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By | September 3, 2019

hey everyone and welcome to another SEO
tutorial this one’s about creating a new youtube channel that is associated with
your Google my business account so one of the keys to that is to go ahead and
when you sign in here in the upper right when you go to you’ll click
on sign in and when you do the sign in that you want to use that email and
password is gonna be the same one that you use for your Google my business
that’s important so the Google associates your business account with
your new YouTube channel okay and once you get signed in it’s going to look
something like this and the key to getting around any of this is that in
the top upper right hand corner your icon will be there and if you left click
on that it’s going to bring this up now you can come down here to the help and
this will walk you right through to it once you get in here we can do something
like create new channel and when we do that it’s gonna walk us through now
something you should know just at the time there is create a personal channel
of course that’s not what we want scroll on down past that and create a channel
with a business name now you can go ahead and click on your channel list and
when you click on this there is a good chance of that your own business will
already be inside of your channel list because you’ve logged in with the same
account that Google uses for Google my business and I’m gonna click on this and
I apologize cuz you’re gonna see some heavy blurring on this next screen
because of accounts that already exist for us okay so again I apologize for the
heavy blurring but you’re going to see something like this for being able to
manage now here you can see where you can create a new channel if yours looks
slightly different than this you may be seeing a lot fewer things but I’m gonna
go ahead and scroll down to the bottom and now you’ll see brand accounts now
you may see this if you are a manager of the Google my business account and not
necessarily the owner so you want to be looking for these two things and you’ll
be able to see your business hopefully in one of
these two lists to be able to create the channel of course you want to pick the
one that’s associated with your business if we go back back to our main YouTube
login and we click on the icon again we come down here to the help this will
walk you through nearly anything you need to do with that new channel so if
you want to add it or if you want to create a new one it’s all right here all
right so I hope this helps in getting word that you can create a new channel
that’s associated with your business so that it’s all synced up with Google my
business and your new YouTube channel there are a lot of new things that you
can do with this and just to give you one real quick is come down here to the
settings cog and this will show you where you can create a new channel see
all your channels you can also go with Advanced Settings for things like your
uploads defaults all those are very helpful that’s where you’ll put in your
SEO keywords for your uploads all right I hope this helps in helping you to
create a YouTube channel that is associated with your business so Google
connects all your SEO pieces and they’re not segmented apart it makes it much
easier to get your videos on to the new front pages for your search keywords you
can check in the description below for more helpful hints and how to sign up
and become a member over at thanks

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