Yeon Seo & Kim Dan | I miss you

By | February 27, 2020

I ran away. I was scared. Of vanishing? No. I was afraid I would hold on to her. I think I am lost. Wherever I go, I always see you. Wherever I go, I see her. I saw you at the bar too. I can’t even go home. I need you. I won’t see you leave ever again. It was always you who left first at home and then at park. I’m leaving you. It’s you who will be left alone. You are the most beautiful when you dance. Just look at me. Imagine that it’s just you and me in this world. I miss you. Who do you think you are? Someone who exists just for you. Kim Dan. When I am with her I want to hold her hand and give her hug, but if I do that I thought I would make Yeon Seo sad. I thought she might become unhappy. When two people meet one another, it’s never meaningless. The girl who showed me rainbow for the first time. I wanted to be grown-up for her. Whatever you decide to do or wherever you are, you are no longer alone. I like Yeon Seo. Do you like me? No How can you not like me? How can I not like you? Yeon Seo. It was beautiful. This is me. Think of it as me. You are okay when you are with me. Even without me it’s as if I am always with you. And I can’t stay with you forever. And that really breaks my heart.

22 thoughts on “Yeon Seo & Kim Dan | I miss you

  1. missshiannelee Post author

    Definitely my favorite drama of 2019. Amazing edit as always!! Love the voiceovers and scenes that perfectly matched the lyrics!

  2. justSSOuknow 86 Post author

    Im so into this pairing 😍 this drama is seriously amazing and your editing is one of my most favorite ever ❤

  3. SparksxFly Post author

    This is soo emotional, like really beautiful¡¡
    I DONT regret im watching this drama, like they deserve some happyness, they are soo beautiful together¡¡ One of the best kdramas this year, I have never seen sth more beautiful and angelical than this kdrama¡¡⚘💛🏵🌷

  4. masteroffate. Post author

    *me attempting to make a long video* 2 mins long
    *Kate's definition of short video* 2 mins and half 😂😂
    And by now I already came to the realization that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to make a video that it's not perfect! u.u
    Honestly, this was SO DAMN STUNNING!!! I loved the song and how you matched all the scenes/voiceovers! I srsly can keep watching this video non stop without getting tired of it kljfkljgdlfkjglk
    this video gave me too much feels, I can't even make a proper comment about it

  5. Yassandra Hernandez Post author

    Where can I watch this for free??

  6. stvrrytae Post author

    This is so incredibly beautiful. This song has had me crying every time ever since I found it and i GASPED when I figured out what it was, it fits them beautifully and I couldn't agree more, their chemistry is incredible and their story is so well written. That scene where she dances thinking of him was perfect. I can't wait to edit them. Thank you so much for making this, it's perfect

  7. destiny turner Post author

    why are you trying to break my heart?ㅠㅠ

  8. mrs.tae jin Post author

    I can't wait last episode
    I hope it will be happy ending😇

  9. Felicity Queen Post author

    Not gonna mention the fact that I watched it 5 times before thinking of a comment bc I'm in complete awee with this masterpiece!
    The amount of feels this gave me… I'm suing you Kate, not okay but seriously… I cried and cried…. my damn heart won't CALM DOWN! 😭😭😭

  10. bpwinces! Post author

    Ughhh this was…ANGELIC ;D
    Man this song brings back SO many memories and…emotions. Your editing is just always breath-taking * _ *

  11. Angie Leovana Chavez Imbaquingo Post author

    quee verga es eso vh mmv :v xde

  12. Mia Winchester Post author

    kate omg you brought back so many feels by using this song
    the video is perfect, I love it so much <3

  13. DramaFantasy Post author

    Angel? Your mission now is to kill me??? Why U do that to me? Damn that was so emotional! 🥺 So perfect and stunning! 😍 The VO that U used with all the b&w in the right moments… just love it so much love 😘❤️

  14. lady rose Post author

    Hello love, can you tell me where you found the episodes?


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