have better audio video and lighting but you don’t really need it you don’t have to be super funny you don’t have to like look good you just just gotta give value gotta give you ought to teach someone something and keep it within like 10 to 20 minutes so what are you going to make videos about how are you going to like you might what do I make a video about I am gonna make videos about a thousand things just unlimited topics and what I’ll do is I’ll go to other people’s channels that are like my competitors or people that I want my channel to be like theirs and I’ll go to all their videos and I’ll filter it by most popular and it will show me their most popular videos so I mean my most popular one systems got 13,000 views 11,000 views ten thousand nine thousand seven seven k7k k 7’k so some people might be like oh well I want to do similar stuff to what Rachel’s doing I want to get to look phone subscribers on make clickfunnels Commission I want to be an affiliate for online marketing software’s and tools and courses some of my most popular ones are mostly click files but this is just a screenshot at the top you can scroll down and see other ones so all see what my competitors are doing and I’ll model that or all think like I’ll just see what’s trending on YouTube on your mobile or on desktop it shows the training videos so Wow minimalism is trending living in an RV is training I can’t do that but different things like personal finance or whatever you’re interested in – you don’t just want to make videos about what you think’s gonna rank and what you think is gonna do good you need to be passionate about it – so I’ll make videos about manifesting I’m not even selling anything but I am getting more subscribers and they can still click the links in my description and sign up for my courses or get sticky cookie – my affiliate links I’m also when I use a tactical thing that I’m going to write down I’m gonna start going into all these little teeny things which all affect the algorithm like each one has a little weight to the algorithm so you show up more and more which has to go viral in every video you should make you should have in mind what if this goes viral but if it went viral and I got hundreds of thousands of views within a couple weeks I cannot handle that so when you’re uploading your video to you want to name the file with the keywords so like the file name the raw file name I did do some edits on this is like one phone haul-away be the file name so the title so many people like mess up on all this stuff there’s just it starts with search of the video which like editing the video picking the topic filming the video but then once your upload now it’s time to do all the optimization all the SEO optimization title is all very important people that’s the first thing we’re going to see well they’re gonna see the thumbnail in the title so the title is where you can put keywords Google this YouTube read this it’s there the computer reading it so you’ve want keywords in there you can only do a hundred characters max and I try not to put unnecessary words because YouTube’s not going to know what these unnecessary adjective words are they’re just gonna know like like face this was about Facebook group and it helps to put numbers too so I was like grow 1000 Facebook group members in 90 day is working in 2019 or you could put like whatever date it is 2019 that helps and then with the next year you can just switch out the year I don’t put the year in all my videos and I don’t put numbers in all my videos but you try to mix it up the thumbnails the next thing this is also what helps your click-through rates no one’s going to watch the video if it’s not showing up in the trending or in your suggested videos or if they don’t relate to the title or the thumbnail so thumbnail is super important oftentimes I’ll put my photo on the thumbnail I like cut out photos with myself or just whatever photos with myself you see what your thumbnail to be like the middle of you talking in your mouth is like open and your eyes are closed because that’s what its gonna suggest you need to add a custom thumbnail I see so many people’s channels and I’m like oh I will fix your entire channel and like fix all this stuff so I just go into canva my new thing is just like black text width or black background white text and like little white background and then you can find all these icons for free on on canva and then you also want to name the thumbnail with the keyword too so this thumbnail I named grow Facebook because YouTube reach it the next thing is the tags tags are super important there’s a section for tags so for the tags I start putting what I named the video and then different variations of it girl Facebook group out of our Facebook members grow a Facebook group fest bro a thousand peaceful fruit members grow a Facebook group without ads Facebook group marketing Facebook group strategy and I have these free plugins which you’ll want to write down and download their Chrome extensions to buddy and vid IQ to budding in bit IQ will give keyword suggestions and it will help make sure you’re not missing any of these things like I don’t so you can miss adding a title but you might forget something and there’s all these things so that helps to keep you accountable so you don’t miss anything and those are free software’s so be sure to get those after I add the tags I copy and paste them into the description but I’ll show you that you can’t add hashtags too but for the tag section just put regular tags sometimes I’ll put like people’s names to it if I make you a video I recently did one Spencer me comes course affiliate secrets 2.0 so some of the tags I put was his name Spencer mica I’m gonna start adding the word scam to these people’s reviews too because people search for that actually I asked Doug Doug about me and I’m gonna promote his course it’s $1,000 it’s gonna be $500 Commission’s I said I’m gonna win I’m gonna win your contest I’m going to make some review videos and one of the videos I’m going to call is Doug bow in a scam and then the thumbnails are gonna say Doug about and scam question mark and I want to get clicks click bait so tag some more tags you can also add channel tags there’s a setting to add channel tags if some of my channel tags are clickfunnels affiliate marketing sales funnel some more general tags so my channel shows up with other people’s channels that are similar the descriptions a lot of people don’t have descriptions actually Christians in my program and Christian just in his first video and I said Christian do you want me to be nice here here’s this video of her because and and some of the things he did is he just titled it clickfunnels review 2019 and I was like it’s not enough you gotta do clickfunnels review 2019 and then like – is it right for you or – will it work for my business or just something more and then he forgot to add the thumbnail that’s okay you can still go back and edit it he didn’t put a description got it right one up he didn’t even put links to his affiliate link you need to do that he didn’t put the tags ever that’s okay so at least he did the video yeah I mean they just are they are I would just disagree with that person yeah I mean it’s easy to say that when your videos reach hundreds of thousands of people organically because you have a massive subscriber base but like discoverability is a huge factor and if you don’t have a massive subscriber base and go to show your videos – there aren’t many factors that Google can actually look at in terms of like if I’m searching I mean tags keywords are critical component of the algorithm for like yeah and just for it to know this video is this this and this I think it’s context right so maybe for big names it doesn’t matter as much anymore but if it’s somebody just getting started out I think having a great description and tags you can’t hurt I guess if you put the wrong tags though and then the tags are matching up with your title or your description and you can put up to 500 characters one thing is you don’t need to do all 500 characters you might just decide I’m just going to do five tags and just take 15 seconds to type up the five types so sometimes I’ll do less Texas then in the description some people do really long descriptions they’ll transcribe their whole video make it like a blog post I just some lazy so I just type up like three sentences and then I’ll even copy and paste my tags towards the bottom you can also add some hashtags hashtags in the feature in YouTube so I’ll do three hashtags hashtag Facebook groups or a hash tag click fun hashtag clickfunnels review whatever my videos about links it’s important to put links to what you’re selling if you’re not selling anything in the video and you don’t have an online course and this is just a value video at least get them to add you on facebook and follow your Instagram and join your Facebook group but you should have a lead magnet you should have a website should have something to make the link clickable you need to add HTTP colon slash slash as a link won’t be clickable sometimes I put my bra affiliate links just straight in the YouTube video it doesn’t look that bad because YouTube cuts it off after a certain point but if I want to also add short links like a bitly or I just click magic to shorten my links or I’ll do a redirect but like my links I’ll put a link to my course link to my lead magnet link to another lead magnet link to my facebook group and then I’ll also paste my other videos to help interlink them I’m like backlinking my own videos to each other yeah sometimes I switch them out if I’m selling Spencer’s course in my video then I’ll need to promote my own course so I’m just going to confuse people sometimes I barely put any other links if I just weren’t really focused on this affiliate offer I’m selling but not all my offers are like selling an affiliate offers depend I try to do like one video a week though is it good good thing to do playlists you can put the playlist into different categories and then this helps this is all this is not for fun like the to help rank better and I put keywords in the title of the playlist and then I add descriptions to the playlist and I added tags and cache tags and keywords into the playlist and then I’ll take all my videos and I’ll filter them into different playlists so it’s like another way of tagging and I’ll link some playlist affiliate marketing playlist into my descriptions to the home page there’s a home page so you’ll want to have playlists on your home page you can you can add different playlists you can make them vertical or you can make them horizontal so I’ll kind of alternates on my plate my homepage looks real cool you can have a welcome video I don’t really have one right now though I just have my most recent video because welcome video a banner this this banner is very similar to my facebook cover photo banner that don’t you showed the other day and it similar to my Facebook MANET About section there’s an About section I’ll show you guys how to hit where to edit that and then your website in your links so I have some links in the corner it’s kind of cut off and then there’s an About section and in the About section and I put more keywords and descriptions and links and then I link to all my social medias just so I don’t miss these steps and this you only needs to do once cards the cards and the end screens it’s just more work like I uploaded I’m done because you just got to do it she’s got to do it just gonna add more points more weight to the outer rhythm so cards is where you in where you link other videos I’ll usually wait till the end of the video and then I’ll link some other videos I have and you can add up to five though and then end screens the end screens at the end of the video I was interviewing Corey it’s not the best screen shot but I’ll do you like my most recent upload best reviewer I’ll pick a playlist and then I’ll add my subscribe button also throughout all my videos there’s a subscribe link in the lower corners and click that you have to manually upload that and in all my videos I say hello everyone my name is Rachel and in this video I’m going to talk about what I think about flip phone Ellison if you’re into that kind of stuff be sure to subscribe to this video and like this video so it’s you still want to get subscribers I’ll look at my stats and a lot of my views are from non subscribers so I want to turn them into subscribers closed captions this is another thing that I just started doing is just gonna trigger the algorithm you can actually have YouTube automatically generate the captions but then you need to go in and edit and re-save so it looks like you manually uploaded it it’s going to help so I just add the English closed captions because then it’s reading it and it’s putting the keywords and then Google and YouTube they pick that up and people are searching so you want to add the closed captions here’s another little things I do okay I published a video I did all that stuff I did a little playlist with the tags and the keywords in the cars and then screens and like every little thing now it’s live now the next thing I do to trigger the algorithm I like my own video because that’s putting the weight on it i watch it all the way through actually just have it run in the background put it on mute and have it watch all the way through because that’s watch time you want to have like higher watch time on your video so I have a hundred percent watch time within the first 15 minutes and I comment on my own video with a link open to subscribe link to people click it and then it subscribes them to my channel and then I’ll put some other links and that’s my comment at the top thanks for watching we’d love to hear from you in the comments subscribe here and then I pin it to the top and I like my own comment and I heart my own comment and I’m just doing all these little algorithm things as people as my subscribers or viewers start commenting you want to reply to their comments as quickly as possible to or have your v age of it my da’s and the Philippines do it they’ll like their comments they’ll heart their comment and then they’ll reply to their comments yeah you kind of just answered it but I was under the impression that if I was logged in under my own channel that if I watched it or I did anything with it that those stats wouldn’t count but they do okay so yeah you want to engage with the comments because it’s gonna trigger the algorithm and put it up more it’s like when you’re on Facebook and you post something and then other people are posting and then a week later you reply to people it brings it right back up another thing that I do once my videos are done I send them off because I want to get a lot of watch time within the first right away like right away so right when I publish we send out an email blast to my email list we send out a chatbot blasts from my chat bot list I upload it to Facebook and share it to my facebook group on my Facebook page I could do some more things on Instagram like let people know in my I jus story is that my videos up but I don’t really care about Instagram too much or you can do this to LinkedIn or whatever you use so this is what it looks like if I was sending a chat bot I’ll do this I’ll do the thumbnail first and then I’ll like say something and then I’ll have a link to the video so that sends a lot more traffic to my videos that’s how I’m getting for hunt 400 videos in the first day or 500 500 views in the first day it’s not all because those in YouTube SEO so because I’m also sharing the video to my other audience for Facebook I started uploading the thumbnail and the raw video file and we putting the youtube link so when people are scrolling it’ll like automatically plays and it looks better than just sharing the youtube link if you just share that youtube link it’s gonna have this generate this preview that looks like really bad so this is how it looks when I send this out it doesn’t count as each of you but YouTube knows that you embedded you shared the link onto Facebook which also triggers the algorithm you share it to Twitter – it’s gonna add another point another place that I get more views you can embed them on your website on your blog on your landing pages put them in membership sites use them with lead magnets a lot of my lead magnets are membership sites I’ll have my videos on Vimeo because I don’t want them to show on YouTube but you can have your if you want to have more views on your YouTube videos you can use them on your funnels and your websites this other strategy I have my BA do it doesn’t do it right away it’s kind of like a week or two delay but I’ll get backlinks on Fiverr so I’ll just send the guy will send the guy at the youtube link and then will send him the tags and then he’ll generate backlinks and just get some just help with the ranking a little bit more there’s timing in the schedule some people do daily uploads some people do every other day some people do once a month some people never do it will be active then they’ll disappear for a couple months I try to go once a week because if I can publish the video on Monday and send out the email in the chat bots in the Facebook and stuff and do that well think then on Wednesday I can send out another email and chatbot saying everyone I just made a youtube review video about high level marketing software and maybe you didn’t see it on Monday so here it is on Wednesday and now reminds them and then again on Friday – so then and I’m not like messaging them every single day hey by the sufferer about a soccer but for this week that’s my focus because I want to make videos about everything I want all the Commission’s I want Shopify Commission’s I want Karcher commissions I want to sell this course in that course and Doug’s course and Max and Ruby’s course and Tim’s programs and I have all these things but if I’m just promoting them all at once it’s like my audience is going to be whew so if I just focus like this week is this the next week is this then you’re never going to run out of things to promote and then when you’re consistent to the triggers the YouTube algorithm that you are reliable and they’ll show you more another way that I’ll do videos is I’ll interview other people so instead of me being in the video I’ll just interview someone else and then they give all the content and I just like sit there and like ask questions and then I’ll upload that on to YouTube or all cross interview so I just did one with my friend Marisa Romero I interviewed her for my channel and she interviewed me for her channel and then I said subscribe to her she said subscribe to mine and I got more subscribers so that helps doing interviews and collabs and you don’t have to even have any original content another one is livestream replays I will live a stream in Facebook I know if you guys have Facebook groups you might be doing that or you interview someone live on Facebook so all have all do live streams from my Facebook group and then I’ll take the recording and I’ll upload it to YouTube but I don’t just upload it right away all film also a little a little welcome little intro everyone in this – Rachel ously in this video I’m going to talk about how to grow your Facebook group if you’re into that kind of stuff for sure to subscribe to the channel and like this video and this content that I’m about to share with you we just went live in the group so enjoy so then they’re like they get why we’re live like who I’m talking to and I’m reading comments and stuff you know it’s a live stream on YouTube that some people will get a really good result live-streaming to their YouTube up their YouTube audience I don’t do it that often but I just try to keep it simple it’s like I there’s so much you can do so much you can do and like how does just simplify it and that’s I really wanted to simplify it to to simplify it for my students and simplify it for people that I teach review videos do all the SEO optimization and blast it out to your audience so any other questions I’ve known Rachel for a couple years and anyway I’ve just always been impressed with her work I think she says he’s lazy but she’s not she’s she’s she’s on quite a bit she’s very consistent and that’s not a thing you know that makes her successful is how consistent you are you know in the first the first subscribers the hardest and then like the first hundred is the hardest and the first thousands the hardest and I hit a thousand subscribers one year ago electronic is so hard to so excited because my channel was growing I’m like the soul of a thousand subscribers and then to this past year I’m at 5,400 now so four thousand four hundred more subscribers in a year and part of me is like well I could have totally grown that more if I was even more consistent and how like the weekly visit or twice a week of is I cut up but when you’re also growing your Facebook group and your email list and your chat bot list and you’re running your Facebook ads and you’re having your course and all this my point is like wearing your focus will grow so if you I know this week we learned so much LinkedIn Facebook Ads automation all this stuff this might not even be for you but it could be just going to decide that you’re going to focus yeah

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