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By | September 2, 2019

Welcome to the Josiesque Designs tutorials. Today, we will walk you through the steps
to set up your local business listing on the Yahoo Local platform
When it comes to local online marketing, visibility is incredibly important. Lucky for you, there are several platforms,
like Yahoo Local, to create a presence for your business and gain that all-important
visibility. Being listed on multiple web directories will
give your website more search authority and credibility while helping you rank better
on search engine results pages. You will start by clicking the link provided
in the description below. Click the blue button that reads Sign Up Now. Here is where you will enter your business
information so that Yahoo Local can search for your listing and be sure it has not already
been claimed. Be sure to enter all fields. Next, you will need to sign in. If you have a Yahoo account, sign in using
those credentials. If you do not, it will give you the option
to create a new account, if you would like. But you also have the opportunity to login
using your Gmail account, or your Facebook account, so creating a Yahoo account is not
required. Once you have logged in, you will see your
listing page where all business info will need to be entered, being sure to include
your missing contact information. Be thorough and type in the accurate information
that you want to appear on the web when your business is searched. Review all details including the Terms of
Service and click Agree. Once you are done, click to Submit Information. Yahoo will want you to verify that this is,
in fact, your business by receiving a PIN using one of the forms of contact you have
provided on your listing. They provide you with 4 methods of receiving
this PIN. In this video, I chose the phone method for
the quickest response. As you see, I clicked to Send by Phone. The number I provided rang immediately with
a recording providing the code, which I entered and clicked to verify code. Once verified, your Listing Dashboard is created. You will now be taken to your listing dashboard
where you will notice your listing is still pending review and approval from Yahoo. You can click under the Pending status to
review their approval process and their expected time line. Unfortunately, you will not be able to make
any edits to your listing until it is approved by Yahoo. Once you have received notification that your
listing has been approved, you will want to be able to go into your dashboard and add
photos, tags or any other details you want to include. Your business listing is now available on
the Yahoo Local platform for customers to search. This concludes our tutorial on how to set
up your local business listing on Google Places. For more information about Josiesque Designs
online marketing services, please visit our website listed in the description below.

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