YouTube Rank Tracker | How to Check YouTube Video Ranking Position

By | October 16, 2019

YouTube rank tracking is essential if you
want to increase the views of your YouTube videos however it’s a challenge
if you don’t use the proper YouTube rank tracker in this video I will show
you three YouTube rank checkers I will show a free youtube video rank checker
and then move on to paid but affordable youtube video ranking software the first
youtube rank checker online free is YT ranked dotnet YT reg allows entering any
number of keywords and also lets you pick a country to check from it’s fast
accurate which returns your video ranking on YouTube in a few simple steps
to start tracking your YouTube video ranking you need information like the
URL of the video the rank tracker works for all YouTube URLs you can enter the
link here and then the keyword a specific keyword or a list of keywords
country you to plan for specific countries as search results vary for
users living in different countries select the country you want to check the
rank this is what these free YouTube rank tracker outputs when you enter the
URL and the data if you only have a few videos then YT rank is sufficient but
it’s hard to keep track of historical changes in ranking you have to keep
entering details although it would be super handy if you could save the
searches for later so that you don’t have to copy paste keywords and the URL
that’s exactly what the next YouTube rank checker does. it’s called video
marketing blaster this tool has four modules keywords which helps you do the
keyword research the video details where in a previous video I showed you how you
can generate titles descriptions and tags for your videos competitors and the
rank tracker which I’m going to show right now you can try this YouTube video
rank checker yourself for 30 days go to promote YouTube vmb click
on add new video then add the URL of the video along with the keyword if you want
to enter multiple keywords that’s fine too then click update videos now you see
that my video is ranking number one on YouTube for that keyword the next YouTube
video rank tracker is tubebuddy if you haven’t
heard of tubebuddy already it is a research and planning tool for YouTube
creators the software connects directly to your YouTube account to give you
real-time sensations on videos keywords ranking and just about everything you
need to grow so go to TryTrial and you can get started
for free you can either use it to buddy Google Chrome extension or the Firefox
extension then follow the steps to integrate your YouTube account then when
you open any video you are able to see the tanks for each of the videos and the
ranking for each make sure you use the incognito mode so here I am using the
same video as I did for before and you can see for the same keyword it’s giving
the same time if you get it to your buddy star legit or Enterprise license
then you can also add keywords and keep track of those in YouTube and Google now
you know how to do YouTube rank tracking in a future video I will show you what
you can do to actually increase your ranking so as you saw I am able to get
number one on many of my videos so make sure you to subscribe I upload videos
every Saturday

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    Video Marketing Blaster is a Paid Service. Not a helpful video though.

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