Why Youtubers Fail – The Top Mistake (Surprising)

By | September 3, 2019

The number one reason channels don’t take
off on YouTube is not ideas even though a lot of people are obsessed with being
original and trying to find the perfect idea
the thing that fails most channels is follow-through and execution have you
ever heard of magicapp they were on way before uber though they failed and
nobody knows even that name that brand is dead say maybe a bad execution and
have you ever heard of blockbuster they went out of business years ago they had
an idea to stream movies right into your living room through the internet sounds
familiar that’s exactly what Netflix does the difference the logistics and
execution so I think a lot of creators focus on being original and finding
original ideas over executing and following through execution means that
you’re dialing your video the video quality should be reasonable the sound
should be reasonable it should look at least somewhat professional and the
follow through is the fact that you have to do it consistently you can’t post a
video every month and a half and just hope to go viral
if you post videos regularly and you make sure that your content is dialed
and that is way more critical and important in the growth of your channel
than having an original idea let me tell you a little secret everything on
YouTube has been done at least once sometimes even plus everything has been
done this once sometimes even twice sometimes more so
being 100% original is not necessarily a realistic expectation I think the focus
man the energy should go into trying to find a consistent schedule for you to
post and to have a consistency in the way you make your videos which means you
have to focus on making great content that your audience will enjoy even
though it’s something that has been done before Philip DeFranco has millions of
subscribers any reports the news it is basically literally fine on Google
yourself and YouTube is full of these examples every time something Kranti
happens on YouTube there’s thousands literally thousands of tens of thousands
of videos talking about the same thing yet some do well and some do not as well
the only difference is execution and follow – as long as you stay consistent
and you keep your video quality up there as much as you can it is way more
important than just trying to find the original topics to make videos on I hope
you enjoy this video and I hope you learned something new if you did hit
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18 thoughts on “Why Youtubers Fail – The Top Mistake (Surprising)

  1. Tom Nash Post author

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  2. Check it Media Post author

    Tom i agree with you very important what you are saying people listen to this man. (the audio is a bit soft, using a lavalier mic?) like the kitchen background.

  3. Germaingazm Post author

    Congrats Tom you just beat me to 1k! 😛
    Great video as always, professional as 👌

  4. Mack Mate . Com Post author

    Great advice tom on something that’s overlooked by people on YouTube

  5. Rayyan Best Vlogs Post author

    You are now one of my favourite YouTubers

  6. Someday I'll Sleep Autism Vlogs Post author

    Great advice. And I had no idea blockbuster tried to do streaming. I remember when we used to be in their stores at least once a week in college and now…

    And I love the different backgrounds you’ve been trying out. I’m brainstorming ideas for my sit down background. I’ve got it uncluttered (I’m the beginning I was always battling laundry). Now I need to make it a little less boring.

  7. Needs More Subs Post author

    Woah. Very cool background there Tom Nash.

  8. Be creative with Naomi Post author

    Tom this is one of your greatest video 🏆🏆🏆🏆

  9. Gnp Animations Post author

    Thank u for your valuable information on YouTube


    Tom give me some time? I'M 100% original, acknowledge expert, realistic, consistent, dialed in , focus, following through, execution my goals, my planis to shut down all the camera in the of florida soon!

  11. Termi Post author

    Consistency is my problem!
    Need more consistency, like you mentioned previously about the TV shows, I'm one that publishes when ever sadly….

  12. Driving Me Crazy Post author

    The only, only thing I would add to boost this concept is to think about the "remix" strategy which says simply what you said, everything has already been done. While you think about how to best execute on quality and delivery, think about how you can elevate or innovate that thing that's already been done, put your twist or your stamp on it to stand out 🙂

  13. X9❱ CHOCOchip Post author

    Nice video there are some corrections even I should do so thanks for making this video


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