Will Sod Grow in Shade – Houston Grass South – Missouri City Katy

By | September 15, 2019

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Will sod grow in shade or up next to a house? The answer is that, it depends on the type
of sod were talking about and how much shade. The absolute minimum amount of sunlight that
any grass can tolerate is four hours and that includes the Palmettos and the Zoysia and
maybe the Floratam St. Augustine. They tolerate a little bit less sunlight than say the Bermuda
grasses. The Bermuda grasses take 100% sunlight meaning they can not take any shade at all.
If there are tall trees or too many two-story houses or fences around an area, they will
eventually thin out and turn to dirt over time. The others that we mentioned, the Zoysias
and the Palmetto St. Augustine, Floratam Augustine, they do tolerate a little bit more shade,
and if you can get that minimum amount of sunlight, that four hours of direct sunlight
and the filtered sunlight throughout the day, then those would stand little bit better chance.}

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