Why start an SEO company in Jackson, TN? – My SEO Strategy

By | November 18, 2019

Nathan, why don’t you tell me a little bit
about why you decided to start an SEO company in Jackson, TN of all places? Sure. So I think there are at least three reasons
why I decided to start this SEO business in Jackson, TN. The first reason is for the need. So, Jackson is located in between two really
big cities: Memphis and Nashville. Both of those places have a plethora of different
SEO solutions available. But in Jackson, we don’t have very many places
that actually do SEO very well. Now we do have some marketing agencies here
in Jackson that provide SEO as another one of their capabilities. But I think, since we narrow our scope down
to just doing SEO, that we can do a better job at a lower price by focusing solely on
this particular category. The second reason for developing this business
here in Jackson is because of the small business population here in Jackson. I think that small businesses have the most
to gain from developing their SEO strategy. And so my hope is, by using this business
to help out these businesses here in Jackson, TN, we might really be able to help out all
these small businesses. The third reason is simply because I live
here in Jackson, TN. I went to Union University. I go to a wonderful church here in Jackson:
Cornerstone. And this just where we live, this is where
we are raising our kids. And so, I think these three reasons are the
reasons why we started this business here in Jackson. Great, and I think they are very good reasons. Thank you.

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