Youtube Closed Captions for SEO

By | August 27, 2019

>>YAN HUANG: Many of you guys have used YouTube
before, especially if you are watching this YouTube
video. While a lot of you guys have probably also
uploaded a video in the past… and if you are an entrepreneur, business owner,
or even your own personal videos, many times, what I’ve seen people do is
they will upload the video, give it a title, and let it sit. For an entrepreneur or a business owner, that
doesn’t necessarily serve that much purpose, especially if you only have 5, 10, 20 views
and they’re just your friends. One of the features of YouTube that I wanted
to go over is the ability to have closed captions. I’ll go ahead and go over what it is, why
you should use it, and how it’s beneficial for you as a business or entrepreneur, and also what
is entailed in using and how to do it. Basically what it is, is if you have a video
and you have someone speaking in the video — you may have seen it before — where as they’re
talking, the dialogue is on the bottom in their closed captions, and as they go to another
window or if they have a different train of thought,
that changes. Well, the reason why people will do that is
one, the accessibility factor — in terms of if they’re in an office or a work environment that doesn’t
permit headphones, or if they don’t have headphones available, for example if they
are in a library and they want to watch your video, well, if you have captions, that wouldn’t
necessarily be an issue. That’s one factor. But the other factor
and possibly even the greater factor is for this SEO benefits, or the search engine optimization
benefits, of the YouTube closed captions. The YouTube captions, the way it works is…actually,
YouTube has a similar technology as Google Voice. So if you upload video, Google
actually knows for the most part what you are talking about and what’s in the video. That
helps with their algorithm. But one other thing that they have is they
have the ability for you to upload your own transcript. Because they already transcribed the video
to begin with, once you upload your transcript, they actually do a really interesting merging
of that with the time sequence. So if you upload a text file…now, there’s
a specific way of formatting it, so that it follows the guidelines of YouTube and it
displays well. So there’s definitely a formatting to it,
and if you go on YouTube, click on the link in the description. If you’re on my blog, just look below, and
you’ll see the format that I have my transcriptions. That is basically the format that I use for
my video closed captions. That’s a good format to follow. Again, it’s really for the SEO benefits,
because Google can then identify what keywords that your video’s about, and when people
search for those keywords, then they’ll find your video. And of course, the description and text also
play a role, but the captions…it just gives, as far as SEO for your videos, a whole other
advantage over the next person, who doesn’t have that. So I strongly recommend, if you are a entrepreneur
or a business owner, or even your own personal stuff, if you have
videos, have them transcribed, or if you don’t want to do the transcriptions
yourself, there’s people that can do it. Feel free to go to my blog,, click
on the Contact page, shoot me an email if you are looking for such a service, because
I can definitely recommend great sources that I use for my video transcriptions. And if you have any questions or anything,
feel free to reach me directly through that form, as well. If you like this video, obviously, please
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3 thoughts on “Youtube Closed Captions for SEO

  1. Hafsa Post author

    ok so the strangest thing happened. i uploaded CC for all my videos today, and some of my videos that were doing quite well in search results, disappeared from where they were!

  2. Hafsa Post author

    btw this happened straight after i uploaded CC!

  3. Alexis Woman Post author

    Hello, thanks for the great tips. Where can I see the structure of the CC? I have a regular text file, does it have to in a certain way or just like essay and YouTube will structure it? Thanks


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