“Why Do You Want This Job?” And Other Interview Questions You Need To Get Right #AskCheeky

By | September 8, 2019

– Hello and welcome to another Ask Cheeky. I’m Isaiah Hankel with Cheeky Scientist. Today’s question comes from Arethra Jason. Arethra says, ” I
recently had an interview and everything went well but
I didn’t get a job offer. The only thing I can
think of is I didn’t know how to answer, “Why do you want this job?” Arethra, thank you very much
for sending in your question. This is one of the most common interview questions you’re gonna get. Why do you want this job? Yet most PhDs are not
prepared to answer this. And before I tell you exactly
how to answer that question, I want to back up a little bit into this line of questioning. Interviewers are going
to ask you questions to gauge how certain you are that you want the position at hand. Their biggest concern is not
that you’re not a good fit for the job, that’s their
second biggest concern. Their biggest concern is
that you’re the right fit. Their gonna go through all the
work to prepare a job offer, to interview you, to train you, etc. And then after spending
all that time and money, you’re gonna decide this
job’s not really for you. That’s their biggest concern. So again, their biggest concern
is that you are uncertain about this career path. So their going to test
you on your certainty. One of the ways that they
test you is by asking, ” Why do you want this position?” They want you to tell them, “Why do you want this position?” Why do you want this position
over any other position? You need to prepare that in advance and it’s very easy in
terms of preparing this. Even if you’re considering
other jobs, other positions, find out why this company is better than others in certain areas. Every company has pros and cons. Create a pros and cons chart. Focus on the pros of this company. That’s why you want to join this company. That’s why you want to get
hired in to this position and this helps it stay authentic. No company’s perfect. They know what their strength are. So do your research, dig,
and find out their strengths and tell them their strengths as the reason why you want that job. Another test, the second thing that their gonna ask you
during an interview is, ” Have you been
interviewing anywhere else?” Now you might think that their asking you this
question for social proof, to see whether or not you’re actually wanted by other people. And you’re gonna think,
“Oh I better tell them that I’m interviewing elsewhere
because of that reason.” But that reason is secondary. The primary reason their asking you this is cause they want to know how certain you are about this job. Their concerned that if
you’re interviewing elsewhere you might go elsewhere. At the same time though, and this is the line you have to walk, you wanna show them they
yes, you’re not a sure thing in terms of their gonna need to give you a good salary offer, yes
other people want you. Their social proof that you
are a desired candidate, but their your number one choice. So you have to make sure
you come back to that. You say, “Yes I’m
interviewing, but this company is my number one choice for x-y-z reasons and this specific position
is my number one choice for x-y-z reasons.” Finally, you have to show them certainty in terms of the position
that their offering you even over other positions
they might offer you. Now this is a tricky one to balance too because you might have employers seriously decide while
their interviewing you, mostly at smaller companies, that hey, maybe you’d be better in this position After talking to you, we
have this other opening. What do you think about this? You need to respond carefully either way to this kind of questioning cause they might be testing to see if you’re just willing to accept any job. How seriously have you
considered this position? How certain are you that you want it? So the best way to respond, you say, “I’d be open to exploring other positions. However, I am really interested in this position for x-y-z reasons. I know that I’m a perfect fit for this position for x-y-z reasons. However, once I’m in this
company, if you thought that my skills, my resources, my strengths could be used elsewhere I’d be
interested in hearing more.” That’s how you can leave it open and then you can leave it on them but show them that you’re committed to doing your best work
for the position at hand. That if they extend a contract to you they spend all of that time
and money, and by the way, the average that it costs
to bring on a new candidate is 60 thousand dollars. That’s why their testing your certainty. No matter what happens, show
your certainty of the position and this will help you pass the next interview and get a job offer. Hopefully, this helps you Arethra. As always, remember your value as a PhD and start thinking and acting like a successful industry professional.

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