YouTube Live Stream FAIL and What you can do better!

By | August 16, 2019

okay so you’re ready to start doing
YouTube live streaming right and you’re excited to do it and then everything
falls apart that’s exactly what happened to me this last weekend so I’m very
excited to start sharing tips and ideas with people having people ask their
questions about web design and SEO and things like that and answer them and I
did my live stream and then at the end I realized I had a huge horrible mistake
and I want to share that with you in this video welcome back I’m Chris
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created a new video or I go live so speaking of live I want to tell you
about my big fail okay so I’m very excited you know on Saturday nights at 9
p.m. Mountain Standard time I want to you know talk talk to people you know
chat with them answer questions about SEO and web design social media stuff
like that and to just build a community about you know of di wires who are
wanting to take control of their own online success you know you’re doing
your own SEO you’re doing your own you know WordPress coding or troubleshooting
things like that and I was very excited you know so I put out my first live
stream right I’m ready to go I got OBS I I I don’t know if you’ve ever been to
Nick Newman’s channel I learned how to SEP a BS how to do some cool like ticker
stuff and I got chat box everything ready okay looks great and I go live do
my do my you know my video and everything and then it processed and it
was horrible it was bad so like my thumbnail everything’s on fire that’s
basically how I felt I felt like everything we just went up in smoke and
it was a complete waste you know it was a learning experience and was crazy is
that one thing one main thing is is I have no subscribers K so doing this I
have no subscribers I actually didn’t have anybody in the chat room so it’s
not like anybody really noticed it but I did gain one subscriber even from a
horrible video so just goes to show you that you know even the horrible video
can can help in some way so you know Nathan if you’re out there whoever you
are you know I definitely appreciate it but that’s the thing it’s just you know
it was a complete disaster you know so this next Saturday hopefully it’ll be a
lot better because I learned something and I want to share that tip with you
okay so this is the number one tip if you’re you know doing DIY you’re doing
your first YouTube live session okay you’re going you’re getting on YouTube
live okay you’ve already learned about OBS or maybe you’re just streaming this
from your phone or whatever and now you’re ready to do YouTube live check
your audio okay check your audio sync more importantly okay so if you can go
onto YouTube and go down and you’ll see where under
your live event set it to private now go in and go ahead and film a live session
you know private session and then check your audio sync so what I mean is if you
ever noticed that when you watch a video and somebody’s lips don’t match up to
the words or whatever if you’re watching a gameplay and or you know some I
playing a video game and they’re talking about what’s going on it’s really
already happened or hasn’t happened yet because their sync is off you know the
audio sync is off and so I did this you know hour-long video you know I did the
transitions everything looked great had to the subscriber boxes and tickers and
everything looked good and didn’t realize that it was completely off the
whole time I mean I’m like seconds off of my speech and it was a disaster and
so I want to share that tip with you so if you’re getting on YouTube live for
the first time okay you’re doing your first live event your first live stream
or even if you’re doing this down the road okay go ahead and Google whatever
you need to because I know people some people are using OBS some are using you
know Wirecast or whatever different things maybe you’re using it from your
phone or whatever do it do a practice run okay and just make sure your
that mode or whatever unlisted or you know private mode if it’s just for you
maybe unlist if you want your friends or somebody to see it and just make sure
that your audio sync is good because trust me is horrible especially like
like with me I mean it was it was Li was so bad it was so so bad and and so you
know you want put you know you want to put your best foot forward you want to
look professional so that’s my number one tip for you is if you are doing
YouTube live streams okay make sure your audio matches your lips it’s such a big
deal and you know just check your audio sync I think I’m using OBS and it ended
up being I had to set it at 400 milliseconds delay so basically how I do
is you know I talked to my mic and it’s going through OBS and then it’s going to
to youtube you know so there’s there’s a delay of course you know going through
my you know audio card a video card or whatever happens there you know horribly
bad horrible bit wrong so take my advice don’t don’t don’t pull
Chris don’t be me and go ahead and check your audio so hopefully that helps you
and helps you create a great YouTube live event and make sure you ask me to I
would love to see your YouTube live event so make sure you head over to my
website Chris Heidelberg comm send me an email so hey Chris I’m doing at my first
live event ever will you come hang out I love to week
I’ll even practice with you so if I’m the only person in your chat and we’re
practicing you know you chatting back and forth or doing whatever I would love
to I’d be honored to so definitely a you know send me an email appreciate so
thank you for watch for watching this video I’ll see you in the next one and
no matter what I hope that you find success online offline and in your life
take care

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