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By | August 21, 2019

in today’s video I’m going to share my
top three free YouTube SEO tools to helI me write my videos and get more views
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where are you struggling when it comes to optimizing your YouTube videos let’s
discuss in the comments section so for me to actually show you these tools and
how they work why don’t we jump on over to my computer so the first place that I
will go to research my potential video idea is the Google Keyword planner if
you do not have an AdWords account set up you will have to set one up and you
will have to run an ad I think it’s five dollars for 24 hours but once you do
that then you will have your AdWords account set up and access to that
keyword planner it’s something recent that Google did if you didn’t have an
account before that you will have to do that
so I’m going to go ahead and sign in and then once you sign in you’re going to go
up to tools and down to keyword planner so for this video I’m talking about SEO
tools keyword tool keyword research so I really need to find what is out there
that is low competition but has a good search volume I’m going to go ahead here
and type in my first idea I’m going to try YouTube SEO tools and see what
results I get so this one shows me that it does have low competition and it has
around a hundred to a thousand searches monthly ultimately what you want to look
for is anything one thousand and above with low competition so then I can just
scroll through here to get some potential ideas for a title keyword tool
YouTube has a good search volume and low competition also SEO analyze so this is
a great way to start getting video ideas based on Google and what’s great is
Google owns YouTube so they do work together here would be a great one
youtube keyword tool you see has 10,000 to a hundred thousand average
monthly searches and low competition I’m going to take YouTube keyword tool and
now I’m going to put it into YouTube and see what competition is on YouTube so we
take youtube keyword tool type it into the YouTube search bar you can see as
you’re typing it in YouTube is going to try to figure out what it is you’re
saying and all of these results right here are phrases people are searching on
YouTube ranked by most popular down so we are validated that people are
searching these keywords right here now we just need to find one that has a lot
of search but not a lot of competition our phrase was youtube keyword tool so
youtube keyword tool alternative tools tool free tool 2017 tool replacing these
are all phrases that are searched so let’s just see what our phrase is you
see that has about a million result which means good it means it’s being
searched the next thing I want to do is to see how well these videos are
optimized to see if I have a chance to rank on the front page because of all
these videos are optimized then I’m going to struggle to break through if
they have more subscribers than me so let’s just double-check
Brian G Johnson has 18,000 Jordan has 7,000 this channel has you don’t see
this channel has 8,000 this channel has forty four thousand four hundred
subscribers so it’s not too bad there are some big names here like video
creators we got some competition but what’s essential is to see if these
videos are using this exact phrase so I can use this exact phrase I can start
ranking if they aren’t using that exact phrase so what I’m going to do is I’m
going to copy this and then I’m going to hit command F and you see this little
finder box shows up I’m going to type in my keyword and see how many times it’s
listed here on this front page so you can see this video doesn’t have it the
first one doesn’t the second one does let’s see if anybody else has it down
here that video has it so basically only two videos have this
phrase so it’s looking good for me if I title my video YouTube keyword tools I
could potentially stand out because I would be the only video on this page
with that exact title so the next step that I do is I will check to buddy and I
will use to bunny with a grain of salt a way to help me but knowing that Google
said this was a great phrase and YouTube is showing me nobody is really using
this phrase it’s a title or in their tags I think this is a great opportunity
to need my video this phrase now let me go to to buddy
and I’m going to go to the tag explorer and type in YouTube keyword tools and
hit Explorer so it’s showing me a half a lo search volume which isn’t terrible we
saw that it had over a million search results and it’s pretty highly
competitive but the number one video ranking here didn’t use the exact phrase
that I’m thinking about using and didn’t use that as a tag and this video that
has two of the videos on the front page wasn’t using that exact phrase either so
even though two buddy is saying this technically might not be a good keyword
I’m still going to do it and when I use my keywords I’m always testing things
out if it doesn’t work I can always go in and change the title change some tags
up but I think based on the research that I did here on YouTube looking at my
competition and what’s out there I’m going to go forward with this phrase so
then the sign tags you want to find tags that are relevant so the best way to do
that is see what YouTube’s going to pre populate so all these tags are relevant
to your title of your video so I’m going to use tags like youtube keyword tool
free because I’m showing you free tools I’m going to use keyword tool 2017
because that is the year it is I can also go back to YouTube keyword research
I could use that tag because I’m showing you how I research I could also use
YouTube keyword search tool because I’m showing
you that YouTube keyword optimization you just want to make sure all your tags
are relevant to your title you can’t throw in a bunch of keywords that don’t
relate to each other because YouTube knows one video can’t cover five
different topics and that’s basically how I use Google Keyword planner
YouTube search and to buddy to find my title and tags for my videos
unfortunately there is no exact science to finding the perfect keywords and
title for your video but the more you do this process the easier it does get I
promise and by you taking this additional step to research keywords
your video is going to start ranking which means more views more email
subscribers and ultimately more opportunities to make more money in your
business if you want to make sure that your YouTube channel is set up for prime
search engine optimization make sure you’ve grabbed my youtube channel
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  1. Tips With Trena Post author

    Hi! Thank you so much for watching! I would love to answer your questions about finding titles and tags! Leave me a comment and ask away!

  2. Emilie Grace Design Post author

    Thanks, Trena! This video was very helpful and will help me to optimize my first video to the best it can be!

  3. Gary Straughan Post author

    I thought I knew how to do keyword research on YouTube. I was wrong! Thanks for sharing your system.

  4. Designer Chair Covers To Go Post author

    Very good video! thanks for sharing I actually learnt things 🙂 so thought I should share that!

  5. Arthur Howard Post author

    Trena, excellent video. I only have one thing to add: unless you are using the keyword planner for pay per click, it isn't necessary to look at the competition column, since that is only an indicator of how many advertisers are paying for clicks. Bear in mind, the tool was created specifically for advertisers, not as an organic ranking tool. It really doesn't indicate anything regarding ranking a keyword phrase. Generally speaking, the higher the competition, the assumption made by most internet marketers is that the more advertisers paying for a phrase the more valuable the phrase is. Once again, great video 🙂

  6. Mark My Words Review Channel Post author

    Thank you for your video. Very helpful. Relate to where you were as it's where I am presently. Learning though!!


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