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By | August 10, 2019

I’m gonna be recording one episode for today performs YouTube channel which is digital marketing trains 2018 Part of me here is I’m going to share a couple of tips over here Which will help you rank better on YouTube what things? We should doing which while we are uploading before we upload the videos and other stuff, so let’s check So I’m uploading this video for ditch performs channel right now The topic is fight digital marketing trains for 2018 very and discussing Weiss search I am discussing augmented reality and discussing Facebook ads and Discussing many of other things which you should be focusing when it comes to digital marketing trains for your business for 2018 that is next year and upcoming years obviously so make sure you go through it a few still non half then lose it that link which is right below this video and It will be there, or you can simply visit digital digital form home slash YouTube alright, that’s the link which will redirect you to directly the channel link so Other than that let me just share a couple of things over here A lot of people ask me that how do you do YouTube SEO or what are the tips? Which we can focus upon so I will quickly share over here as as you can see right over here. I am actually Jotting down everything let me just glow the brightness right so I am I am actually doing it live in front of you So this is like This is like behind the shoulders over the shoulders experience So the first thing which I do is I always make sure that the keyboard is there inside the raw file name inside the file name which I saved for the video on my system, so I do that then other than that as well. I’m uploading it so right now WD is getting uploaded In the background apparently what I do is I write the title so the factor of the YouTube video should have the keyword or Then I come now to description Inset the description. I just have two to three times. I have the keyword alright I will move on deep and detailed if you want to have detailed explanation you can just join our digital marketing seminar I Did you perform all right on the top right corner you will find that and they just run stuff for free right here on the? top right corner just register for free and Enroll in that course you learn more But just to tell you I can serve two to three keywords And that is what I am doing, so it’s five digital marketing trends for 2018 digi, but fall I just put up the YouTube video link, but it is going to be uploaded So I’m gonna copy is that one I’m gonna have this small little thing which I will write in the background and Have a short little paragraph of digital marketing trends. What is there? I include the timestamps as well And apart from that. I will just go into the tags Which are right off the description and inside the tags I will have relevant keywords oh there is good for that you can get ideas of relevant tags by going in on next tab open up a new tab and the do tab simply go to youtube once again and What I’ll do is. I simply search for digital marketing trains or wherever you keywords So I just write digital marketing prints for myself And I see a space right for digital marketing trains space 2000 I hit enter if you don’t get anything drop down before hitting Enter I will see drop down and right on the bottom I get a couple of forms resistant keywords white searches related to digital one thing trains 2018 and how about that if you have any relevant tags or keywords or which you think should be included and Pinsir that copy and paste that inside your Tax for you you to bu gel doing right now, so that’s what I’m gonna do and I have already done Or the copied them so I’m gonna just jot it down a couple of them and next thing which I Just make sure is I add that’s to okay mist I add this video to a playlist on the a list name Should also have your relevant keyboard And what you hit the publish button make sure you share it directly at that share message. Also make sure you have a relevant keyword then go into your advanced settings and in advanced settings what I do is I actually just put up the Location where I’m going to target for not where I am living so location should be something very Let’s say I want most of my traffic from the US right that is where my youtube channel gets my traffic maximum traffic from so I just insert anyways because I want traffic the major traffic from us because I have enabled Monetization hand if you get us traffic your monetization Money is a little bit on the higher end because advertisers in the US spend a little bit moved as from Fred or or basically the CPC over there for appetizers is higher so high of the CPC for advertisers have daily paid to Google and Google pay as high as compared to India or any other That which so always make sure you target the top type entries like the US the UK, Australia, Canada New Zealand Germany France these are the top seven top Countries from which you can get quality high quality traffic and the CPC will be a little bit higher for loose our keywords And apart from that Yes, make sure you have a great thumbnail the thumbnail should be Having a keyword What’s in? One of the thumbnail you create on my phone on your system wherever you upload it from the raw file name should include the keyword That is what I personally do so Basically the you two algorithms Are synchronized in indicate the source from which is getting uploaded? while you are approving the thumbnail or while you’re recovering the video the YouTube algorithm or the way you see the YouTube database is actually syncs with waves or Particular thing is coming from what is the source so if it is relevant to the keyword where you are targeting obviously it will take You to take it forward, so that’s what I do and remember once you post the video once you are done with posting the video You should always focus on the first only 55 minutes the first 55 minutes There’s crucial for YouTube’s algorithm latest YouTube YouTube I’ll leave them If you get some whydentity if you get some more eyeballs or and the initial 55 minutes chances of your videos getting higher An organic are in what many places is very very good the chances are very good all right, so just posted that video What did you performs YouTube channel so? If you watch it just was it Is you put home lot form slash YouTube? Can you do this I chew a couple of things this So while I’m going back to my place And traveling in an auto. I just saw one of the questions on Bora where somebody’s asking by the way Sorry, if I’m not able to see me alright, so somebody asked on Korra that They want to start a digital marketing agency and wanna learn digital marketing as well So how to go about it’s plain and simple guys start learning original marketing and the best way to do is Google and YouTube Alright, and if you’re still not convinced enough in that you want to join Institute then digi perform is Asia’s leading digital marketing Institute so You can just tap on the top right corner on the top on this video there would be some Registration which is going on for the upcoming free digital marketing seminar go ahead register for free today? and the start learning But the most important part is whatever you learn start applying because digital marketing is a field where in you need practical exposure? It’s it’s more of a practical thing if you are not able to do let’s say you learn Facebook ads where force, but you’re not able to do Facebook ads when you actually go into a hatch manager, and you don’t know What an ad set is how do you have how many campaigns can you have how many ad sets inside one campaign you can have? Such kind of things then all the metrics which are there is CPC CPM all those things how do you optimize and scale your campaign such kind of things so all these things are come to you with experience or with all the Practicality so test and learn test and learn test and learn and learn apply she’ll learn apply she’ll learn and apply share every single day that’s how you Specialize in anything and for me I don’t think that anybody is an expert in digital marketing because it’s always it’s always a learning phase Always there would be something new coming up in the marketing field Let’s say if you don’t open up Facebook Ads manager for five days trust me it would be totally a different game when you open it on the sixth day Because they keep on changing the algorithms keep on changing the platforms keep on changing the interface keeps on changing so make sure you yourself up-to-date read blogs subscribe to all the newsletter subscribe to all the blogs and That’s it that’s how you learn digital marketing all right. Simply type learn digital marketing on Google you might find somewhere around 20,000 almost around 20,000 monthly searches on Google, so just imagine how much information do you have in front of you? it’s just that the lack of applications so start learning digital marketing start applying digital marketing and Start sharing the results all right. It’s all about documenting so keep on learning keep on updating and there you go, it’s almost As the clock is ticking on my book I’m actually processing this video, which you’re watching right now fine so the moment you will be watching this You will actually see your part when I’m actually recording this and others what I’m gonna. Show you right now, so I’m finally processing this so I’ll show you behind the scenes of this particular one right in front of you, so as you can see You just saw that part You just saw this part where I was just using something Inside the auto while I was traveling and that was related to or a question and now The one which you are looking at right now Would be added right over there at twelve o’clock keep hustlin Hustlin don’t make excuses Don’t make excuses Live your dreams and listen to your heart. This is digital bit exciting of I see you tomorrow

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