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By | September 5, 2019

Today let’s talk about Yandex ranking
factors for commercial websites. So commercial factors means that they are
relevant to websites that sell something products or services. As you know the
main purpose of search engines is to provide the most relevant search results
and to solve, to help solving users problems. And in case of commercial
websites a user has a problem to find a proper website to buy or order
service that he or she wants. So Yandex as a as a search engine tries to bring
higher in the rankings the websites that not only have a specific product or
service and the information about it that they can sell it or provide the services but also to choose the website that has more credibility
that has more features that can provide additional services, so algorithm can
decide that this website is the best in its niche and it should be shown
higher on the rankings. And to achieve this goal
Yandex among other ranking factors uses commercial factors. So one important
thing that you should know before I start to describe these factors is that
this commercial factors are like the second step of the algorithm so the
first step is to find the relevant website or websites maybe you know
hundreds or thousands of websites that for example sell sneakers in Moscow and
when first step of algorithm finds this thousands of e-commerce website and they
are pretty similar they have you know very similar description of this product
similar structure and the second step is to decide which one of this
thousands of websites in Russia or in Moscow should have high higher rankings. So that means very obvious thing that before competing among these
thousands of websites that your website is better you should have proper on-site
SEO you should have all the descriptions you know relevant text and
description, title and so on. And if you don’t have the relevant website or
relevant document on the website that can respond to user’s query then this commercial factors will not help you to achieve higher rankings. So in
2011 Yandex announced its new formula for Moscow region and at the same time
it introduced five commercial factors that it considers to be important for
commercial websites. So these five ranking factors are: credibility of
company and website, website appearance and interface, the range of products on
your website, prices and payment methods. and delivery methods. Then two years
later Yandex engineers published document about ranking for queries with
commercial intent and in this document they described four indicators of page
quality. So the indicators are: trustability, usability, quality of design and
quality of service. And what is the most important here is that trustability and
the quality of service has two times higher value than two other. So
you may ask how Yandex algorithms can decide which page we document is
better, what website has better quality of service and trustability and so on.
And you may also ask what should you do with your website to you
know improve your quality service or to improve at least how Yandex algorithm
can see the quality of service on your website, your trustability or quality of
your design. So here I would like to mention a few features that Yandex
recommends to improve on your commercial website to just have higher rankings to
be able to compete with local companies local e-commerce websites so if you are
a foreign company foreign business and would like to compete with local Russian
companies in Yandex you should know that they use this features these factors as
a standard. So they start their on-site optimization using this document
Yandex document and all these features that they mentioned. So in my opinion
it’s very important to remember that if you ignore this features when you start
your campaign in Russia you may just limit the visibility of your website in
search results. So now I’d like to describe a couple of this factors that
you can start with, that you can try to improve on your own website. So first one
is the detailed contact information on your website so the most important thing
is to add as much contact information as you can
so we should have local phone number Yandex recommends to have local number
in this city instead of mobile phone number. Then you should add your full
address and working hours of your manager If you have any messengers that your
customers can use to contact with you you should add all of them like Telegram,
Whatsapp Skype and so on. If you have a local
office or a store in in a specific city in Russia or any other country you
should and it’s addressed too. You can also add a map how to reach your
office. The next important factor is the number or the range of different
products on your website. So a customer is more likely to be interested in a
website that has a different kind of products and different categories Yandex
algorithms use the concept of completeness of the response in the
specific niche. So it means that if your website has a full range of different
kind of products and different kind of categories for example if you sell
clothes then this site has more chances to be higher in the rankings then
a website that sells for example only a few categories of clothes and every category
has less products than in your website. So it means that not only you will get more
traffic because you have more pages because of availability of more products but also Yandex uses this as a factor that
your website is able to respond to more much higher amount of queries so it
means that user may spend more time than your website and because it has full range of a different kind of process and it has more chances that
this customer will choose something and it will solve his or her problem.
The next important feature is availability of a different kind of
payment methods and delivery methods. So it’s better to describe all the options
that you have to describe it on your products page and also to have
additional page where you will have all the details of your payment methods, of
your deliver methods, how much does it cost, do you have free delivery and
what are the conditions, what is the time of the delivery and do you have any
guarantee and so on. So it’s better to have as much information about this as possible. Another important factor is customer service so if you have any
kind of ticket system or any technical support you should add this information
on your website you should describe it you should have you know different
buttons and links visible parts of your website so users can you can easily find
it and use it. Also for e-commerce websites if you have some kind of a
tracking system so customer can track his/her delivery you should also
have this information. Also live chat or this online manager pop-ups that
sometimes appear in the corner of your website, this is
also important for your customers to be able to ask a question being on your
website or you know checking your product details so they can
easily ask you a question without leaving a website or without leaving
this specific page. Next thing – price discounts. So Yandex recommendation is
that if you have any kind of a discount and your competitor doesn’t have then
you have an advantage. So if you have it you should add also the information on
your products page on your title if it’s possible in the description tag, so you
can also improve the CTR of your page in search results page. So there are a
couple of other features that Yandex recommends to pay attention to like
average length of title, average length URL or your URL depth meaning that you
have category, subcategory, than the name of the product. But you should remember to
analyze and check your competitors: what are the values of these factors that I’ve mentioned on their website so what are the lengths of their URLs, their
domain name, the titles and description and so on. So you just can find this
average standard length or value and try to focus on this and try to even
follow their path. And at the same time try to improve the factors and the
features that Yandex recommends and I’ve mentioned at the beginning
of this video and I hope that this will help you to improve your rankings on
Yandex. If you have any questions if you have any problems with the Yandex SEO
please leave a comment or find me on social networks and I will try to help
you and create additional video additional guide. Thank you and please
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