Why I Decided To Build An SEO Agency

By | August 20, 2019

okay so I’m making this video as a quick
update on what I’ve been working on and how things are going right now I’m still
in the process of optimizing my site making sure that I’ve got enough
evidence that I know what the fuck I’m doing so that I can actually go out and
sell SEO as a service okay so why why out of all the services that I could
have offered Facebook Ads Instagram influences social media marketing which
technically is Facebook Ads as well ow all those things that is kind of like
trending right now and most people are offering those services why did I decide
to go with probably one of the toughest things in marketing the cell which is
SEO search engine optimization the reason why is because I saw it off in
this whole sort of internet marketing space by learning about SEO and it’s
really where I saw the possibilities of how you can change a business how you
can work with businesses completely change them literally take them and grow
their revenue in the most incredible way possible and whilst doing that you can
make a very very good income for yourself now I’ve mentioned this before
in my channel I know that the only way I’m gonna get what I want in life and
reach my potential is by helping others reach their potential and helping them
get what they want and get to where they want so why is your why is your why did
I pick SEO because it is extremely powerful you don’t eat like I wanna put
it into once I wanna put it into words how powerful is being on page one for
your specific industry for your specific location being on page one will
completely change your business never mind being on the first position on page
one being on the top of page one will literally no joke it’s gonna double your
business give me any business that operates on decent
hodgins and the average 12-month customer value is 500 pounds or more
give me any business like that I will literally double their revenue within 12
to 15 months the reason why is because the search engines are extremely
powerful when somebody searches for something on Google they’re looking for
that thing to solve a problem or find out something about something whatever
it is if somebody is searching for a dentist on Google they’re looking for a
dentist if somebody is searching for a lawyer
they’re looking for a lawyer if somebody searching for an accountant they’re
looking for an accountant I think you get the idea so your website coming up
first on that page it’s the most powerful thing they click on it you’re
the first person they see who can solve that problem who are they gonna call
most likely you now as powerful as SEO is and it is powerful there is like with
anything in life you get you get pros and you get cons one of the
disadvantages to SEO is the fact that it takes an extremely long time why why
does it take an extremely long time because Google wants to provide search
users with the best possible experience if somebody searches for something in
Google and they don’t get back reliable trustworthy websites that are relevant
to what they search for then Google would go out of business Google would no
longer make any money so they need to ensure and guarantee that what they’re
putting on page 1 is the most relevant thing to what that person is search for
and that’s why it can take a while for the algorithm to really take into
account how relevant you are for that specific size time and then actually
give you credit for it by putting you on page 1 and the top of page 1 now to make
things a little bit easier for myself I know that SEO is gonna take a long time
to generate an or away from my clients so what I’m gonna do is if necessary I
will be offering Google AdWords services now Google AdWords is fine it’s pipe
it’s great you can make a good return on investment with it
but it’s extremely expensive that’s the only thing you’re paying a lot a lot of
money just for clicks and so in the short term Google AdWords is perfect in
the long run not so much so let’s say for example I’ve got client they want to
join they want to work with me and they want me to do that SEO now let’s say
this client is in an industry where the competition is quite high and the
location they want to rank in for example let’s just take london london is
extremely competitive to rank for a competitive keyword in london is gonna
take anywhere between 9 to 12 months minimum
so for that process to take place maybe the business doesn’t want to pay me one
thousand one two thousand a month three thousand about four thousand a month for
like twelve months and it’s not see any results so what am I gonna do I’m gonna
offer them pay-per-click services so that I can start generating them leads
within two weeks I’m not 100 percent sure how I’m gonna mix and match the
services yet maybe I’ll go in with the PPC first and then I’ll switch it to SEO
once they’re getting a return on investment or maybe I’ll go into SEO
first and then maybe two or three months down the line if they’re getting a bit
impatient then I’ll just throw up a quick PPC campaign and start generating
the leads straight away I want my main focus to be SEO and that’s the that’s
the one thing that I want to completely master right now I’m confident that if
you give me enough resources and enough time I can rank for any keyword as long
as it’s not related to keywords like heart surgery which you know if somebody
goes on page one and clicks on a website about heart surgery and they get the
wrong information that person could end up dying so look those kind of tongues
are a little bit actually very very difficult to rank for and I don’t care
like what the budget is how much time it a you’re just not gonna write for what
the keywords like that it’s just not gonna happen
but any local keywords any industry plus local keyword I can rank for anything
like I said given the amount amount of right amount of resources which is money
obviously and the right amount of time it’s like how much are you willing to
pay and how much time are you willing to wait to get
the top of page one for that specific keyword but overall this is this video
was just kind of to outline exactly why I went with SEO it’s because I know that
the most powerful traffic available on the Internet today is from organic
traffic it’s that simple the person searching literally knows that they have
a problem and they’re looking for a solution and if they find your business
first they’re gonna call you so by the end of this month we’re currently in
March it’s the 16th of March by the end of this month
I should have decent enough proof proof of rankings to show clients to show
potential clients that I can deliver because if I have multiple page one
rankings then I clearly know how to get on page one right and that’s the thing
with Google we like that’s the thing with SEO you can’t you can’t game the
system like it’s evil you have rankings or you don’t Google even finds your
website relevant for that keyword or they don’t it’s not like you can
Photoshop a picture or anything like that you go onto Google you search for
that keyword and a website comes up it doesn’t like so yeah I mean the past few
days you know I’ve been I’ve been like not feeling too great it’s been like
I’ve been working on my site I’ve got everything so I pretty much I’m good to
go and like pretty much every aspect I even sell my company I’m gonna set up my
business bank account and yeah like pretty soon I’m gonna be fully fully
fully ready to take on clients and the reason why I incorporated a company was
because I could have waited I could have waited till I had money coming in but I
wanted to I wanted to get it set up because I don’t want to turn back from
this and this is this is the service time and offer and I’m gonna make sure
that every single client I work with makes at least a 3x
ROI which means that for every pounds that they give me they get three pounds
back at a minimum that is like the minimum minimum minimum but yeah anyway
I want to make this video too long I
wanted to just quickly go over exactly why I chose to make SEO my core service
offering and also I wanted to go over exactly why it’s so powerful next month
in April I’m gonna start cold calling so that should be fun
gonna see a lot of rejection on this channel I’m gonna put it all on YouTube
and just going to be going through call calls after cause of course you know
I’ve given cold calling a chance in the past but I didn’t really because I was
making like 10 15 20 calls per day I’m definitely gonna have to increase the
volume if I want to see any results for me and that’s what I’m planning to do in
April but for now I want to thank you for watching and I will see you on the
next video

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