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By | November 19, 2019

Hello, Guys this is varun dubey from Wbcom Designs I am going to setup a demo for WOO SELL SERVICES on my local host I am going to explain you how you can use this plugin I am creating a fresh WordPress Installation I am going to install the Woo Sell Services Plugin For the customer testing When you have creat a product and You have to buy the product as the customer and you can login to the customer account and buy a service with that approch or you can use a plugin User switching plugin So, after getting a customer account So, I can switch directly as a customer from the dashboard With out logout and login as a customer I am going to create a account for the customer I am going to add a new product as a service There is a dropdown for that one there is a new option services you can pick this option after picking service option. there is new Tab requirement you can give some estimated time when your service will be done like in five days I am going to deliver your order In side the text area you can include all those questions what you are expecting from your customer like I have added text area Like please send the user login details Please send the FTP details If you need any additional question you can also add them There are couple of field type Text area, text box, dropdown, checkbox(multi selection) Radio buttons You can frame your question for the more option for question type. In our coming update we will add more options for question type In service section you have to create a product with service dropdown just revising all those thing quickly you can estimate a time frame when you are going to deliver your service you can include your questions for your customer and you can put some short description description like any regular woocommerce product you can set some images for that if you want Just added a dummy images for that one that is not mandatory you can add some catagary, you can add prices inside this section you can include prices like 10$ sales price 9$ what ever you want as per your requirements Publish When your service is publish Now it will be available for the customers like this new service something like this and you have to switch as a customer to buy these services So, I am going to all user section and the customer I am going to switch as a customer After switching as a customer on the shop page I have the product listing I can buy this product Just filling some random details Ok after the order get completed They will be sent to the Requirements page So, after the processing the order They can provide the details to the seller If they want to attach some additional file they can also do that one Just adding some detail simple password and after saving the detail that order ready for the admin or product vendor So, Order is started now you have submitted the order requirements and after that one that will be notified to the site admin or the vendor who had created the product and they will accept the request and they can also continue the conversation On the my account Page you have a service on this order service order you will have all the services listed what you have ordered and your regular order when you are going or all the order you are using on the website like as a service order or a regular order that all will listed here all the services managed by particular like there are couple of vendors Right now it is just a test name Service managed by first test vendor listed here and there are couple of more vendors who have added those products They will be also created as sub tabs and they will be listed below there So, If you want to go for a particular conversation you can go to the service order and there is a action button View you can continue the conversation there. and if you want to send some additional message there you can also sent here like Please update me when you are going to start on the order Please let me know if you need any additional detail I am just sending a conversation, so just to confirm if they need any thing extra they can let us know that message will be displayed like this with customer name I am going to switch back to vendor When I am switch back as a vendor So, I can also check here as a service detail New Services, the order is on hold The payment is not automatic thats why its not auto complete I have to go to the back end to make this as a automatic Like to confirm we have receive the payment and we can also continue on the conversation I have started on the work. I will deliver with in 5 days The time log is not mentioned there like if you want to confirm something like it will be deliver quickly before the estimated time frame Like you can say that when we have created the order We have added the 5 days estimate so it will be also display in how many days the order will be complete like today is 14 after 5 days on 19 the order will be complete So, you can also reassure the customer that will be deliver in next 5 days ok submit and if you have already done on the customer end then you can WordPress installation is done. If you want to mark it as final delivery like it is done that will be notify to the customer that your order is ready, you can check if something is not working well you can also let the customer know I am going to as a customer again from the order page continue on the conversation varun dubey has sent the final delivery If you want to accept it you can check it and if you want to accept it then accept it as a yes If you still need some improvement you can result it as a No To display you I am just rejecting it Submit So, just a reconfirmation on the order It need some final twigs You did not accept the final delivery so after one more revision customer has submited again Login as vendor to respond it again You can submit it again as a final delivery now its customer turn again to accept the order or not This time I am going to accept the order after accepting the order you can also review the services like if you want to give some star rating you can also add that We are planning to integrate with the WC vendor and other vendor specific plugin so it will have a more dedicated conversation flow with the vendor dashboard that will be more beneficial in our coming updates and after going to integrate with that one we can redirect them to the seller profile directly in our next update these ratings will also be reflected on the individual service page for the UI and display point of view these are the theme specific designs it will opt what your theme is offering it might need some CSS twigs theme specific If you have any questions Let us Know Thank You

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  1. Banana Réda Post author

    Thank you so much for this grat video , could you tell me please how i can add a searh bar bar categories like in jobboards

  2. Debenkumar Singh Naorem Post author

    Sir, you have posted a mouth watering tutorial but the link you provided has no option for downloading the plugin. Please provide me a link.

  3. Wbcom Designs Post author


  4. Camilia Scott Post author

    Sell your product, services and more,

    in your single woocommerce store.

    With one of the most important woocommerce add-on, woo sell services now you can sell your services online simply as you sell your products. A super-easy way to interact with your clients asking question sharing doc and pictures, confirming contract, payment and review what makes a whole process even easier.

    I am a blogger and a developer and for me, it is an amazing product. Now, I have a platform to sell my services, can keep track of all my orders and can manage all my services at a single place on my dashboard. Chatting feature between client and vendor is a cherry on the cake, no more long stack of mails.

  5. Mohammad Qaiser Post author

    What happens if there are multiple products ordered in one order. Does the customer gets asked the order question multiple times?


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