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By | August 11, 2019

What’s up, everybody Tom here with easy web 101 bringing you a video with just a little bit of advice today on marketing You can tell by the title. I’m gonna be ripping on SEO just a little bit Some people are probably gonna come after me me with pitchforks about this video but bear with me and listen to the whole story and why I think that SEO may be a waste of time for some people and a waste of money and I think you’ll Understand why this is something that I want to talk about and something that I feel is pretty important to get out there Just so that clients know and you know, they can they can really invest their money wisely. So one of the things that I get a lot when customers come to me clients and… Just so you know easy web 101. We don’t do any marketing Services at this time Maybe in the future, but right now it’s not something that we can devote the time to to do well. So we usually just refer it out to a couple of business partners that we have to do really good jobs on it But that said I do know quite a bit about marketing. I just don’t do it. but… Anyway, so I always get clients and customers and just people, friends, all that kind of stuff. They ask me for advice about How they should market their business how they can get more traffic to the website And and the number one question is always not so much. How can I market it? It’s how do I get to the number one page on Google I need to be higher up on Google it’s all about Google right!… and… The answer is no, no it’s not sometimes it’s about Google but Google and search engine optimization Isn’t always the right avenue for every person as far as marketing. Some businesses just don’t do well on Google and there’s other And there is other avenues as far as marketing that they could pursue that would get them a much better return on their investment overall And may require a lot less cost and investment upfront overall, so let me give you just an example situation of one of my friends that I was talking to a while ago and her situation and what we found. so Her situation was that she makes arts and crafts and she sells them on Etsy. She does little knitting stuff makes things out of Yarn, you know knitting And you know, she came to me and she goes well, you know I want to get my own website going I’ve had this website for a year and I have made like maybe a couple a handful of sales off of it But I’ve been selling like crazy on Etsy I just want to get my own website going because you know, I don’t want to pay the fees and stuff to Etsy I’d rather sell directly and keep more of my profit which makes sense. Wouldn’t everybody always sell directly and keep your profit So she goes, you know so I want to get to the number one page on Google and I need some help with how to do that and so we sat down we started looking at it and And started kind of doing the math and analyzing it and you know really working out what it was gonna cost what her competition is that kind of thing and when you really sat down and looked at It it was like, okay well You know probably the keywords that you might be able to find clients in or stuff like arts and crafts and knitting and you know knitted crafts and that kind of stuff, but the problem is is That on Google there’s so many things that rank so far ahead of her for for those kind of keywords That it just isn’t feasible I mean, you’ve got all the major arts and crafts stores like Joanne’s and Michaels and all that kind of stuff They’re already ranked ahead of her. You’ve got all the you know stuff on Etsy that’s gonna come up. Anyway, you got people that Blogs and stuff that have been around forever, you know, maybe like Better Homes and garden or something You know what? I mean? There’s there’s so much stuff. That’s so far ahead of her the amount of work. That would have to be done would It would just be crazy, well you I mean, I don’t know anybody that does SEO for less than $300 a month and in that $300 a month number is for like five hours of work a month if you have a business That’s super easy to market Like maybe you’re you know the only locksmith in the middle of some town of you know a Thousand people in the middle of Alaska or something You may not need a whole lot of SEO work for that but the majority of people are gonna need a lot more than that and The average I think that I see is usually more like six hundred to a thousand dollars a month for a little bit bigger business a thousand a two thousand, but when we were looking at her competition it was like look you’re you’re probably gonna end up spending about two grand a month on this and We talked about what her profits were at that time. She was making about a thousand dollars a month selling on Etsy Not you know anything amazing enough to quit your own job, but that’s a reasonable profit on Etsy. And so it was like wool do you really want to take all of your profit and then add probably another thousand dollars on top of it and Try to throw it into something that that realistically to rank Number one on Google you’re gonna be spending at least three to six months working on it. So take all your profit Double that and you’re gonna have to invest that additional money as well Throw it at Google for three to six months and cross your fingers and hope that you get some more business But when you’re a business like hers it’s not likely just because of your competition So we started talking about the other avenues that she could be exploring and that she hadn’t yet So I you know, I kind of asked her I said what have you done as far as marketing? You know, how have you marketed the website and she goes mm? I haven’t really I mean I put a link on Etsy or you know, sometimes I was like well I Don’t think that’s gonna help you. So we started talking about You know what other stuff could she be doing because if you’re not marketing at all then It’s probably not so much a problem that you’re not on the first page of Google. The problem is that you’re not marketing at all so you know, we talked about a simple thing like Do you happen to keep track of your clients emails or your customers email so that you can re email them? you know when you have Specials or you have new product sales that kind of stuff Chico’s well know. It’s like wall I mean, do you get their emails? Usually she’s like well, yeah, it’s like, okay Well, why don’t you start there, you know, start start collecting an email list get all these people that are subscribed These are people that already have bought your products. They already like your product. They’re already happy with it So they know They know you they’re more likely to buy from you again if they’ve bought from you the first time so there’s no reason not to be keeping these emails and trying to reach out to these customers and seeing if Essentially they want to purchase again. And that’s something that you can do for pretty much free I mean you might spend a little bit of money investing in a Email marketing software like MailChimp or Constant Contact? but most of those You can get a free starter plan. And if you’re you know list grows a little bit. I mean at the most you’re talking maybe 50 bucks a month most the time. It’s more like 20 10 somewhere in that area It’s not a lot of money to get email marketing software and that’s probably gonna get you a very good return on your investment Especially because she can start driving traffic to the website instead and say hey, you know I have this new product. You can go directly to my website and buy it. So We talked about that and then we also talked about You know what she was doing Like what are you doing as far as social media and it’s just well I post a picture on Facebook every once in a while. It’s like well You’re missing a huge mark there, too You know for for arts and crafts for her particular business like Instagram Instagram is huge for that one. I mean Instagram is all pictures. Anyways, so if you’re just every time you make something new snap a quick picture post it up on Instagram start working on getting likes and follows and then eventually you’re gonna grow into where You know, you’ve got maybe 300 followers and you post this picture and and the same the same Principle applies for Facebook or wherever you’re at You know You post these things and then maybe 10 of your friends share it and then out of Their 10 friends each of their tens and friends shared it now You’ve got like over a hundred people that have shared it and then out of those People, you know, maybe another 10 on each one of those sets of friends share it now You’ve got like a thousand people. It’s just this huge snowball effect I mean what better marketing could there be than people? Essentially sharing your product that they like I said They already know that they like it they’re sharing it with their friends and saying hey, this is cool stuff we like this you now have that social proof and You know that kind of word-of-mouth reference that your product is good and it costs you nothing to do it so You know Why would you want to spend that that’s my point once we started going over? Some of the things that could be done and how simple some of them were to do now marketing isn’t simple in every case but in this case, you know, there was some really really easy free things that she could do and When you look at it you go Why would you spend $2,000 a month when you haven’t even done the basics yet? Start with the basics start for free see how it works out if it works for your business great you can stick with that, but you Know don’t don’t go all-in and think that that Google is the only answer to marketing because it’s not now I’m not saying that Google is bad Definitely not there are some businesses that Google. Yes. Google is the only way to go You’re gonna get all your money on Google you will get a huge return invest return on your investment and you should make that investment But don’t just assume that that is the answer for your business So this is where I suggest that everybody talked to If you’re not sure about it, if you don’t have a lot of experience with marketing If the Internet’s kind of a little bit mysterious to you definitely talk to a good marketer before you make any decisions and And when I say good marketer, I mean don’t don’t talk to that guy. That’s like oh, yeah a search engine optimization That’s where it’s at definitely definitely definitely three grand a month get me there and or give me the money and I’m gonna you know, I’m gonna have quadruple quintuple Whatever your business that’s the guy that’s just like Fast Pitch hard sale wants to take your money and go That is not the answer. You do not want that guy what you want is you want to look for somebody that sits down with you comes up with a complex marketing plan and strategy talks about the different avenues What’s best for your business why it’s best Make sure that they’re exploring everything So make sure they’re talking about like I said email marketing and social media and the Google as well but you know and and any of the other venues that are out there, there’s so many and it just depends on your business as far as What it might be I mean it could be You know, it’s best for you to sell your product on Amazon or Ebay or something like that And maybe that’s a good marketing strategy, but talk to somebody that sets out that kind of strategy for you that you know asks questions about your business Cares about it is willing to invest the time with you to make sure that you’re getting a return on your investment So that’s that’s kind of That’s kind of the endpoint that’s that’s really what I was getting at This whole video is if you’re gonna get into marketing, that’s my advice Make sure that you’re talking to somebody who is good at it And if you’re gonna do it yourself use your free resources first There’s a lot of great videos if you like and subscribe to this channel as well as our Facebook we post tons of articles on how to market how to do social media how to Do email marketing campaigns how to do everything? I mean you can really do it all yourself if you’re willing to invest the time and learn it So, you know If you follow us you can get all of that information also do the Reese and we’ll post more videos on it But that’s what I would suggest Start with whatever you can first. If you have the budget for it, go find a good marketer that can give you some good advice And then if you if you need any advice, like I said, we don’t do marketing But I am absolutely happy to answer any questions and try to point you in the right direction so if there’s something that I can do feel free to reach out to me Thomas at easy web 101.com Is my email you can also message us on Facebook or comment in the video? or Wherever the contact form on the web there’s so many places. You can reach me, but feel free to reach out to me I’ll be happy to help any way that I can So I hope this video gives you some direction on your marketing and some ideas and makes you think a little bit differently and I wish you success with your marketing in your business. Thank you for watching

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  1. Biz-Grow Post author

    Great Video!!! I've just made a similar video few days ago that speaks primarily about plugins and WP Maintenance and also touches on SEO aspect. Things are just not the same anymore. Google has really become a saturated platform! When it was forming years ago SEO could be done with amazing ROI and millions were made. Now those millions are re-invested to keep those high ranking positions.

  2. dabigisland1 Post author

    Great video Honest answers. Thanks I subscribed


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