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By | August 16, 2019

Hi guys so we’re gonna talk today about
a Google update that happened last year and how that impacts your business or
potentially impacts your business and why it’s important.
So this update was something called Medic and it happened about August I
think last year and medic was targeting kind of YMYL sites so ‘Your Money or
Your Life’ sites. So if your site is in the kind of health, well-being, financial
sectors, then you may have had been affected that time last year when this
update happened. And this was a core update so it applied to everything that
Google do and one part of that update was something was to do with the data
guidelines so ie the people that actually create your content. And Google
is essentially trying to understand who it is that’s writing your content how
authoritative they are, whether they’re trustworthy and so it came up with this
term Google E-A-T. Now it has existed for a long time but it’s really coming to
prominence again now. So Google E-A-Ts. E-A-T ‘E’ stands for ‘Expertise’. ‘A’ stands for
‘Authority’ or ‘Authoritativeness’ and ‘T’ stands for ‘Trustworthiness’ and really
it’s about understanding, as I say the people that are writing your content for
you and whether they have a strong personal brand or whether they are
respected in the industry and whether that means, you know if they are
respected, then that obviously gives more weighting to that content. Now there’s
a lot talk about whether this affects the rankings directly or not, but it’s our
view that it can only be a good thing and Google is always trying to find
sites that give it give it the best content for us you know people Googling
and the best content possible and clearly if that content has been
authored by someone who’s an expert in that space then that is going to give
some weighting to that content. So what can you do for your site? Well there’s a
few things you could do. One is to make sure that any kind of editorial content
is authored properly. So maybe it’s got a link to the person’s name that actually
created it and perhaps that link could go off to like an author page
something where it’s got a little bit of information about that person, why
they’re respected, why their a trustworthy source in that space and, maybe even
better, you could link that off to things like their social profile so their
LinkedIn and their Twitter if they’ve got them. But it isn’t just about social
media, isn’t just about their kind of brand from a digital perspective, it
could be that they’re cited in white papers or they’re just known as being an
expert in that space, all of this would really really help. So
I guess the message really with E-A-T is to start to think more about the people
that are actually writing or creating your content and whether they are those
experts. and then if they are, and that’s great, then make sure that they’re
referenced and that you link out and you give Google everything it wants to be
able to find those people online. So hopefully that’s useful. That’s Google
eat in a nutshell! Good luck with it!

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