Why this deep sea fish has scientists stumped 🤔 – BBC

By | January 26, 2020

It’s a deep-sea dragon fish. The red spot
just below the eye is a photo for a light emitting organ. Even Robeson has
never seen it in action before. The deep sea dragon is only 10 centimeters in
length but Robeson is keen to find out how its light producing organ works. To
seed the photo for in action they’ll need some highly specialized equipment. The red light emitted by the photo 4 is
too weak to register on an ordinary camera but the team has developed one
that is 600 times more sensitive. Tested outside on a clear night it produces an
astonishingly sharp image of the stars so it should be able to detect the light
produced by bioluminescent animals. The team have set up a filming tank in a
dark room with water that’s kept at the same temperature as the deep ocean. With
any luck the dragon fish should behave relatively naturally in these conditions. Under normal lights the fascinating
creature lives up to its name it looks truly fearsome and the two
photophores are clearly visible under each eye but in the dark
the photophores light up. They glow in unison one red and the other blue and
then a surprise. This is something that no one has ever
seen before. “That’s unexpected and it’s interesting.” It’s a spectacular
display but what is its function? It could be to frighten off a predator but
no one knows. We may not find the answer for many years yet.

100 thoughts on “Why this deep sea fish has scientists stumped 🤔 – BBC

  1. law35penn Post author

    10cm of terror. Looks like it can go theough your blood stream. 😱

  2. dev pew Post author

    we all know dinosuars reduced in size into turtle or crocodile…… imagin how this fish would be look like in dinosuars age!!

  3. JUST ANOTHER DAY Post author

    The actual fish might be 10m long. They lied so as to not scare you, and made edited footage.

  4. Simon Tran Post author

    The ocean is so amazing and musterious. We have fishes that can go super saiyan blue.. i wonder what we'll discover next

  5. Ping Juaneza Post author

    So did this thing evolve from fireflies too? As whales evolved from dogs that got used to swimming eventually grew gills and flippers and a tail.

  6. ashish pokhariyal Post author

    Nature has made creatures beyond humans expectation s

  7. Nathan Farringer Post author

    We have these at the Toledo Zoo in Toledo Ohio. An entire blacked out room and the walls are the tanks.

  8. Patric J Post author

    Despite this scientists remain deniers of an intelligent design, which this is another example of. And an intelligent design requires an intelligent designer. That is not even a theory but a fact.
    Time to once and for all bring Darwin to history's garbage basket!

  9. Christian Franco Post author

    They needed to play some death metal for this one

  10. mizzow1 Post author

    It just pisses me off, when watching these videos stupid adverts appear?
    Shit video, totally wasted by adverts!!!!

  11. NollyHomeOf laughterz Post author

    It looks sweet and beautiful, but who named it a dragon fish?

  12. Charles Hocker Post author

    It looks like the beginning form of the creature from "Dream Catcher."

  13. Rom Bernardo Post author

    I thought fish like this would explode when brought to surface.

  14. chris dias Post author

    This looks like the alien that comes out of someone's chest from the alien movies.

  15. Abhilash Kr Post author

    That fish looks like a torpedo from 90s cartoons.

  16. SHADOW SOS Post author

    What if the light is for attracting pray that can only be seen by surtant fish its size

  17. oozyVsak47 ll Post author

    That fish has a mean look.. I believe there are millions of its kind deep down there and they hunt in packs.

  18. Ya boi Post author

    It has the face of what I drew as a scary monster face as a kid

  19. The sponge Girl Post author

    The BBC using emojis creeps me out a little 🤷‍♀️😂

  20. J M Post author

    This fish has more RGB than my PC. I need to step it up for sure.

  21. Sovereign Media Post author

    I need that camera for my low light scenes 💯😂😂

  22. F B I Post author

    So how does it taste when fried?

    That's what i'm curious about

  23. leonard harris Post author

    Marine biology. Words i said or written a handful of times in my life. So why i click idunno

  24. Losothedon 732 Post author

    Just so everyone has this clear in their minds, humans know more about space than they do about the ocean….. let that sink in

  25. victrola2007 Post author

    Cutie patootie. In his mind, he's 200 meters long and a fishie form of "Venom". Adorbs! (For any BTS Armys, it's a fishy form of Suga/Yoongi). Baby Shark has competition.

  26. STUDIO LIVE Post author

    “Or (the unbelievers’ state) is like the darkness in a deep sea.  It is covered by waves, above which are waves, above which are clouds.  Darknesses, one above another.  If a man stretches out his hand, he cannot see it….” (Quran @)

  27. deadkiddo Post author

    That thing doesnt even look real it looks like cgi bruh tf is that thing

  28. OfficialMusicD2 Post author

    they should take some to the surface see how they look in the light and etc

  29. Lee S Post author

    I'm pretty sure the fish does this for a specific purpose. Scientifically speaking it is Probably something like mating, aka festival related EDC type activities.

  30. only Jesus saves us Post author

    Evolution vs creation movie

  31. SEPT112001 Post author

    I imagine it is lighting up because it's alone and when they find themselves alone in the ocean they light themselves up this way to find more of their own species. Just like how birds call to each other to let each other know they are around

  32. TheIceCubes Post author

    Maybe it was calling for its mate which is actually like 100x times the size of it and now its mate is gonna be looking for him forever

  33. elian lj Post author

    y’all gonna wake godzilla with that shit. put it back into the ocean. that’s a distress call

  34. Galaxy Shim Post author

    It looks sad…. Oh wait nope 😂 I thought the red part is the eye and the green part os the eyelid. I should set my brightness high enough to see clearly hahaha

  35. 5G will kill us unless we dont stop it Post author

    This fish will devour your soul.

  36. Dan Koning Post author

    2:12 – "this is something that no one has ever seen before" – its creator/designer has. "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood *through what has been made, so that they are without excuse" [Romans 1 v20] Its truly sad that mankind willfully rejects the obvious; especially with all of todays advancements in technology which point to what scientists even call I.D. – "Intelligent Design"…smh

  37. Good Lasagna Post author

    Just want to make sure
    That sea already been discoverd 5%, so 95% hasn't been discovered yet

  38. 404 Post author

    and people say this fish learned to produce the light over the years of evolution when human needs super microscope to study this light up mechanism

  39. Sonic popsicle Post author

    How do they have it alive in a cup deep sea fish need pressure to survive

  40. adam daher Post author

    Maybe it uses that flash of light as a way of communication with it’s kind. Possibly a way to attract mates?

  41. Pimpin Aint Dead Post author

    The music makes me feel like I'm strolling through a magical forest with a frumpy troll or something

  42. Bhavika Sicka Post author

    Why does its head looks like it's been fixed/held in place? I hope it's not being troubled for this experiment. 🙁

  43. Bethany K Post author

    If I saw this in my nightmare, I don't think I'd ever wake up…😮


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