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By | August 11, 2019

[Music] it’s time to grab your pen and a notebook it’s the marketing tips by Jonathan podcast with your host Jonathan Alonso for questions follow him on instagram at John geek hey guys this is Jonathan again and thank you for listening to my podcast today I’m going to talk about YouTube search engine optimization or YouTube SEO and there’s no magic formula here there’s no secret sauce like I always say it’s a few things that I’ve seen depending on the different videos that I’ve seen ranked what I’ve worked with before and different companies that did projects with and some of these things have works whether it’s one thing or the other or all of these combined so let’s start first with the keyword research so the first thing you want to do when you create a YouTube video is that when you write your script or when you’re going to publish some type of video make sure that the keyword that you’re wanting to rank for let’s say it’s franchise opportunity you want to make sure that franchise opportunity is within the video somewhere either at the beginning at the end in the middle why mention it once or twice within the video the reason is is because when you do the closed captioning can Google will see that and it will be able to identify the keyword within the script second is adding your keyword to the title of the video so you want to begin with the keyword of the title of the video then you can add things like quick ways or five ways or things that are emotional that trigger that opportunity to get the click we’re gonna talk a little bit more about that soon the next thing is the description you want to make it and add at least two paragraphs of descriptions make sure to add all three links referencing whatever you mentioned on your on your video that’s very important because the longer copy you create not so long but if you create something that’s descriptive enough the better it is and the better explains it not only to the user remember these about the user experience first but also to Google and YouTube and what YouTube sees third is the tags so you want to make sure you add tags and you add as many tags as you can number one when you’re adding tags make sure to start with your keyword and a group of keywords so what I do is a go to SEM rush and when they go to SEM rush which is one of the keyword tools I use SEM ru as H I drop the keyword they don’t want to rank for and then I grab keyword that our phrase matches which means that these are keywords that are like the keyword that I’m trying to rank for and are close enough and I take these keywords I grew up in together and I add them as tags so for franchise opportunities for example I can show before you have franchise opportunities franchise opportunity franchise opportunity in franchise opportunities in New York franchise for sale in Texas etc you guys get my drift oh stop it but the more you can add on there that’s freeze match the better and the more descriptive the better so that’s kind of the basics right but here’s some other stuff that you should know when you’re creating a YouTube video you don’t want to create it only in one language you want to expand your YouTube video in different languages so imagine the opportunity of being able to be heard in India United Kingdom Australia Italy Latin America Cuba so if you want to be able to do that also what you want to do is you want to be able to also create the opportunity for people to find you in those languages so the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna be able to translate the heading and the description of your video when you first create your video when you edit your video there’s a tab called translation you click on it and using Google Translate you can translate to the land which is the you see fit now usually you wanna if you’re brand you want to translate to the languages that you currently support on your website because you want to render a great customer service if you don’t speak Italian and you speak Spanish it’s you’re going to make Spanish not Italian it’s not going to make sense if your video creator and you’re looking to go worldwide then take a little bit but if you go one by one you can actually translate all your descriptions in all of your titles the third thing is you want to go to closed captioning now the first thing is that Google will automatically close caption your English as you remember at the beginning I had mentioned that you will look at your closed captioning to the terming the keyword and the relevance of your video to that keyword so imagine doing that in different languages so what you want to do is you want to be able to go ahead and click on the English that’s all under the subtitles the subtitles option on the top right hand corner once you do that you download the English SRT so you click on actions you go down to you SRT and it downloads a file called SRT what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take that file is that’s the file we’re gonna use to translate now before you go to the translation you can go ahead and actually translate it in other English or use that same SRT to upload it to other English countries so you can actually upload it to of course English United States English Australia English and you know the English Ireland English United Kingdom etc etc so let’s say you take that and download he translated in Spanish so the best thing to do is you’re going to download the SRT make sure you have the S or team where you can find it and you’re gonna go to the video spot net slash languages again it’s a third video spot net slash languages and what you’re gonna be able to do is you’re gonna be able to upload your SRT to that specific website and it’s gonna automatically translate it for you so you uploaded on the next page you choose the language you want to convert it to and you click on download so you’ll be able to download that and you’re gonna be able to upload that back into your closed captioning so when you click on Spanish you can click you know you can search vanish click on Spanish and then it’s gonna ask to upload a while you click on upload a file choose the file that you just downloaded from the video spot mat and voila you have the Spanish and you can do this for any other language Italian French French Canadian English Canadian etc etc so the good thing about this is not only are you creating a well optimized video for your content for the United States you’re also creating an a video that can be used worldwide so that happens to give you the ability to get extra views now if you look at my channel of course my channel is not the perfect example because I just started it I just started doing that for my channel and I’ve noticed they want to create a new video when I add it I get an estimated or an average of around 20 views right when I first upload it which is amazing I mean 20 views within a minute is awesome it’s not millions of views I’m not I’m not a youtube star yet or am i no so what you’re going to do is after you do that you’re going to create a custom thumbnail and this is kind of a last part so if you have creative department they can create a custom thumbnail for you you are in luck if not if you crave you go to Google and you search for YouTube custom thumbnail maker or use to YouTube custom thumbnail you’ll find different websites that can actually do what actually allow you or help you create a free youtube thumbnail the idea behind it is to create attractive ways for people to see your video and want to click on it whether that’s creating something that sets five ways for you to increase your traffic in 24 hours or create how to quickly install a website in two minutes you know you want to create that ability and we can call it click pick it I guess but you want to create that ability or that emotional connection of them wanting to click on it because it’s ensuring something that they need at that moment so you can do that if it’s something that’s a guide then you can put guide on it so they know that it’s they can learn how to do it for me I usually put SEO 101 if it’s a motivational video I put motivation on it whatever it is be descriptive but at the same time you want to add something new at once or helps them click on that video so that’s the end of my review of what a I’ve seen rank for YouTube if you have any questions always feel free to direct message me on Twitter John Kika on instagram at John geek at jo-ann gek or you can also the end me on LinkedIn at Alonzo John a ons jo-ann you guys have a fantastic day for questions follow him on instagram at john geek [Music]

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