Youtube Keyword Research Tool for Video SEO – TubeBuddy Tutorial 2019

By | August 31, 2019

Hi everyone welcome, my name is Andreas
Waatz and in this tutorial we’re gonna learn about this.
Okay everyone, so in this TubeBuddy tutorial in 2019 we are going to learn how you can do YouTube
keyword research. So, we’re gonna use a tool for video SEO called TubeBuddy. This
is a great tool it’s used by millions of creators on YouTube. Alright, so first
we’re gonna learn how we can use this tool to find a good title that we can
rank for in the organic search. Alright and we’re gonna show you how TubeBuddy
works, so we’re gonna do our keyword research right here in the search bar on
YouTube. So, let’s say that you have a healthy YouTube channel and want to make
smoothies alright and if you want to follow along with this tutorial you can
use go in the description below and click on the link and install TubeBuddy
yourself. But first we’re gonna do the keyword research and after that
we’re gonna show you how you can install TubeBuddy in your own Chrome browser okay
so let’s say we want to create a smoothie recipe and we want to rank for
it so first I’m gonna just type in smoothie and hit enter and now you can
see that we get these words after a smoothie so this is top the keywords
that people search for on YouTube so we got recipes smoothie the cat, smoothie
Bowl, smoothie diet, smoothie blender okay so let’s say we want to do the first one
just click on smoothie recipes okay so now we got the results right here and as
you can see we got TubeBuddy extension right here we got some information about
this search so if you want to follow along you can just go to the description
and click on the link and install but if you want to wait we can do this later on
in this video okay so now you can see search volume it’s high
but also the competition it’s very high so you get the score of nine that means
if you’re a small channel it’s gonna be really hard to rank for this for this
keyword search term okay so although the keyword is searched very often it is bad
to target because it’s extremely competitive and hard to rank for okay
and we also got this related searches so smoothie recipes for weight loss
smoothie recipes with frozen fruit so we can also find related searches right
here so if you want to check one of these you can just click on the link and
you will see the keyword right here and we got a new result for this one so this
one is fair it got thirty it’s better but it’s not great
alright so you got more related searches right here and you also got the most used
tags so most used tags from the top ranking videos and we can also click on
keyword stats so analysis of channels and videos on this search page so we get
most views 2,700,000, least views ten thousand we got most subscribers we got
least subscribers keyword in titles so two so this keyword in the title right
here so that’s great keyword in description three keyword in
tags so 20 is 20 videos right here and two is how many of these videos has this
keyword search term in the title okay and the keywords in tags how many of
these videos have this search term as a tag so in this case zero
and we get the published last seven days to top channel this one and video you
own so I don’t have any videos on this search term so zero. Okay, so we can
delete this one and move on where we were before so we’re gonna do from
smoothie recipes and now we’re gonna click one more time right here and hit
space now I got more keyword searches that we can choose from so we got the
for weight loss with frozen fruit so the same thing as we see right here so let’s
say I want to do for weight loss and now we can click one more time and hit space
and let’s say you want to do smoothie recipes for weight loss in winter click
on that so now you can see that we got a more long tail keyword that means this
search term is not just smoothie recipes it’s a long term keyword so smoothie
recipes for weight loss in winter and now we got good 47 so there is a little
bit of competition but this keyword is searched so often it’s worth targeting
so this is a good title that we can have in our video and if I click one more
time we don’t have any more suggestions relate the searches on this term okay so
all you can do is you can just change it right here so you can do smoothie
recipes for weight loss like that in winter and also add a current here like
that and let’s copy the title like that and now you have a great title that you
can rank for on YouTube using this keyword research tool called
TubeBuddy. Okay, so now I’m gonna show you how you can install TubeBuddy you can
install it for free and if you want more settings and stats you can just upgrade. You can
always do this for free and if you want more just upgrade okay
so go and click on the link below okay so this will take you to this page now
we can go up and click on sign in right here in the top right corner and now you
can click on sign in with Google choose your Google account and that’s it you
now have a TubeBuddy account. Okay, so now we can go up to support click on tool
list click on install free on Chrome so you need to have a Chrome browser let’s
click on add to Chrome. Add extension okay so TubeBuddy for YouTube has been
added to Chrome okay so let’s go back to your account and now we can click on add
channel you can choose your email choose the account you want to use so let’s say
I want to have this one and read about the terms then click on allow, like that.
Okay, so now we have added our channel we got TubeBuddy as an extension on Chrome.
And if you go to Youtube. And then we’re gonna click right here to sign in. Sign
in with YouTube choose the account choose the channel click on allow. And
now you have successfully signed in so search for smoothie. And now we have
search Explorer right here. Okay, everyone so this is how you can do keyword research
for your YouTube videos we using TubeBuddy and more tutorials like this is
coming so make sure to subscribe to learn more about TubeBuddy on how we can
grow our YouTube channel with the views and subscribers and all that okay so I
hope this helped okay everyone hope this was helpful if you want you can leave a
comment below if this worked or not you can also subscribe to my channel for
more of these videos just click on this image alright and let’s go to the next
video yes check out my latest video right here
alright so I hope you have an awesome day take care and bye

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