Why I Decided To Disrupt the SEO Industry | My Marketing Plans for 2020

By | August 7, 2019

– Recently I’ve been
getting a lot of questions from people asking me hey
Neil, what’s your goal? I see you on YouTube, I see you disrupting the SEO industry with this
tool called UberSuggest. What’s your plan? There must been some alternative motive. So I thought I would create a video and answer all of these questions. Hey everyone I’m Neil Patel
and today I’m going to discuss why I decided to disrupt the SEO industry and my plans for 2020. (upbeat music) Before we get started,
make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re on YouTube, click the alert notification. That way whenever I go
live, you’ll get notified. I have a question for you. How many of you feel that SEO is hard? Like you’ve just done a ton of stuff, you’re not getting rankings. You’re paying for all this stuff and no matter what you do,
you just can’t get results. I’ve been there, I started out my career trying to get my own site rankings and I tried paying a ad
agency to get results. And they didn’t provide results for me. Eventually I created my own ad agency. I have one called Neil Patel Digital where we help companies like yours get more traffic and rankings. But here’s the thing, I
didn’t decide to disrupt the SEO industry to make money. I really feel that the
players in the space, although they’re smart and amazing and they have amazing
products and services, there hasn’t been much innovation. It has nothing to do with the competitors, there just hasn’t been much innovation. Think of it this way. Technology has gotten so
far, why aren’t we using machine learning and
artificial intelligence to make the SEO industry better? I’ll give you an example. I met a guy named Ryan Graves. Ryan Graves used to be the ex-CEO of Uber. I met him when he was first starting out. He came to Seattle, we
were chatting a bit. I don’t know Ryan well at all,
I’m not trying to claim that. And Ryan had this service that would get you a black
town car really quick. Eventually Uber released UberEats
and all these new things. And now Uber’s even trying
to make it where, hey, you sit in a car, a flying car and we’ll take you to point A to point B. They’re making you
eventually be able to go from point A to point AB through a drone. Heck, they’re even making it
where you can sit in a car without a driver that gets
you to point A to point B. SEO’s been around longer
than Uber’s been around, but why is it that we’re
still doing links manually. We’re still writing content, and we’re doing all this stuff. Why can’t we use machine learning? Why can’t we use artificial intelligence? See, my plan with Ubersuggest
and all the tools out there that I’m doing is why can’t
you put a simple JavaScript on your site. Because Google can pick up
JavaScript and they can pick up changes to your code through JavaScript. So here’s what I mean. I can have you put a
JavaScript on your site and I can make changes to your HTML code with you or for you with your approval. I don’t need FTP access or any of that. In other words, through a
JavaScript like Google Analytics, that I put on your site,
I can adjust your HTML, still make your site load fast. And change your site to be SEO compatible and make you rank higher. Why can’t I read your search console data with your approval, figure out what pages need keyword adjustments,
need title tag improvements and automatically give you five suggestions, you
click the one you want. Or even if you approve,
automatically do it for you, run split test, rank you higher. Why can’t I figure out who’s
linking to your competitors? Figure out a email
template to send them out based on similar content that
you have, with your approval, email all of them or hit them
up through their web forms in an automated way and
ask them to link to you. Why can’t I see who you
link up to in your blog post and hit them up automatically and ask them to share your content. Why can’t a lot of this
stuff be automated? And in 2020, that is my goal, is to automate SEO. It’s not going to be easy, I
don’t know how far I will get. But that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m not just doing this
because I believe hey, we shouldn’t have to pay for
reports and basic information that everyone’s striving for. I’m doing this because I
believe there hasn’t been enough innovation in the industry and
I’m looking to change that. Some people will like it,
some people will hate it. Some people will say I can’t do this. Well I’ll try, if it works, great. Hopefully I’ll benefit. If it doesn’t, at least I
tried and I didn’t give up. So if you want to know
more, leave a comment below with any questions you have. I’ll be upfront, I’ll answer it. And hopefully, you’ll get your answer on why I’m trying to
disrupt this industry. At least when it comes to Ubersuggest and what I’m trying to do. And I don’t just think that SEO’s industry is heading that way, I think most of marketing’s
heading that way, in which things could be automated. Thank you for watching, I
hope you enjoy this video. Like it, share it, tell
other people about it. Thank you for watching.

100 thoughts on “Why I Decided To Disrupt the SEO Industry | My Marketing Plans for 2020

  1. Keith Collier Post author

    Since finding you Neil recently I'm glued to your advise on youtube cant wait to see your plan for 2020, thank you.

  2. Faruk Deveci Post author

    SEO is not really my forte but if you need help with anything related to this, I'd love to help ya my man. Because you're sooo right.

  3. Carl Broadbent Post author

    Sounds very interesting. Good luck with that Neil.

  4. Savvygamblers Post author

    Sounds great. My niche is ultra competitive and any edge would be fantastic. I can’t seem to figure out why I can’t rank above competitors when my content is so much better :/

  5. فائدة-FAYADA Post author

    yes, you can do that, and this is the goal of google

  6. Anthony McDonald Post author

    It look hard to me. I will start my seo campaign next week so I hope it's a bit easier than it seems.

  7. Power of Words Post author

    Great idea Neil. I'm subscribing to Missing Lettr because it automates the text part and scheduling of posting for 12 months. The fact that links and SEO work still needs to be done in 2019 is silly to me though; great content, adequately shared, and longevity should be enough to get ranked well. Don't forget to focus on CORE skills needed when you make your tool!

  8. Weik Fitness - Matt Weik Post author

    Would love to see this happen. I’d use it if you create it.

  9. Erez Elias Post author

    There are companies that generate new article with AI and create backlinks to your site with out a human involvement.

  10. Mark Stamas Post author

    SEO is work. Yeah. I wouldn't really say it's hard per se. But I know what you mean. I am stoked about your plans Neil. Innovation. Imagination. All too often we lack both. You are correct. What we can imagine. We can create.

  11. Eulises David Quintero Flores. Post author

    you're right it would be awesome to be able to automate SEO, I hope you succeed !!! That way one can just focus on content creation

  12. Dispatch Express Post author

    I think it’s a great idea, and is possible with the technology and your expertise. Believe it or not I had thought about this few moths ago, but I lack of the knowledge you have. Cheers!!

  13. Joyal Jackson Post author

    Hope it would be an amazing innovation Neil.

  14. Freshchallenge Consulting Post author

    Love the way you are thinking to use AI in SEO. I am sure you will be successful. Look forward to hearing more about your new innovative idea

  15. David Faiheng Post author

    💪Change is the Ultimate Consistency. Looking forward to your Disruption. All the best Neil. 👍🏻

  16. Novak Day Post author

    WOW, now that's 2020 vision. Neil Patel for President 2020 !

  17. Anand George Post author

    Good luck. All the best. I have this fear of WordPress and how easy it is to get hacked. How about we run a WordPress site with Google Tag Manager as the backend.

  18. What Is Weight Loss About Post author

    yeah, a fantastic goal to have Neil. I have all but given up on my 370+ post site through getting Zero money 🙁

  19. James Scott Post author

    Disrupt the SEO industry? Your gonna Rock it’s World! 🙂 Good Luck with your mission 👍

  20. Samuel Dirksz Post author

    Whatever people will say, I can't wait to give it a try. Disruption = innovation = liberation! Looking forward to the developments Neil!

  21. tejas rane Post author

    I think this would roughly cost around 500-600 bucks monthly? AM i right?

  22. Atulkumar Yedage Post author

    I use your ubersuggest And i also want to use you AI in Future

  23. N Rohit Post author

    Yea… SEO technique is backdated…. I am Excited to see the change… Neil

  24. Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma Post author

    awesome looking forward to this

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    SEO is the love hate relationship, My only concern is whether googles wind wand will pick up on something and see it as a cheet? would love to know your thought on that?. Otherwise your the MAN Neil.
    I most certainly would love to be a beta tester lol

  26. Ayush Shukla Post author

    That's great idea Neil but what about those freelance digital marketers like me we'll get unemployed. Do you suggest any additional skill set that we should learn to in order to stay alive and keep getting work after this change…

  27. Mr. Nobody Post author

    I just choose digital marketing as my career So Neil what guys like me can do in future. So we can stay alive. What other Skills should we learn in near future to survive. Please tell us . You are doing job you teaches us a lot.Thankyou for the that😄

  28. Eric Edge Post author

    Hi Neil, I'm from Australia and I just wanted to say thank you for all your doing. It matters and I appreciate it. Live long mate and prosper!

  29. Samer Houri Post author

    Hey Neil this sounds crazy but will be awesome

  30. Abhishek Vohera Post author

    Totally agree with you, that the seo industry have not seen much innovation.

    Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can truely disrupt the SEO

  31. Shazil Izaz Post author

    You just have given me an industry disrupting business basic plan for free, the problems the need to solved and a way to go and solve it. Just need to put together of people who are skilled at this. Thanks Neil.

  32. Nikhil Vaidhya Post author

    I have a question, If you are planning to automate the SEO then jobs for SEO executive will vanish or what?

  33. Matt Johnson Post author

    If every site was able to do this (make ranking effortless) wouldn't we all be in the same boat we're in now? Competing over creating the best content that fulfills the user's needs? Which will increase time on page and other engagement metrics that Google looks at to determine which web site to show in the search results?

  34. Jason Valasek Post author

    Great video Neil. Thank you for sharing the vision! My team and I are working on something similar. I would love to partner with you! Hit me up!

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    bhai i'm with you and you can do that you are intelligent man… God bless you, love you bhai

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    Help us more and more …

    Thank you..

  37. Solution Focused Post author

    Keep thinkin' BIG, Neil!! Of course, you can do it! 🙂

  38. Christopher Rismay Post author

    This is a great idea to a degree. Automation is good for people who have respect for the industry but this can easily get messed up big time. Making seo easy kills the market even further which means cheaper for everyone who just watches one video and now a guru. Then when next guy comes a long they get the shitty end of the stick or people who watch one video wants to tell you why your not getting results. The next problem is not everyone can win first place or page no matter how good or cheap this process goes. Someone always has to lose and now you want to cut out work from bottom level and make it easier for people to do their own work. There is pros and cons to this.

  39. Ayush Shukla Post author

    I think this'll be beneficial for brands but not for digital marketers. There will be no need of marketers if everything will be automated.

  40. Solayman Rumon Post author

    It would be a great initiative in SEO industry, Go Ahead

  41. JaChi Lenz Post author

    I’d love to learn more. Automation help with productivity. I appreciate your outside of the box thinking.

  42. TV Guy Jay, TV installation Post author

    bless you , neil! im looking forward to hearing more.

  43. David W Post author

    Fair play, would love to give it a go. However, the lack of automation is probably because it'll put people out of a job.

  44. Dave Anthony Post author

    Would love to know more, this is a good idea. Lack of innovation in SEO is why so many people find online success unachievable.

  45. OculusGames Post author

    I was thinking the same lately, SEO is a very complex system that have not yet been automated, yes there are tons of nice tools that HELPS you DO SEO better & faster, but they won't literally do it for you. You still have to do all the work after all, anyway I know this is just a matter of up to 5 years until someone smart enough (maybe Neil?) will use AI, ML & big data to finally fully automate this in a white hat manner.

  46. Ravinder deep singh Post author

    Great idea !! If we get to know what exactly required and the checkpoints for seo ranking then we can create an algorithm and add machine learning to it.. Can be done .. But its going to be lots of test and run though..

  47. Niche Site Ideas Post author

    Ok, this video has been eating at me for awhile so I've deleted my old comment and am starting over. 😁 I see many problems with this idea. The first would be what if Google decides to penalize sites that use the UberSuggest javascript code? After all, wouldn't the code be trying to manipulate search rankings, links, etc? I mean, Google is so sensitive about that stuff, so I can't imagine they'd enjoy that too much. Another problem is if we were to use that code, that means we have to share all of our website data with UberSuggest. Then competitors using UberSuggest would have all of our website info, top articles, keywords, etc. all neatly packaged for them to pillage.

    We may be reaching a point of extreme saturation as there are many things working against content creators – there are far too many of us. Countless "gurus" recruiting more content creators every day. Dozens of SEO tools and experts teaching everyone the same thing… how to get to that #1 spot. It's the same old story. The only people getting rich are the ones selling the shovels.

    But the big problem with Google has always been the lack of human interaction. If you have a legitimate issue there is no way to talk to a real human to get it resolved. People may make fun of Bing, but at least you can talk to real humans and get things resolved there.

    Anyway, I think most people will agree on one thing. It's a big freaking mess. Everyone should always keep one thing in the forefront of your mind. Google is primarily an advertising company and this is why nobody will ever "crack the code" of their algorithm. It's not possible. Their algorithm is like a casino – it's designed to maximize their ad revenue. They can do whatever they want with their algorithm… even if it defies logic.

    Perhaps a better idea is to start a brand new search engine and compete with Google. Maybe it could be called UberSearch? I think a lot of us out there would like to see a new search engine. 👍

  48. Zacchaeus Nifong Post author

    Neil. I know you'll see this one. You won't be able to keep up with the changes of Google. "Do things that don't scale." You've heard, you know it, now follow it. While I RESPECT you, more than you know, you're following a path that leads to grandmother's house. And you know what happens in that story…

  49. Motivational World Post author

    Hi Neil .. excellent idea …i'm totally agree with you. If we can build a AI system it will be a major change in SEO industry..i believe you can do this I'm waiting to check the beta ☺👍👍

  50. Eduardo Esteves Post author

    I would love it, Neil. Keep at it an good luck

  51. Himanshi Solanki Post author

    Hi Neil, I absolutely agree with you on this, maybe a little bit of detailed post on how to do this in 2019 without being a techie would be amazing.

  52. The Unknown Post author

    bhai bohot bar koi article mein advantages and disadvantages bohot bar same hote hai to kya isse SEO me problem aati hai kya? mera matlab plagiarism to hoga na? to kya hamara blog rank hone me dikkat aaegi ya nahi?

    Bhai please reply do please…

    Thank You.

  53. Donavan Jones Post author

    Use machine learning to figure out what the "model of information" is on a site. Use the user matrix to determine the prime model, the model in which all other models get compared to in a given niche. For example. Crawl a bunch of plumbing sites and store the data in a database. Now use machine learning to figure out what the content is about. Next, use the user matrix to determine what content is right. Now re-analyze those sites and use the newly generate prime model to see if they are on track. What I mean is if your page is about plumbing repair but you don't talk about piping, pipe repair, burst pipes, plumber, water damage, etc.. then how can your page be about plumbing repair? The app will output suggestions based on your content and the prime model. Use this information to rewrite the pages content as you described in the video.

  54. Nick Vasilich Post author

    Why ubersuggest shows shares on Facebook and Pinterest only? What about Twitter shares, how can we get from ubersuggest what article is the most popular btw twitterers?

  55. Dinesh Kumar Post author

    If seo will be automated then what is the future of Digital marketing jobs?

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    It will be really cool sir. I am with you.your all video is full of information. I really love your video and learn lot of things from it.

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    Are you looking for beta testers?companies that you can work with while you’re building out the software? That way you can test if your system will work and at the same time help people who need a boost in their seo. If so can you tell us where to apply? Thanks

  58. ali BADER Post author

    Hi Neil
    What is the best tools that you are using for SEO other than Ubersuggest that i can use, knowing that i am a beginner, and should i focus on learning all of them or go one by one ? Thank you

  59. Educare brusa Post author

    I want to see you doing it and I can't wait for 2020!

  60. Jubayer Hossain Post author

    Neil, another awesome video. It's very much true that in SEO industry there's no innovation. We don't or can't read data and take decision and then implementation. SEO is awesome! There's always something new. Good luck with your vision 2020, not that you need it.

  61. Israr Alam Post author

    Awesome innovation idea! I m waiting to see what way you will come up with this. All the Best

  62. Cris Post author

    When people tell you YOU'RE CRAZY!!!! THIS CANT BE DONE!!!!! … that means you're on the right track. Goodluck 👍

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    That's next level thinking man. You're amazing.

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    Well done, Neil!

    Innovations are the answers to mankind limited capability problems.

    Ride on, brother, I am praying for your success.

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  67. lokI lokesh Post author

    @nielpatel : this idea seems lot like science fiction movie, first you need to understand server permissions to read and write data, how can you enable JavaScript piece of code to write code on its own, when server side permission is not there, if permission is there then security bug, idea needs strong technical backing… Unless until you build platform like Shopify, which has control of server, full stack of tech which is provided by your end to automate SEO, you can do it, I don't think so outside this automation is possible…

  68. Guilherme Silveira Post author

    A grande questão é saber se o Google quer que o SEO seja automatizado ou não.

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    Yes definitely its hard concept..
    But you can do this…
    My all blessings with you..

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