Yoast SEO Green “Bullet”: The Myths & Why You Can Ignore It [CC]

By | August 28, 2019

– What’s up, everyone? I am Ahmed Khalifa, and today
I am going to be talking about the famous green bullet,
or traffic light system, that you all see on
Yoast, and we’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. You know the section at the bottom on WordPress when you start
typing in your content, and at the bottom it
tells you whether you have got that red light, the orange
light, or the green light, and you work so hard to
get that content right so you can get that famous green bullet. And then you celebrate, but the thing is I’m here to tell you
that it’s not all that. Because sometimes you should not even bother aiming for that green light. I know, shock, horror, you can’t believe it, could you? But I’m serious, you don’t have to worry about it all the time. I hear it so many times
that people think about that green bullet thing,
and you think about how you should always aim for that, and if you get that, you get your content perfectly optimised, you
get your high ranking that you’re looking
for, but it’s not true, because there’s so many
myths that is around that green bullet thing, and I’m
here to kind of dispel it, and I’m also to tell you a few things what you should be worrying about instead. Before you even start
thinking about getting that green bullet, the
most important thing is getting that focus
keyword, as Yoast calls it. And that is, you know,
when you think about how do you expect your audience to find that content you’ve created when they search on any search engine, and every time you think about that, that should be what your
focus keyword would be about. For example, if you have a page that is about, let’s just say, a ‘handmade sterling silver necklace’, If that’s what you expect me to search for and find your page, then put
that as your focus keyword. But if your focus keyword
is something like necklace, which is very broad, or
even silver necklace, then you’re gonna kind of
shoot yourself in the foot, because that is not a focus keyword and in the end that will
affect whether you get that green bullet point, or not. And that’s why you should be careful about what your focus keyword could be. Think about it, think
about how your audience will be finding your content,
and then take it from there. Once you have that, Yoast
will tell you to kind of put it in certain places,
but here’s the thing you should know: put
it in the right places does not necessarily
mean that your content perfectly optimised and 100% optimised, because I’m gonna tell you right now, there is no such thing
as a “perfectly optimised” piece of content, that doesn’t exist. There is no way you could do that. So you could help by making things better by putting it in the title, and put it in the method description, and url, then yes, you can make
things better that way, but if you think that putting it in every single place will give you that perfectly optimised
content, not gonna happen. I can promise you it’s
not gonna happen at all. And then when you have that
perfectly optimised content, let’s say “perfectly
optimised” content actually, then you think that,
you know, you’re kind of almost guaranteed, or maybe guaranteed, to have a high ranking
on Google, and again, there’s no such thing,
first of all, as guaranteed, and second of all,
again, having everything in place in that content of yours using Yoast does not guarantee anything. It will make thing easier,
it will make things better, it will improve your
chances, but it will not guarantee high ranking on Google. Let’s just get that straight right now. There are times where
it actually makes sense following the recommendations
that Yoast has provided. So a couple of examples
would be, to make sure that you have enough
kind of text and content on your page, because
if you have a very thin, you know, low quality or
very few words on that page, how are you expecting to, kind
of, get Google to understand what your page is about, and also, most importantly, how are you expecting to give the information that your audience is looking for about a particular topic? So make sure you have
enough content in there, and make sure you have
enough words in there. As we say, there’s no such thing as the perfect number of how many words, what should be your minimum or maximum. Write however you need to write to get that message across, to get that information to your audience, and to make sure that that page is as detailed as you should make it be. But, you know, just make
sure that you have everything that you need to kind of
provide for your audience. And the other recommendation
that Yoast also provides is make sure that you don’t have two pages that are targeting the same focus keyword. For example, if you have that one page that maybe talks about,
as we mentioned before, a sterling silver
necklace, and that is your focus keyword, and then
you have another page which has the same
keyword, the same content, then you’re kind of shooting
yourself in the foot. How are Google supposed to understand which page is more important,
which one is more relevant, and how are you going to make
it relevant for your audience? You know, if you have two pages about similar things then why bother? Why not have it under one, and why not have that one page be the
best that you can make it be and that would be that focus
keyword focusing on that. So, Yoast will tell you that if you’re clashing with yourself, you know, you’re kind of competing against yourself, then you should not do that, you know, there’s no point in doing that. So let’s not, you know,
have two kind of pages focusing on the same keyword at all. At the end of the day
though, you know better than any machine, bot, tool, software about your audience, about your
product, about your market. Yoast and anything else
is there to help you, to kind of guide you and
give you recommendations, but sometimes you might
want to go against their recommendations because you know better. You know Yoast is not
there to be an expert in your field, you should
know better than them. And that is why sometimes I say to you, you know, if it’s with your gut instinct you think that actually
your recommendation is better than Yoast then
fine, that makes sense. But if you think that, you know, you don’t understand about SEO, or Yoast has provided
recommendations that make sense to you, then you can
think about that as well, and you should consider
using that as well. So always think about your own knowledge, your own experiences
instead of using a machine that will do that for you. So what should you do then,
about the green bullet? Should you think about it, should you not? And if you don’t want to think
about it then what do you do? Because it’s always there in your face. So a few things that I would recommend is, first of all, if you’re
going to start writing your content, don’t write
it on WordPress and begin. Start off somewhere else,
like on Microsoft Word, or on Evernote, or some kind of notepad. Just write it there and then
when you think it’s done, then move it to WordPress, and then everything’s there kind of for you. That way you will not be
influenced by the green bullet. The other thing that you should do is make sure you do your keyword research because how are you supposed to know what is the best keyword to
choose for your audience? You might think you know what
your audience is searching for and you should do, but
that could be the base of what you’re gonna start with and then after that, see what kind of related keyword you can find around that. So that could also be your focus keyword. So make sure you do that, and then kind of build around that as well. Your keyword research,
find your focus keyword, and then build your content around that. You may have not noticed that, you know, also another section to
Yoast about readability, and that’s just about how easy it is for your content to be read, how well structured it is, is the
sentence not too long, is the paragraph not too big and chunky, you know, is it kind of
understandable for your audience? And that’s also important because your engagement level is very important. It’s not just about having
the information there. You could have all the
information on a page, but if it’s not structured
in the right way, if it’s in a big chunky text, and it’s not really formatted
correctly with the headline and a sub-heading, then
you’re kind of making it difficult for your audience,
and that’s not what you want. So there’s another side of
Yoast called ‘Readability’, make sure you check that
out, and that will also give you an idea about how kind of easy it is for your audience
to read your content. But, at the same time
though, you might not want to follow it 100% because there
is a section about, you know, the language and how
intellectual your content is and it will tell you whether it is easy for an average person to understand what you’re writing about, which is fine, but if you are in an industry
where there’s a lot of kind of big words and jargon,
and maybe you’re in like a science industry, or
you’re in a law industry, or you’re an engineer and so on, and you’re gonna have these
words which is not kind of common in the everyday
language, well that’s okay. I mean if that’s what your
audience want and need, and that’s how they understand the language, then go for that. But you might be aware that
if you use these words, Yoast will tell you that
it’s not understandable, you should change it, but
that’s not always the case. As I said to you earlier, you know better about your audience than Yoast, so don’t always follow too hard. If you don’t get that green bullet, don’t worry about it because if you think you’ve got everything spot on, but as well as that, you have everything laid out
correctly and you followed most of the recommendations,
then you’ve done well and you shouldn’t be too obsessed about that beloved, infamous,
precious little green bullet. So I hope that helps you, you
know, just be aware of that. And if you have any questions at all, leave a comment down below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can as well. I hope you found that
useful and if you have, I would really appreciate
it if you can subscribe to the channel right down below, and of course, to keep doing your thing because it really does matter
and I will see you next time.

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