YouTube Rank Checker (Ranking Check from your Videos) YouTube SEO

By | August 20, 2019

hi guys this is Timo from YT score welcome to this video would you like to improve your ranking on YouTube for free and start a YouTube challenge with your friends and this is the place to be welcome to YT score this is for marketing SEO and youtubers and it’s very important for you to know for which keywords your videos are ranked high on YouTube there are only a few tools on the market that can measure that the problem with each of these tools is they are expensive and something very important is missing you can see with these tools wow I’m in third place with a keyword my dog eats grandpa’s head but you can’t see why why do I have this ranking YT score shows you not only the ranking it also shows you all other data like these subscribers likes and much more so for example you see that your video has a better ranking because it generated many likes or subscribers and it gets even better with a note function you can even add additional notes every day if you have reached many views with a video you can take a look at you nose and see on this day as send out an email to all of my customers that’s why it has so many views now the thing that this tool probably costs more than the others because it shows you not only the ranking it shows you also why your videos ranked well and other stats now clearly the hosting and all the technologies and all cost money but we wanted to have a tool that everyone can use for free so to hell with all the expensive tools you can log in for free and also track 3 videos with free keywords each you can use all the stats or start a non challenge if you want to have more like a limited videos and track up to 6 keywords per video or if you want to start a challenge with a limited number of participants then we have a premium account the cost of that account is only 5 bucks per month and can be terminated at any time we use these 5 dollars to pay the cost of the software resources and other things if you want to compete with your friends you can start a challenge you just begin stare at YT score and add the link of a youtube channel to your YT score profile and then you just choose the goal and the conditions for example the goal is to generate as many subscribers as possible and as a condition you choose three videos per week so the participants have to publish at least three videos per week lastly you choose the duration and invite your friends no matter how many subscribers your friends have the tool now measures every day who has generated the most subscribers and makes the whole ranking in addition the tool checks every Monday if the participants have uploaded at least three videos if somebody didn’t that will be removed from the challenge automatically no matter if you use YT score as ranking check or challenge tool we wish you much fun and success with YT score reduce them now for free and profit from the Jimmy – oh yes and we also have a Facebook fan page where you can ask questions and chat with others we are happy about every fan that way we know that you like this idea in this tool thanks for watching guys and see you soon bye bye

5 thoughts on “YouTube Rank Checker (Ranking Check from your Videos) YouTube SEO

  1. KMU-Akademie der digitalen Wirtschaft Post author

    Cool stuff for all #youtubers!

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  3. Damaskinoos Post author

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  5. Youtube Video Ranker Post author

    Not far to go. You are #3 in the top 10 results for the keyword 'youtube video rank checker app'.You are almost there.


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