YouTube SEO — How to Rank YouTube Videos 2016

By | August 14, 2019

so how do you rank your videos high on
YouTube in this video we are gonna share with you how we get the majority of our videos rank on
the first page of search results coming up Hey whats up guys Sean here Benji here
and this is video influencers helping you build your
influence income and impact with online video and today’s question comes from
Victoria Hi Benji and Sean thanks so much for
making video influencers be a place of motivation for me and my beauty channel my question for you today is how can I rank my videos better in Search Engine Optimization and how can I get more views for my videos thanks so much for your advice and i’m look forward to hearing your answer bye guys Thanks Victoria for the question well to start off content it’s a first thing you focus on without great content all the tips and tricks won’t do
you any good you need to have great content that’s delivering value for your
audience that’s huge on ranking because YouTube ranks videos based on audience
retention and engagement and so if videos aren’t great then they won’t rank
and so it starts there and really like to say content is king but research is
queen and every King needs his queen and so research when it comes to ranking is
actually I think one of the most powerful ways to get video’s ranked
meaning you start by discovering ideas and opportunities on YouTube to rank videos to put
it simply when I first start thinking about what I want to tape or ideas I just
wanna come up with for my videos I think about the potential viewer the
potential subscriber that might be typing on YouTube something to find
certain types of content and that’s where I’m starting you know like I get into
the brain I get into the psyche of the people trying to find the type of
content I think that they might wanna see yes so for example Benji would do a video like
on eggs and so you think about somebody searching for an egg recipe or
how to cook eggs and so you start there with the concept and the idea of your
audience and then you go to the youtube search bar you start typing that gives you predictions of what
people are searching for and you can also go to Google Keyword tool and even type in
how to cook eggs and then come up with a variety of ideas around it that research
phase is so critical for looking for ideas and opportunities and one of the
things that you can look for inside of there is not necessarily the most highly
competitive ideas but one of some of the tips are looking for the longer
longer tail less competitive keywords and so we’re talking 5 to 9 words maybe how
to cook eggs with bacon and that’s how super specific and when you’re starting
out you really want to take advantage of the opportunities for ranking keywords
that are less competitive ’cause if you get enough videos out there even if they are only getting
a few views a month couple hundred views a month that’s still videos
that are helping people discover your channel and to bring it all together you
start with whatever it is that you want to take the food videos recipe videos
then you’ll think about what your audience would type in to find those
videos and then you combine the research from that and what you want to do put it
together in a searchable title searchable video that has the content
you want to create to get more viewers in addition to that this is a practical
example of how to rank your videos high while still making content that you
wanna make Casey Neistat has a video how to turn your Apple watch gold now he
just want to do it because he want to do it right like he didn’t want to pay
10,000 or 15,000 for a watch but also that some very searchable term because
how many other people out there wanna do that he created a great video
but he uses a title that a lot of people are searching that videos gotten
millions of views yes so practically you’re taking your
ideas and balance between your ideas and research and so he is passionate about
Apple content so he jumped on a trend video out with the title that would be
very searchable with good content and that video ranks to this day when you
search gold Apple watch couple examples recently in kind of case
studies is I did a video called how to snapchat with no hands and so the key is this you
have to think about your audience doesn’t know what they don’t know yet
and so what I discovered was actually one of the video influencers team
members John he told me about this Bluetooth remote that you can snapchat
with no hands and I was super cool but people aren’t they don’t know they need
a remote so I started doing some research I found out that the search
term was how to snapchat with no hands or snapchat no hands and so that I
created a video super helpful and that video now ranks and is getting lots of
search results and so that research phase is so important to combine that
with the concept you are doing and then all the video SEO type of stuff we don’t
have time to go in that but you know I definitely have a course called video
ranking academy and there’s other free content on that as well and so we’ll link
up some resources in the description below all the optimization that it takes
to rank question of the day what do you do to get your videos rank high and get
more views put it in the comments area I remember that some of the best tips
feedback happens from you the video influencers community so make sure to
connect with everybody down the comment section So thanks so much for checking out this
video please subscribe for more videos just like this and actually our free
guide with 19 things to do every time you uploaded a YouTube video those are the kind of things that you should do
to optimize your video so you can download it we’ll link it up on the
cards and the YouTube description below video influences helping you build your influence
income and impact with online video keep crushing it straight siren vibes hey whats up guys Sean here with video to put .. you’re ready Yeap

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