Young inventors in S. Korea make websites to track coronavirus cases

By | February 22, 2020

more people have been wanting to know
where the confirmed patients here in Korea went to avoid going there and some
college students put up a website to inform people of those locations our Kim
bo-gyung tells us more two people in South Korea keeping track of where
confirmed patients have been is important not only because they can
check the locations they should avoid but also because they can quickly report
to health authorities if they are showing any symptoms to ease people’s
anxieties college students in South Korea came up with an idea to make a map
showing the locations that confirmed patients have visited for students in
their 20s learned programming together for a year and after the corona virus
outbreak they developed a website called corona nearby although lots of
information on corona virus was being provided we didn’t think it was in a
nice format that people could look at so we thought we could make a map like
version if you visit the website you first need to allow the computer or
mobile device to know your location then based on the information where you are
or where you would like to go you can find any nearby sites where confirmed
patients have visited you can also see the nearby hospitals in case you show
any symptoms another website called Corona map also shows the number of
confirmed patients and a history of their whereabouts since contracting the
virus I wanted to correct false information on
platforms such as social media or YouTube so I made a map service based on
the data from Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention young inventors
of both websites say that they will update the information until the corona
virus outbreak passes they also added that they will continue to work for
public good we received lots of feedback from many people saying it was of great
help we thought pride in what we did so if other issues come up in the future we
will try our best to do something for society
inventors hope they can close the websites down so that people don’t need
to worry anymore Kim bo-gyung Arirang news

12 thoughts on “Young inventors in S. Korea make websites to track coronavirus cases

  1. Grapes For All Post author

    closed the fucking airports to mainland china. then we wont have to track it

  2. booyaa kashaa Post author


  3. Statistic Man Post author

    Dangerous statistics. "This outbreak could still go in any direction,"- T. Adhanom.

  4. Cloudiii Dy Post author

    Their App will be of great help not only for locals but for Tourists as well.. Thank you ❤️

  5. leepakim Post author

    thanks instead of Ashai beer I know now where I can find Corona.

  6. Frankie Roberts Post author

    The Coronavirus PATENT is owned by the Pirbright Institute. #coronavirus


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