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By | August 28, 2019

Bye expensive options like a href Where it’s more expensive than the average tool if you go over to 8h reps and if you go to subscription plan I’m currently paying. I don’t even see it here. Let’s go to change plan with the H reps I’m currently paying one hundred and seventy nine dollars per month and the agency plan and the advance plan is so expensive This one’s 399 per month. So I think this is one of the biggest reasons people don’t do professional SEO is because the tools are so damn expensive If you go over to majestic and you go to plans and pricing you’ll also see that their pricing is not a joke either first $99 per month, which actually isn’t too bad. You can get basically they’re they’re their tool here Okay SEMRush, same thing very expensive product If you go to prices you can actually check right here and see their prices business is 399 per month, which is extremely expensive Okay. So Moz one last tool very expensive if you go over to Moz Pro and you go over to Let’s go to link it learn more about miles Pro If you click here, you’ll actually find that their prices aren’t on the homepage But once you start your through their trial and you go through the whole process You’ll discover that miles is about one hundred ninety nine dollars per month as well. So with all of these expensive tools doing SEO it can quickly become a budget kill for you and It kind of discourages some people to do the SEO so in this video I’m gonna explain to you why you shouldn’t worry about this and in the next few weeks months you maybe even the next month You’re gonna be able to get all of these tools for free So Neil Patel recently published a blog called my new SEO strategy blog less spend more on technology now. Mr. Neil Patel II Acquired ubersuggest which is a keyword tool if you click on uber suggest right here. This is already a free option of sem rush that you can use but basically this is a keyword tool that allows you to basically put in a phrase and Neil Patel is giving this tool away to everybody for free now. Let me get more in depth so this right here Neil bought this tool for about a hundred thousand dollars and know what he did was he just basically in Clementa dit onto his website It’s actually a brilliant idea because ubersuggest already had so much damn traffic now Neil just flooded his website with more traffic So when you look at this tool right here, you can actually see the volume of the tool the cost per click The competition and you can even see keyword suggestions. So relatively speaking This is this is SEMRush pretty much in one if you’re using summers for the keyword capability But now let’s talk about some of these bigger guys, right? aah reps which is personally my Favorite SEO tool and the reason why I love eh reps is because it gives me so much of the data that other tools promised condensed in one so Neil Patel’s new SEO strategy Basically, what he’s stating is the best strategy for 2018 is to just buy stuff and make it free so Neil Actually is planning on taking down other big companies such as Semrush and as you can see down here he is saying with the SEO space there are tons of tools with no clear winner SEM rush is publicly stated that they generate 50 to 100 million dollars a year Moz generates 50 million eight reps is somewhere near 50 million The market is fragmented, which means there’s room for someone to come in and potentially still win And he basically states that he’s looking to give all of these tools out for free He’s gonna build all of the capabilities inside of uber suggest Here’s a here’s just what it looks like once it’s this is the beta right here, and he’s going to take out buzzsumo He’s gonna take out SEM brush. He’s gonna take out eight reps a shocking shocking reveal from Neil and in his recent video Neil mentioned He doesn’t like selling info products because he likes giving stuff completely away for free so this is going to be a game-changer for anybody that’s looking to get into SEO because You’re not gonna have to pay for the overly priced tools like I do now for keeping for granted I’m probably still gonna pay for a hrs because of some of its capabilities but Neil Patel’s tool is gonna be great for anybody’s trying to start out with SEO and Really trying to get their foot wet with internet marketing. So keep your eye out on this tool right here Keep your eye on Neil Patel’s YouTube channel What I highly recommend you do Just go over to Neil Patel’s youtube channel subscribe to him and make sure you’re watching his content daily because he keeps dripping out Little little announcements on his tool release. So I hope you guys enjoyed this quick video I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today I appreciate everybody commenting down below and let me know Will this tool drive you to start doing more SEO activities? I thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you later

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