YouTube Channel Optimization – How to Optimize Videos Step by Step

By | August 8, 2019

YouTube channel optimization training
course step-by-step video optimization hello
and welcome back again I wanted to create these video session so that I talk about the
importance of doing certain things properly now whether you find keywords from YouTube Search or whether you utilize Google search to find the keywords because basically what that means is you end up seeing what your audience is
searching for and thus interested in so then you can
create the video accordingly targeting long tail keyword will allow you to quickly rank them in YouTube YouTube Search or Google search should
be your friend I strongly encourage you to play around
with it so that you can get more ideas I’ve done the research and this is
the key word that I’m targeting but at the same time I know the subscribers of RankYa channel
will enjoy the video as well so let me walk you through the
important elements here you know if I’ve spent five minutes ten minutes twenty making
the video men that’s great but there are millions
of video games on you choose right so in that a.m. clutter all videos how in the world will someone’s you know find my videos
huge upsurge surely video likes video she is comments all these
important for ranking videos right but hey can I get those views get lie its common shares if people
can’t find my videos so the IPL first thing fine the keywords papers your tight till he’s very strong
C including your keywords in the title
here you know Spain that you know five minutes if you
have to pack you described the video using pics but when you do done just repeat the
word up the keyword and then thinking oh that’s going to be
great instead you know learn to use license you can quickly huge lines defining
feature on Google define column and a keyword of interest to you and looking it seems well I am 22
points similar words you can include within your description get is very important or variations on
the words it your turn to be because you want to guide YouTube
rankings to say you know what this new toy to and this is the video get I am uploading
in serbia Eastpointe mi but if you just land area
left the race you know you didn’t have the rest then
he’s gonna find it difficult to understand video-content although it’s very advance
in connection analyze the this speech patterns but still you know
if he’s available for you to utilize be utilized make sure you use related words or variations of the words don’t repeat game of just make sure you
describe DVD or but make sure the the related words also flow with in your description yeah all YouTube channel owners they are very
hesitant to at linked to an ex own recent
resource he could be an external website that
complements to video it could be another video on mutual it
could be another channel but nonetheless don’t be hesitant Appling to xterm resource degrees here when XO New resource that complements your video
because you know it’s not gonna make a
difference to a degree about people liking your videos are
sharing game all subscribing to your channel safety
videos all use or interest and your visitors like
in indeed on the subscribe to you and give
you like regardless if you have an external and
we and you’re out here but having Dez actually helps your video to rank so
therefore learn to utilize at least one what I can to do while the
video is being uploaded I actually copied me in place it within
the description also the Stags you know while you uploading inputting
all these description and the title in all huge in may suggest some words to include Don rely on back
instead do your own research before you upload
the video and precisely include the keywords getty’s you know you’re tagging and he’s
related to DVD that’s what I’ve done up copied what I’ve shown you just
before in place the Lynde custom thumbnails if you have them enable then placed in there as well
grouping your YouTube videos in playlists will only help you to rain and also provide better user experience
to your chimney systems scenes Google+ is associated with your YouTube
channel sharing disinformation with your subscribers that’s great but if you’re standing near you may not have
a little subscribers well if that’s the case still utilize it
you share it at least Google+ page all your channel if you’ve
got and tweet to all the things link to your
YouTube channel is she that is well you sheer use video on balls profiled as well
because you know that’s what you doing you good as it follows external sites to see if people share
your content and saw so if you’ve got your own social profiles issue Oreos it’s
perfectly OK yeah let’s press on it been ceilings me a license to actually you can choose
one back what you know whenever you upload
your video make sure all you said the common settings I where
comments only approved once me you know you have to manually approve
them before they show up on your video do that or else you know your videos
going to get spam and that’s actually negative going
defect you’re ready video raids so his father is doing all the things get these basic get out showing you
these important things make sure you have any places were so
now let’s talk about something else yeah we are looking at one on way video page source call and I’d like to draw
your attention to these three metatags this the title which is very important signals for
anything to do with you will you description as you can see is also also you know rendered on the video URL keywords I went up to showing you be a
very important all these three things important as well now this is a sample video and we are looking at some points most people don’t take advantage or us
you know don’t do that because your YouTube is a
global platform ends on the growing and in 2015 when you
upload a video it’s actually going to go in and
analyzes speech pensions and automatically create subtitles for
you but you know look it my accent you know I have a very strong except
it’s because I speak three different languages and also read white three different ones
as well but even with my ex in it actually does a great job but
nonetheless I can never rely on it because it’s
never 100 percent instead what I tend to do is click on the
automatic captions which job done already so I’ll show you
what they are so you know it’s just middle re playing your video in just listening to the SAMS is in words and Corey the automatic captions and
then you know published reason being captions a text-based make sense so therefore nor only that’s going to
help your video rain you can actually add captions for different languages as well
so if you’re time you operate your channel that has a global all the teams it
speaks very different languages then you can just have to rely on
English you can actually go back in the day and perhaps translated into different
languages if you’re cavallo doing know why is it
important it’s important because it creates a
great user experience so 18 and a where they teach you choose
video ranking: channel optimization everything stance from that great user
experience first so that’s why in the previous review
session I shared with you some common sense
approach is for you to optimize your channel itself as we can see groupings beans and all
that stuff but Neil you are aware all the critical seams that you can do as far as optimizing your redial at least have all the things I love to
show new in place share your video on your own social
profiles tell your friends or family Touche the
videos as well is that all that’s going to help your
your ring also don’t forget to take that point immense to read you the automatic actions disable automatic
captions if it’s not 100 percent instead use your corrected ones it minimum this
is what I suggest get you should is if you spend that
point came minutes how familiar to an hour to create that
useful interesting video then I’m sure you can spend a few
minutes to make sure the features that is
available for you as far as subtitles at least and bedding
places were now before we and Bishop with this video
this is my new membership site and by the time
you’re watching news for you I may head some advance Eugene ranking techniques so I encourage you to check the area as
well and if you benefited from this video session don’t forget to give me a lie NJ video
so I can continue making useful videos to YouTube channel
owners like you NB I thank you very much for learning with me and I’ll talk in the
next BDS

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  1. Rashmi S Post author

    hi your videos are really helpful and informative. Can you please make a video on how to make a intro for you tube video that shows up before your actual video. That would be really helpful. 🙂


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