Yook Dongsik x Seo Inwoo | I Need To Have Him

By | December 10, 2019

As my best friend, what kind of person was I before? I really don’t get what you mean. I think you know very well. Because we’re the same. Dongsik- Dongsik, what about you? Get in. How do you feel about working with me? Don’t touch me. You’ll get hurt. I need to have him. What? If you reject me again- I’ll kill you. What kind of a woman is she? Woman? You think I’d be like this because of some woman? What’s going on? You’ve never taken a partner, let alone a subordinate from your company. Let’s not make it a welcome dinner for me- Instead we’ll celebrate Dongsik’s promotion as an assisant manager. Is he your lover or something? Careful, you bastard. He’s way more important to me than you are. Whenever I see something weak or poor- it makes me sick to my stomach and makes me want to get rid of it. I feel like lately I’ve become quite pitiful myself. Wait!

8 thoughts on “Yook Dongsik x Seo Inwoo | I Need To Have Him

  1. pleasant tales Post author

    drama + song are at the end of the vid! turn on cc for subs!
    pls do let me know what you thought of it <3
    ((also i'm not french, but i do understand it))

  2. Tessïa Emard Post author

    During the video I was thinking "seems like some psychopath stuffs" turns out it is one of the keyword in the title 😂😂

  3. Unsatisfied._ Post author

    AHHHHHH why does the song go so perfectly with the video!!!!!!

  4. Fan d'Asie Post author

    At first, I watched this drama for the plot and the fact that Park Sung Hoon will be the villain really please me! But now, I learned to appreciate the play of Yoon Shi Yoon and I love their chemistry (Mr Robot ❤). This song is like their anthem, this paragraph especially is quite relevant:
    《Quand les lumières brûlent tout
    Que la nuit fière s'en fout
    Si tu voulais me voir
    Moi, je préfère le noir
    (I'm French but at the beginning, I didn't pay attention at the lyrics xD)

  5. dieulinh007 Post author

    I loved when Inwoo was practically in love with Donshik and flirting with him the whole time!


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