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Your YouTube Analytics are a secret weapon
that can help you grow your channel at warp speed, but they can also look extremely overwhelming. Which ones do you actually need to care about
in order to grow? Well, your YouTube Analytics can help you
track metrics on things like which videos are getting the most clicks and therefore
driving the most views on your channel, which videos are getting the most watch time and
therefore giving you a boost of authority inside of the algorithm, exactly where YouTube
viewers are clicking off of your video and losing interest, which videos are growing
your channel the most, where your viewers are coming from and how to attract more, and
the best time to publish your videos. I’m sharing all of these analytics and exactly
how to track them for your channel so you can start growing way faster than before in
this video. Give me a like. Hit that like button if you’re excited to
dive into this and start seeing the success on your own channel. Really important, just a quick note before
we dive into this, if you aren’t looking at your data and your analytics on YouTube, you’re
not going to grow nearly as quickly as you could if you started diving into it. Don’t say you’re not a numbers person because
I’m the queen of saying that, but even I can look at these and understand exactly what
they mean and exactly which levers to pull and what to do to make sure that I’m capitalizing
on the analytics to grow my channel a lot faster. All right. The first thing that we’re going to look at
is which of your videos are getting the most clicks and therefore driving the most views. Now, if you’re a beginner on YouTube, this
analytic is so important. Why? Well, because views and subscribers and watch
time are all great metrics. We’re going to talk about them. They’re super, super important. But if someone isn’t actually clicking on
your video, they’re not actually watching it. Therefore, you can’t get watch time, you can’t
get viewers, and you can’t get subscribers. As a new YouTuber, as a beginner on this platform,
your CTR, click through rate, is vital. Let’s dive in. As a beginner on YouTube, this is probably
the most important thing that you need to know and the most important analytic to watch
because it’s really telling you how many people are seeing your video show up and clicking
on it because you can’t really get views, you can’t get any of the other analytics until
someone actually clicks on the videos. That’s a combination of your title of your
video and your description of the video, your first couple of lines, but most importantly,
your thumbnail. You really want to pay attention to this. In order to find it, you want to go up to
the top right on your channel, click on YouTube Studio beta. We’ll go into the new studio Beta because
actually recently I’ve started to love it. I know this’ll be what we’re all using moving
forward. You would go into first and foremost videos. Once you get into YouTube Studio beta, you
go into videos, and then you go into video analytics. You’d click on one of these specific videos. Let’s say it’s How To Post YouTube Videos
To Instagram. I’d click on that. Then in the top bar here, it’s going to start
on overview, but where you want to go to is reach viewers. This is your impressions click through rate
or your CTR. This really tells you, okay, per impression
shown, so let’s say it’s 400,000, this is the percentage of people who are clicking
through to actually watch the video. The percentage on YouTube that’s standard. What YouTube says for a CTR is between two
to 10%, so you want to keep it as high as possible, close to 10% as possible or above. 4.9%, 5% is actually quite good. This is telling me that this thumbnail works,
and part of the reason that we’ve changed our thumbnail strategy recently is that we
really started to notice that this design and layout was working really well for us,
and our CTR was going up and up and up. We’re constantly testing thumbnails because
truly it is the first impression. It is the way you get people to actually watch
your content. Paying close attention to what kind of thumbnails
get the highest CTR and then making thumbnails more like that moving forward is a really
important factor, especially as a beginner on YouTube. The next analytic we’re going to look at is
watch time, which videos are getting the most watch time and therefore giving you authority
inside of the algorithm. A really important thing to understand here
is clicks used to be king on YouTube, but as the algorithm has changed, as it’s developed
and with so many new creators on YouTube, they had to figure out what was the real metric
that actually mattered. Watch time is truly king and this is the best
way to measure it. Next thing we’re going to look at is the watch
time like I mentioned. If you go to analytics in YouTube Studio beta,
which is just on the left hand side here, and you want to scroll down into your top
videos. You want to click on this and it is really
interesting to see the analytics that are weighted here because it tells you a lot about
what YouTube values. You can see it gives you impressions click
through rate, so the CTR as we just talked about, the views, the average view duration,
and the watch time of your top performing videos. Now, what’s really interesting about this
is that I have videos with less views, but they have a lot of watch time on them because
they’re a little bit longer videos. They’re outperforming videos with more views. That’s why it’s really important to understand
on YouTube, in today’s world, watch time trumps everything. Keeping people on your video, keeping people
on the platform means more to YouTube than anything else. It’s going to help you get a better ranking
in the algorithm and get more authority in the algorithm if you can keep people on your
video longer, which is why scripting and everything else is so important. I have a whole video on how to script your
videos for high retention, which we can link to. It’ll be in the description below, but that’s
why watch time is so important. If watch time is really important, one quick
little trick that you can do is when you’re looking for a topic to create a video on,
you want to basically take a look at the top performing videos, so the videos that are
showing up first, second, third, fourth, fifth. See how long they are. This first video is two minutes, 55 seconds. This one’s 14 minutes, 12 minutes, 17 minutes,
12 minutes. It’s all showing up in the bottom right here. What’s interesting here is that this video
is two minutes and 55 seconds. It’s one year old. This video is 14 minutes I believe, almost
15 minutes, and it is five months old, but this video is gaining traction on this top
performing video and soon will be outranking it. Why? Because it’s longer and it’s accumulating
more watch time on the platform. I’m not saying you need to make an hour long
video every time you make a video, but there is something to be said for creating media
content, meaning that it is value packed and it is as long as it needs to be to give the
points that you need to give and to provide the information, the entertainment, the inspiration
that people are looking for from that video. That’s why a really quick trick is to go and
look at the topic you want to cover, look at the top five ranking videos, see how long
they are, watch them all. I do this with all my videos. Watch them all and be like, okay, how can
I make it better? How can I make it a tab longer so I can accumulate
watch time faster so then I can outrank the top performing videos? Because you can see that this video is going
to basically rack up watch time over four times faster than this video will because
this is three minutes. This video is close to 15 minutes. Basically if someone watches this entire video,
it’s 4X-ing the amount of watch time that this video is ever going to get with one view,
if that makes sense. Longer videos are not a bad thing as long
as they’re not just fluff and filler, and you make sure that they’re still value packed
and that they’re efficient and that they’re packed with great content. This next analytic is so important to figuring
out how to structure your content better so you can just keep improving with every single
video. This is all about learning where are people
clicking off of your video? Where are they losing interest? Is there a common theme that comes up as to
why or where they’re losing interest? Figure out how to find this out. The next analytic to pay attention to is retention,
so where are people clicking off of your individual videos? This tells you a lot about your content and
how you can continuously improve it. You want to basically go to analytics again
and then you want to click on interest viewers in the top bar here. Again, it’s going to show you things like
watch time, top videos by end screen, which is also really important to notice. This tells you a lot about your behavior and
the way you’re formatting your content. End screen elements that are top performing
and what you should include more of, top playlists, top cards. But what we really want to pay attention to
is let’s say it’s something like watch time. Let’s click on this video and you want to
click on the individual videos. You can also do this by clicking on video
on the left hand side in YouTube Studio beta. But in this case, I’m just going to go here. What I want to do is once you click on the
video, it’s going to give you your audio audience retention. You want to click on this and it will tell
you basically exactly where in the videos you’re seeing drop-off and what the graph
looks like. This is actually fairly standard as far as
the graph goes for a video on YouTube because you’re seeing that it’s pretty steady throughout. Like yes, there’s drop-off, but it’s pretty
stead. Then you see right here is where I actually
tell people where to go and I give them a call to action, and this is when you see a
more dramatic drop-off. You also are pretty much always going to see
a dramatic drop-off right at the beginning. It’s just human nature. If someone’s watching on their phone or they’re
busy and they’re kind of watching while doing other things, they just drop off or click
on something else. But if you can keep it fairly steady throughout,
then you’re doing a great job. I always say anything above 40% is actually
quite good for watch time, but obviously the higher the better. In this case it’s 46%. The other interesting things to note here
is where where it’s peaking on the graph is actually where people have gone back and rewatched
a part of the video. What you can do is you can click on this exact
part and up here it’s going to show you exactly what you said or what you did in this part. What this does is it tells you, okay, maybe
that’s a concept that I can do a whole other video on, so it can inform your content moving
forward. But more than anything, you just want to pay
attention to where the dramatic drop-offs are, if there are any, and use that to your
advantage when you’re formulating your content. Do you need to make your outro a little less
obvious so people aren’t clicking off as soon as you say goodbye or just tighten it up. Make your intro a little bit shorter. Was there something you said right in the
middle where you saw a huge dip? What did you say and maybe don’t say that
moving forward. This retention graph is really important to
formulating amazing content on YouTube and using your videos to help you create better
content with each video moving forward. That’s how you read the audience retention
graph. Next analytic is which videos are actually
growing your channel the most. Did you know that you can see which videos
are getting subscribers and also which videos are losing subscribers on your channel? Okay. Let’s get into it. To figure out which videos are growing your
channel the fastest, the easiest way to do this is to figure out what your most popular
content is because it’s continuously getting views and therefore reaching more people and
bringing them to your channel. The best thing to do is just go to your channel
and go to videos and click on sort by, and you want to click by most popular. You can see what your most popular videos
are because these are videos that if you make more of these, you know you’re going to reach
an even bigger audience because you’re already dominating for these keywords and these topics
inside the algorithm. This is super easy to do. The other thing you can do is go to competitor
channels, which I’ve talked about in the past. Go to their channels, do the same thing. Go to their videos tab right here and click
on most popular and you’ll see which videos are killing it with their audiences. They have a similar audience to you. You know that if you make content on a similar
topic, your audience is going to be interested as well, and you’re also going to reach an
audience that would be interested in that topic. That’s a really easy way to grow your channel
a little bit faster is by capitalizing on content. I always talk about this, capitalize on content
that is working. The other thing you can do here to figure
out what’s growing your channel the fastest is in YouTube Studio beta, when you go here,
the really interesting thing is this little scorecard that it has now, it’ll tell you
with each new video how it’s doing. This video I knew was not going to perform
extremely well on my channel just because it’s different kinds of content. As you guys know, on Fridays we’re doing videos
that are different and we’re experimenting, and so this video did not perform as well. When you actually go to the video analytics,
here’s what’s really cool about this. This is like a velocity chart, and I talk
a lot about velocity. It’s how many views you get in the first 24
hours, the first week, the first month. It’ll tell you in this little gray zone right
here, it’s the average performance for your channel. This is what we should be seeing for each
video moving forward based on past performance of videos. This video is in the blue line here and it’s
performing under average. But if I look at this video, which is if you
can also find these individual analytics by going to videos in the analytics tab and then
clicking on an individual video. Let’s say it’s this video, which is Instagram
Story Hacks for 2019. You can see that this one’s actually performing
above average. The gray zone is average. This is performing well above average as far
as velocity and the amount of views that it’s got gotten since I published it on July 2nd. The other cool thing to look at here is this
will tell you which videos are growing your channel. This one got a surplus of 404 subscribers
to subscribe to my channel after people watched this video. Now, this video minus 53, so 53 people unsubscribed. I’m cool with it. I know this is going to happen as we experiment
with content on the channel and that’s what this is all about, so we can show you guys
what’s happening with these different types of content and how it’s affecting my channel. This is a really, really valuable analytic
to take a look at on a regular basis to see which videos are getting the most velocity,
the most views, and which ones are growing your subscriber base the fastest. Because if they are, you want to make more
content like that. Do you even know where your viewers are coming
from? That’s next. Really important to understand two things,
traffic sources and also your demographics. Where in the world are people watching from
because that could inform a lot of the decisions that you make on your channel and also when
is the best time to actually publish your video so you get max engagement, velocity
and views. If you want more information like this, you
can definitely check out bossyoutubestrategy.com. It is our free masterclass on 100X-ing your
subscriber base and doubling your revenue with YouTube in the next year. Make sure you check that out at the link below. But let’s dive into this really, really important
analytic, which is where are your viewers even coming from? Because once you can figure that out, you
can actually attract more of them. What you want to do is go into your analytics,
again, in YouTube Studio beta and you want to go into reach viewers. When I say where your viewer is coming from,
this is really a two part thing. The first part is you want to look at traffic
source types. Where are they coming from for the most part
when it comes to traffic sources. I’m very well aware that YouTube search and
suggested are always going to be the top options, but it’s cool to see browse features as well
because that means that YouTube is basically showing my content on the home scree. Then obviously also if you’re a subscriber,
you’re seeing it on your home page as well. Then there’s external traffic sources, so
this means when I’m doing my distribution for my videos, which is so important, which
of those platforms is actually giving me the most traffic on YouTube. Facebook, YouTube, SunnyLenarduzzi.com, which
is actually meaning that when I send out an email blast, I’m getting a lot of traffic
from that email blast to my YouTube videos. This is telling you, okay, if these things
are giving you the most traffic from external sources, you want to double down on them. You want to basically see the breakdown and
be like, okay, where is most of my channel traffic coming from, or even for specific
videos, which is something you can do, and basically take that information and go, okay,
I need to send out more traffic from Instagram let’s say or Twitter. This is a really cool thing to see because
then you can see where your viewers are actually coming to your channel and watching your videos. Now the other thing here is, I’ve talked about
this in other videos, but it’s really important to note that this option for your traffic
source is on YouTube. Where are they coming from and how can you
use this to your advantage? If they are coming from let’s say suggested
videos, which suggested videos or driving them there. Because if you can figure that out, then you
can make more content like that on your channel because it’s already bringing in viewers and
viewers are already subscribing to your channel because of it. Just double down there. Instagram Story Hacks for Creators, that’s
another video, so I’m getting suggested traffic to my video from this channel. A lot of these are going to be my own videos,
which is great. How to Get 10K Instagram Followers, this is
from somebody else. I’m getting suggested traffic. I don’t have a video on how to get 10K Instagram
followers. That’s a good topic for me. It’s a great way to like do your content research
as well by looking at this analytic in your channel. Then for YouTube search, this is really, really
vital because it tells you how people are landing on your channel and it gives you content
ideas. How to make a YouTube video? I just recently made a video on this topic
because I realized it’s one of the most top searched terms when people actually discover
me and find my channel, so I better make a video on it so I can capture that traffic. This is a really great way to find new video
content to create for your channel. You can see that a lot of people are coming
to my channel for the things that I make videos on because I’m constantly paying attention
to this personal branding, making YouTube videos, Instagram story hacks, specific type
of camera. These are just good to know. Now the other thing you can look at is you
can actually see video analytics specifically. The other tab that you want to go to is this
one that we just showed you is under reach viewers. If you go to reach viewers, you’re going to
see these traffic sources, which is really important. The other thing you want to pay attention
to is clicking on build an audience. You can do this under this tab as well. You can go to build an audience, and this
is for your overall channel, and it’s telling you where people are actually watching in
the world and what gender they are and also the age ranges that are most popular. You can do this for specific videos. All these analytics I just discussed, you
can do them for specific videos as well, which is really important to see. Let’s take a look at this specific video. You can see the breakdown of the countries
and everything, but what’s really cool for your channels, if you’re trying to figure
out when to actually post your content, I do think that you kind of inform that decision. You create an effect by posting the same time
every week, which is what we do, but it is good to know where people are watching from
so that you can cater to those time zones if you can, especially as a newer channel. You can see here United States is one of my
top traffic sources or geographies. Geographic regions that’s looking at the channel. Then if I break it down by clicking on it
to actual cities, it’ll tell me which time zones most of my viewers are coming from,
which again is a very good thing to know when you’re making content. Because if you’re posting at like 1:00 AM
and your audience is up at a different time and they’re sleeping at that time when you’re
posting, you’re not going to see the same type of velocity and therefore you’re not
going to get as many views in the long run. That’s all the analytics that you want to
take a look out as far as where your viewers are coming from and how you can capture more
of them and grow your channel even faster. If you really want to dive into this and get
serious about YouTube and turning it into a real profitable business for you, make sure
that you register for our Boss YouTube Strategy Masterclass. It’s a free one hour training. You check it out at the link below to register. I want to say a big thanks to our comment
of the week. I check out all your comments. I really appreciate it, and you guys give
me the best content ideas. Keep them coming because I use them to create
videos just like this actually. Thank you so much. If you enjoyed this video, you know what to
do. Take a screenshot, share it out on your Insta
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it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe for new videos every single Tuesday and Friday. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see
you in the next video.


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