YouTube SEO – How to Get Your Video Ranked #1 with Joseph Marfoglio

By | November 22, 2019

– YouTube SEO, and how
to get your videos on the first page on YouTube. (upbeat music) – Today joining me we
have Joseph Marfoglio, and Joseph he’s actually been
helping me with this channel, and today I want to come from the angle of being the student, and really dig deep with Joe who’s been managing big channels, people like Russell Brunson, to really get a much deeper understanding of
how this entire thing works. So to begin, I think the
first thing they’ll ask is, “What is something that
most people don’t know “about YouTube SEO that they should, “when it comes to ranking videos?” – Well I think one of the biggest factors in ranking videos is: one,
is getting the clicks, right? Getting people to click on the videos, so that would mean having
a really good thumbnail, and a really good title,
but within that title you’re gonna to need to
have some kind of a keyword, (bell dings) for finding out where the
traffic is on YouTube. So, you know, for example, a
lot of people they may put up videos where this this
is a really cool topic, but there’s no keywords in there, or people aren’t searching that, and the videos don’t get traction. So I guess my biggest tip is to realize that YouTube is a social media platform, but it’s also a search engine. – Yes. And this was something I really wished I knew when I was first starting out. When I was first starting
out I literally took all of the videos that I had on Facebook, I just slapped it up on YouTube (hand slapping) and I wasn’t thinking about
YouTube being a search engine. I wasn’t optimizing it; I
wasn’t making it relevant based on what people were searching for, and I think that if I had
this advice five years ago when I first started out my entire channel would be totally different today. So the first piece would
be: make sure your keywords are in place, that’s in the
title, make sure it’s optimized, and make sure that you
have a great thumbnail. So what is a great thumbnail? How do we know if it’s a great thumbnail? – If you think of a thumbnail
it’s like your visual hook, because that is a space
to capture attention. So what the purpose of the thumbnail is that as people are scrolling, or if they’re looking over
at the suggested videos, that you want that thumbnail to stand out, to capture their eye, build curiosity, and get them to look over at the title. So the thumbnail doesn’t
have to have a lot of words. Sometimes it doesn’t
have any words, right? – Do you have a framework or a methodology when it comes to ranking
these videos on YouTube? – There is. So there’s kinda like
four steps to make sure that your videos are getting ranked, and are getting traction. And what I call it is my C.R.A.P. system. And I use that word because
once I explain it to you, you’re going to be able to remember it, and then when you start
putting your videos up, it’s going to be very easy for you to go through these four steps. So the first one, obviously, is Clicks. So clicks incorporate the
thumbnail, and the title, right? Because if we don’t get any clicks, we have the best video in the world, but if nobody clicks on it,
it’s not gonna get watched. (sad trumpet music) – The next one is R, which is Retention. So now, again, we can
have the best thumbnail, and the best title, but
if somebody clicks on it, and we can’t retain them,
meaning retention is basically how much of the
video does the audience watch, then YouTube is not gonna serve it up. YouTube wants to serve up
videos that people wanna watch. – Does that mean, ’cause
obviously when a video is 12 minutes, as opposed to 50 minutes, the retention on a
50-minute video is naturally gonna be less, right, so does that mean that we should have these shorter videos within these critical– Is there like a certain
optimal time for a video? – I mean, so here’s the thing too. It’s like there’s a
retention and watch time, and it does vary depending on the length. So say, if we did a livestream, and the livestream was two hours, in that instance, if everyone
watched 30 minutes of it, that’s actually pretty good, even though the retention would look lower. You wanna make sure that
whatever your hook is in that intro, it matches
your thumbnail and title. Because if your thumbnail and
title have a really good hook, but it’s not really
what your video’s about, you’re gonna lose people right
away, so those 15 seconds. If you have a branded intro or
bumper, keep it really short. If the bumper’s too long,
people are gonna abandon it, so you wanna keep it really, really short. Then the next say 15 to 30 seconds, here’s where you’re gonna
establish your authority and kinda tell a little
bit about who you are. Because remember, these
are discoverable videos. People don’t know you, so what gives you the authority on this subject? So this is where you kinda
talk about who you are. Then the rest is the content, and then at the end is the call to action. – So to summarize, and you’ll
notice that a lot of my videos follow this format, first
15 seconds is the hook, the thing that gets their attention, makes sure that they
stay, ’cause that’s when the drop-off rate is the highest, second portion is the bumper,
like highlight sizzle reel, and then 15 to 30 seconds
talking about who you are and is really about
establishing credibility and why they should listen to you, and then content and,
finally, call to action. – And in your call to action,
you always wanna ask people to subscribe or go to the next video. – So ultimately, you
want them to binge watch. – Binge watch the content. Yeah, the more in one
sitting that they watch from your channel, the better. A is Attention. So all the stuff matters. Like the more comments you get, the more YouTube’s gonna
serve up your video. You want them to share your video. You want them to like your video. You want them to subscribe. You want them to just engage with you, and you can do this in a number of ways. Inside your video, while
you’re doing the training, ask them a specific question. Don’t ever just say, “Hey
guys, leave a comment!” Because nobody’s gonna leave a comment. Or, “If you like this, leave a comment!” But you say, “Hey, if you like this, “tell me what you like about it.” Say, “Has this ever happened to you?” Or, “If it has, tell me about it.” Something specific that’ll
lead them to comment, and then you wanna make sure that you respond to every comment. – So I’m gonna do that right now. So, let me know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway is
from this video so far, right? – Right, yeah. Or, me an Peng Joon, we’re
going to do another video on YouTube, what topic
would you wanna hear about? So anything like that. – And finally, what’s P? – P is Promotion, meaning collaboration, like going on somebody
else’s YouTube channel, having someone else on
your YouTube channel. And even if you have a small
channel, you can still do this. You just network with other people that have smaller
channels, and it gives you a little more flavor to your channel too, where you’re bringing on other people. If you’re just starting, I
would focus on building up a base and building up your channel, doing the discoverable
videos, getting an audience, and then once you have built an audience, then you can do collaborations. And one thing, like a lot of times, people think very competitive. Like, “Oh, this guy’s
in the same niche as me, “so I’m not gonna cooperate
with him, or he’s my enemy.” But it’s really not like that on YouTube, if you can coordinate and do
things with other channels in your niche, it helps everyone out. – So what would you have to say for someone who’s now starting out. They say, “Okay, I wanna take action “right after watching this video. “What should I do now?” – The first thing I would do is tell you to map out your content strategy. Instead of just flipping the camera on, shooting a video, figure
out what is my niche, find some things that people
are searching on YouTube. And you can do this by, say
it’s: how to make money online. If I type into YouTube
in the search engine, “make money online”,
space, it’s gonna give me a bunch of suggestions, and
what those suggestions are are what people are typing in when they type in “how
to make money online”. – What are your thoughts about, and finally, optimizing the video? Should they use a software? What are your thoughts on that? – I mean, there’s different
softwares you could use. I like vidIQ is a good one, because it gives you
suggestions, like for tags. – So optimize the video
utilizing softwares like vidIQ. – vidIQ, yeah. Yeah, something like that. The other thing you wanna do too is, on your initial channel,
you wanna make sure that you have a really nice custom header, and then also, you wanna
create a channel trailer, which is basically when a new
person comes to your channel this is a video that they watch. It’s maybe 90 seconds long that
kinda explains who you are, and what your channel’s about,
and the value that you get. – Perfect so, map out your keywords, begin with the end in mind by
looking what’s already proven, shoot the video, optimize
the video utilizing softwares like vidIQ, and yeah, I
think that should be it. – Well, yeah. (record scratching) (crickets chirping) – Well yeah, I’ll quit silence, but– (laughing) But that’s it I think. Well, hit the subscribe button if you feel you enjoy
videos like this one, and we will see you in the next video. – Yeah, see you later. (electronics powering down) (slow saxophone music)

9 thoughts on “YouTube SEO – How to Get Your Video Ranked #1 with Joseph Marfoglio

  1. Diamond Thief Post author

    My biggest takeaway is to increase viewer retention and map out content strategy

  2. Doors of travel Post author

    I think Wholesale Ted is a good channel for you to model. Keywords, retention & getting them to watch more of your video are best tips

  3. Courageous Dei Post author

    Youtube is really a Game Changer because it is next to the first search engine in the world.
    To be able to get the attention of the potential audience you should be able to make good title and enticing thumbnail that can serve as the visual hook for the potential audience.

    Visual hook should capture the eyes and build curiosity of the audience.

    Four (4) Steps to get ranked on Youtube is:
    C-licks = through the use of title and thumbnail.
    R-etention = how much of the video does the audience watched.
    A-ttention = Make them Comment, Share, Like, Subscribe and don't forget to ENGAGE with them.
    P-romotion = Where you will collaborate with different content creators.

    Some people chase the monetization that they will get on Youtube. They do different things to make their video get a ranking on Youtube (easy or hard way). Some also do it in terms of consistency or target it in technical aspects such as keywords, use tool like VidIQ, etc.

    For Content Creators, Youtube can either be Sprint or a Marathon but we have to remember that the most important thing is to provide solutions or provide them value or if you gain something from Youtube like happiness, then time will tell when is the best time to shine on that platform.

    *To be honest, I want to vlog my experience at Game Changer event when you go here at Manila because that might be a once in a lifetime experience, however taking videos is not allowed. But I am really happy with what I discovered at Game Changer event. It's a life changing moment to me and to my brother, Danish Ulitin

    Thank you Peng Joon! We really appreciate your efforts!

  4. Christopher Bucklein Post author

    Getting ranked on first page is quite easy if you only use niche keywords. But you need a whole strategy to get a lot of traffic. I managed channels that got more than 70 million views in a single month. My biggest learning is: Don't spend too much time on SEO – It's not worth it.

  5. Tony Plus Post author

    A new YouTube ads video my Friend a quick tutorial and conection with analitycs for make video ads , thanks a lot

  6. kris kemp Post author

    Peng Joon. You are one of my favorite channels.
    Peng Joon
    Some other informative channels include …
    Jason Whaling
    Gabriel St. Germaine
    Thrive Themes

  7. kris kemp Post author

    I got VRanker Pro and use the strategies to rank for keywords. It is a template that you can use to rank for keywords and descriptions. Another technique that helped me rank on the first page of Google for my video within 48 hours, for a keyword phrase that had millions of searches, was this: I added a longtail keyword phrase and optimized it fof a specific town, city, state.

  8. Joey Post author

    Awesome. And I think most people just throw out whatever video that like. So with a proper Content Strategy will definitely be able to bring up your channel brand.
    At least, we have a proper way to execute and doing it in a systematic system.


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