Yeongja shared her favorite restaurants [Happy Together/2019.08.29]

By | September 2, 2019

Haein, you also have someone you’re grateful to. Yes, it’s Kim Haesook. Why? It’s back when I was on “That’s the Way It Is.” The lines were long and tricky to pull off in one take. I played her youngest son, and she helped me by giving me lessons. She even invited me home and treated me to dinner. You truly are adored, aren’t you? There’s a reason for everything. Have you ever been scolded by senior actors before? “You call this proper acting?” Yes, I was told off by Haesook. – Really? / – Yes, she told me off harshly. It was terrifying because she’s always been so nice. I came to her unprepared once, and she told me she’d quit mentoring me if it continued. (I won’t mentor you anymore.) She told me to leave. How could I though? I kept standing there not knowing what to do. I promised that I’d do better. She also always told me to see the forest and focus more on the future. She said a long career is more important to actors. Is it true Lee Yeongja was especially nice to you too? Oh, this… She shared her favorite restaurants with you. Not even Hyunmoo has received the list. I’ve been working with her for about a year and a half, and she hasn’t shared a single restaurant with me. She said she’d give up her money but not her favorite restaurants. Since I love meat so much, she gave me a list of restaurants with great meat dishes. It was in her own handwriting. – She wrote it herself? / – That’s right. Yes, and she handed it over to me. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed the dishes, but I never got the chance to. – So… / – I’m truly grateful. It’s tucked away safely in my safe. (He keeps the list in his safe.) – Really? / – She never shares her list. I was really grateful. Yeongja visits those nice places over and over again. If their food is different, she removes the restaurant from her list right away. She’s very strict about that. It’s a great list because she continually checks it herself. – So you can rely on that list. / – Totally.

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