Why B2B or Manufacturing SEO is Necessary for Your Company

By | August 11, 2019

hey guys, this is Nate from weCreate
website design marketing. If you’re a manufacturer, a business-to-business
organization, or a company that just sells items online– you absolutely need
to watch this video all the way through to the end. I can tell you what the
missing piece to your marketing efforts has been in the past and how to fix it
today. I work with manufacturers around the country and beyond just simple
marketing we provide for them hope. Why hope? Over and over again the
companies that we work with are stunned by the results that we get for them. They
have a vision for what’s possible. They can actually be getting new business
from around the country, the region, or even around the globe what I’m about to
tell you is simple but it needs to be done right. First of all, let me tell you
emphatically, that if you’re a manufacturer you need to be getting more business
from the web. How do I know that there’s all this business out there for you?
Google gives us tons of data about what people are searching for online, and what
I can tell you is there are people out there sourcing what you are providing.
Google gives us all this data and one of the tools that we can use to find the
data is called keyword planner. I can simply type in a service that I provide
and see an estimate of how many people in a specific region or country are
typing that search query in. What this tells us is that there are people
looking for all different types of manufacturing services; you can see it
from this list. The question is how do you get in front of them. Google uses two
methods to match up a search query like “aluminum die casting companies” with a
list of first page search results like these. What you’ll see on any page of
search results is approximately 10 listings plus you’ve got ads at the top
and you’ve got ads at the bottom and sometimes you have ads on the side. Where you want to be is in the organic search rankings, that’s in that top 10 list of companies that Google is providing there for the searcher. So, how do you get there?
Well, the first method Google uses to match up a search query with a website
is called on-page search engine optimization. Which in very simplistic
terms is just the words that are on your website. If someone’s looking for
“aluminum die-casting companies” and your website only talks about “sporting goods”
Google is never going to match up that search query with your website. So, we
talked about on-page search engine optimization and how Google uses that to
match a search query up with a search result, what we didn’t talk about was the
other factor: off-page search engine optimization. This is the second method
that Google uses to determine the relevance of a website. The reason why
two website might contain the same keywords, but one rank higher than the
other is off-page SEO. Google devised a way that can approximately determine
which website will provide more valuable information to the searcher. The most
important part of off-page SEO is called backlinks, which come in a variety of
forms. To give you a rough idea of what a backlink is, imagine your company belongs
to the Manufacturers Association. On the Manufacturers Association website, there
is a list of all of its members and directory listings. Each one of those
directory listings contains a link to that members website: that’s a backlink.
Google uses backlinks from relevant authoritative websites to measure the
credibility of your website. Not all backlinks are created equal though, and
some might even hurt your ranking. But, when backlink building and on-page
search engine optimization are done correctly, you end up with ranking
increases, you out-rank your competitors and you get more business. weCreate has been producing search engine optimization results for manufacturing
companies around the country– for years! And we’ve been doing it through all the
changes that Google’s gone through. What we know is how to produce consistent
steady results by doing the things that Google actually looks for. If you’re
interested in growing your manufacturing company I implore you call me today. Get
on the phone, visit weCreate.com, investigate us a
little bit, look at some of our testimonials. I can set with some of my
previous customers; they can talk about the stuff that we’ve done for them, I can
show you charts, I can show you our RFQ fill-outs I can show you any information
you need to help you understand this is the path you should be taking.
I look forward to talking to you. Get your free copy of the valuable ebook the
definitive 2017 manufacturing marketing guide at weCreate.com/ebook .
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