Why Squarespace Still Sucks for SEO in 2019 (What to use instead)

By | August 13, 2019

– Hey guys, how’s it going? This is Tim Brown, and today I’m going to
be roasting Squarespace because of its terrible SEO. Now I’m going to start with a story. There’s a SEO expert in our
industry called Rand Fishkin, and he works for Moz.com, or he was the founder of Moz.com, he’s kind of moved onto some other things, but in 2014, he was talking about Squarespace, and he went against everything he had previously said about Squarespace, and he said, “Squarespace is excellent for SEO, “they’ve made a lot of strides.” but first of all, he was consulting for them, so it’s a little suspect. And in 2016, he went against what he said, maybe he was a little embarrassed, and said that Squarespace
had gone backwards with SEO. His big problems with Squarespace’s SEO, we want you to get ranked
and get higher on Google so we’re going to give it you straight. First of all, there’s quite
a few terrible problems with headlines being the
same as the meta description. So you enter a meta description, which is something that should be specific for Google search results page, and it’s used as a headline
within the template. That’s pretty egregious to
be honest in our industry. Secondly, there’s no H1’s on some pages. H1’s is the most important tag for SEO besides the meta title and description, and it’s missing completely
on some templates. Card and poster blocks have headlines but are actually just
coded up as paragraph tags, which ultimately means
that Google can’t decipher the importance of that text. There’s problems with
their schema markups. Schema is getting bigger
and bigger in our industry, and schema should call out the author tags on a particular blog post, but it doesn’t. There’s captions as alt text, and there’s no clarity on where to enter your alt text in some cases. They just fixed this problem, but there’s a trailing slash problem, where these pages are
getting indexed twice and causes all kinds of problems if you’re using like Screaming Frog, or all kinds of indexing problems. The long story short, Squarespace is always behind
because it’s not open source. So in WordPress, you’ve
got tons of people, thousands and thousands
of people creating tools and making sure that they’re
on point with their SEO, and it’s getting better
and better all the time. Squarespace is always behind, maybe even half of the way. So why not take every advantage possible when getting your website made? So don’t cut corners just because a Squarespace
website is cheap. If you’re gonna go down in search results and disappear because you’re
on a Squarespace site, it’s incredibly important
that you make sure that you’re do everything intentionally. And there are some things that you can do and that matter the most, so as a caveat, I’m going to
quickly say what those are. If you’re on a Squarespace website, you need to have 500 to 700 words on each of your key service pages. You need to make sure your
meta titles and descriptions are filled out. Preferably with competitive
analysis and keyword research. Number three, you can use the code
injection tool on Squarespace to insert this little tag,on thin and duplicate pages. Now that’s hard to scale, because you have to do it per page, so that’s another problem
with Squarespace’s SEO, but you can do it per page and you should, for thin and duplicate content. And then lastly, the most important thing is to create comprehensive
content on a regular basis. So occasionally you will see
a Squarespace site ranking and that’s why there’s a lot
of disinformation out there, by people who’ve either
built on Squarespace and they sell it to their clients, so they’re apologists for it. And secondly people that just
do have comprehensive content going out on a regular basis, and do decently on Squarespace. You would just do better on WordPress or an open source platform that has people building out SEO tools and making sure that the markup is correct on a regular basis. So that’s it. And I’m excited to see
some people roasting me in the comments about
how Squarespace is better and they sell Squarespace websites, so go for it. And have a great week, make sure you get the most
optimized type of website that you possible can, because Google search
is extremely important for your company’s long-term health.

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