Why Australia’s fires are linked to floods in Africa

By | January 22, 2020

Downright apocalyptic images coming out of
Australia right now. There are now six fires burning at emergency
levels. The smoke is so intense and so thick it can
be seen from space. 2,000 homes have been destroyed. Six million hectares of land charred. Staggering toll on the nation’s wildlife. This is just heartbreaking. These record-breaking bushfires in Australia
have been kicked off by things like lightning strikes, a few cases of arson and winds. But one of the biggest reasons they’ve become
so extreme, is the same reason East Africa is flooding. Bushfires in Australia are a natural part
of the country’s ecosystem. Their “fire season” varies across regions. Even New South Wales, the most populous state, is used to blazes breaking out. In 1974, fires burned 3.5 million hectares,
and in 2003, another 2 million hectares were lost to fire. But the fires that started in 2019 are even
worse: 4.9 million hectares in New South Wales have burned already — and it’s only going
to grow. So why is this fire season so awful? For starters, as the world is getting warmer
from climate change, so is Australia. 2019 was it’s hottest year on record, with
parts of the country reaching 45 degrees Celsius in December. 2019 was also it’s driest — the places
here in gray have seen historic droughts. Together, that provides the perfect conditions
for bushfires to start and spread quickly. Throughout the year, other large-scale climate
drivers affect Australia’s weather, and its likeliness to burn. But one of the most influential is the Indian
Ocean Dipole, or the IOD. The IOD is a big temperature gradient that
affects the surface water in the Indian Ocean, from the edge of Africa to the edge of Australia. Meteorologists have been measuring these temperature
shifts for decades in three phases: Positive, neutral and negative. When the IOD is neutral, the surface water
in the Indian Ocean is evenly warm. A negative phase is when winds come in from
the east and shift the warm water toward Australia. Warmer water means more evaporation which
means more rain. So Australia gets more rain than usual, sometimes
even floods. But the colder water near East Africa means
they get less rain and even drought. A positive phase is what’s happening now. It’s when the winds come from the west and
shift the warm water towards Africa. Which causes flooding there, and drought in
Australia. The entire process of shifting water temperatures
is natural. But 2019’s was extreme. The positive IOD was one of the strongest
on record, with the water temperature difference between Africa and Australia being unusually
high. Hence, extreme weather in Australia, but also
in Africa. The worst flooding in two decades. More than three times their annual rainfall
in only four days. Scientists believe it’s linked to record
temperatures in the Indian Ocean. The good news is the IOD is already shifting
to neutral which should bring some much needed relief to Australia and Africa in early 2020. But as the planet continues to warm, some
scientists are concerned about how that might affect weather phenomenons like the IOD. One study predicts positive IODs, like what
we’re seeing now, could happen more frequently as global temperatures rise and warm the Indian
Ocean. Combine that with the rising overall temperature
of Australia, and these kinds of devastating fires, fueled by unusually dry vegetation,
could become the new normal.

100 thoughts on “Why Australia’s fires are linked to floods in Africa

  1. Brendon Lau Post author

    I am William the whitelycan released by Taylor swift. I know why the fire started on Australia and I do not need even to read about all the facts you have to lie and tell the world because I am highly intelligent.

  2. rickhaley317 Post author

    The whole thing is an island surrounded by water they can't figure out how to put in a fire on an island

  3. Ishfaq Ahmad Lone Post author

    Solution to control the fire in Australian forests is:
    Provide food to each & every (hungry ) human being present around burning forests or in whole Australia for about 12 days ( if the govt. is capable provide them all basic needs for ever like a house, good health, education, & job.), Rain will come or spontaneously the fire will stop.

  4. Holy Bagel Post author

    Insurance companies are all shaking in their boots right now

  5. Shirley Xiao Post author

    I'm confused, if the IOD is positive meaning the indian ocean near Australia and Indonesia is cooler and more drying, why did we get flood in Java Island (Indonesia) and high rate of rain on this January???

  6. Temps Post author

    One time I rode my bike in 42 degrees and I've never felt so close to death. Never again. For a second I forgot where I live.

  7. t h Post author

    What about the detentions centre opened by Australians in nauru now?

  8. bru bru lani Post author

    You forgot to mention Australia banning the practice of burning strips to reduce the spread of fires…

  9. Uneti Tree Post author

    They forgot the minor El Niño that prolonged the drought before the IOD kicked in.

  10. J dg29 Post author

    Look up Max Igan’s channel the crowhouse if you want the truth as to why these fires are happening.

  11. Tessie Rogers Post author

    "…which lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satilite, that will permit man to determine the world cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather is to control the world."

    36th US President 1963-1969
    Lyndon Johnson

  12. Ylle Taaber Post author

    It is not because of climate change, but it is hand of God who greated heavens and Earth and all what is in them. Nature obeys to God and if God send flood to some contry, then waters obeying to God and doing what is commanded to do. Human kind have been so rebellious to God that every next generation move more away from God, so God will take actions to call people back to repentance, away from wicked lifestyle. But people seems to be already so blinded and they like their sinful lifestyle and with that they will perish. But God loves people and will forgive to everyone who confess own sins and turning away from sins. This Earth will be totally destroyd in future, because of people wickedness. Turn to God everyone and ask Jesus Christ be your Savior.

  13. john lithgow Post author

    i'm from australia in a little town of lithgow in nsw

  14. Kalydosos Post author

    The Vlog is informative I saw the South East African floods they were terrible lives and livelihoods gone I was also very disappointed to see American, English and Australian commentators. Writing negatives about the plight of the Africans because they had high doses of the chemical melanin; which in the west is either associated with low intelligence or criminality. Nature doesn't care about colour as the Australians are finding out these events could happen anywhere on the planet what would happen if nations like. Ghana or Togo came pretty unscathed out of the chaos that is about to be unleashed on everybody should they close their borders to none Africans?

  15. anton levay Post author

    Australian here, witnessing this catastrophe is horrible and knowing that our (liberal) governments inaction and horrific water mismanagement helped make it even worse is horribly depressing. People here are voting against their own interests by keeping a climate denying (and actively destroying) government in office.

  16. Sophia Loney Post author

    Australia where is your funding for proper equipment? You got your boys on the front line with garden hoses…. when this is over ya'll need to talk to your government to reimburse you with housing or city fire equipment. Also remember you got donations coming in. I hope they use wisely and not for pocket

  17. Hery Ramdhani Post author

    Indonesia is raining so hard even tough we are at the eastern of Indian Ocean. Hmm.

  18. THE Berrby Post author

    I didn't know about their ocean temperature shifts thing

  19. olympicsjr jr Post author

    this is a first year in GEORGIA (country) that's did't snowing yet.

  20. Himblerk's Adventures Post author

    I love you vox for not using the imperial system to explain this subject

  21. A Roxas Post author

    It's not climate change that drives hotter temperature. It's global warming. Climate change is a direct result of global warming. Yikes

  22. Iman Fani Post author

    There is a reason Australia had scarce population throughout ages and before white invasion. it can not sustain large complex communities long term…

  23. Luke Sliminn Post author

    It's all been going on for millions of years. The only reason it is such a news now is thanks to fearmongering and private interest of the groups that make lots of dosh from it.

  24. Giorno Giovanna Post author

    “Reaching 45 Celsius”
    Me who lives in Saudi Arabia: first time?

  25. Courtney Saunders Post author

    Global warming hoax. If all the liberals would stop having kids and give up their lavish lifestyles (cell phones, houses (live in caves, tents) , car etc…the planet would be doing much better. If all libs would just euthanize themselves….the world would become a …paradise. 🙂 Do the right thing, libs!!

  26. Ralph Eddy Post author

    the same thing happened 169 years ago in 1851 maybe worse this is not climate change.

  27. K. Floyd Post author

    For all of you that called Climate Change a hoax-I hope you're listening now.

  28. Zebo Jones Post author

    Thx for the info on east Africa flooding……but why is that called a positive IOD?

  29. Anna Maria Hultquist Post author

    But if you mesure and know all of this can you not warn and evekuate people and cattle wildlife et all before the actual weather is happening. and then make new governmental reforms for new planning for living and farming et all industry in safer places in these states. Also how to rechannel floods and plan and build for that and damper fires with ditches or channels or sea alert preventions. We have to work out safe preventive methods off managing our lands and states. Build cities with water sprinkles or dams, fire walls et all.

  30. Anna Maria Hultquist Post author

    Can that sea stream also be managed into its better flow with ships and new managment -how ???

  31. Powder Blue LSD Post author

    And I’m out here wondering why my WiFi is working 🙁

  32. Silber Hörnchen Post author

    wrong title. why do these channel always use wrong titles if they correct themselves in the description? you said yourself right away FIRES ARE NORMAL THERE so the title should be "the fires in 2019" and not "australian fires"

  33. ಠ_ಠ • Post author

    Bro here in iraq the temperature was 52C in summer but “luckily” iraq is a desert and we dont have forests.

  34. Dr. D4nk memes Post author

    At least we know that the Africans have water 💦

  35. Micheal Post author

    Wow, guess Africa don't matter since there is almost NO news on it

  36. Chad Post author

    The royal commission into the Black Saturday fires recommended 8% of Victorian bush be burned. Not even 5% was completed. The DEWLP doesn't follow those recommendations.

  37. ItsMini Post author

    Aside from the political videos, Vox makes very informative content.

  38. Christian Bland Post author

    Climate change and wild bushfire or was it the 24+ fire starters that got arrested ummmm im having a hard time believing this story
    Either way i pray for every living person and creature involved in this madness Glory be to God

  39. NobodyNoMe ? Post author

    The government should make a wether machine then they could make it rain in Australia

    I know it’s practically impossible

  40. Angel Liang Post author

    It’s a similar concept to La Niña and la nino 🤔

  41. Lawrence Yang Post author

    How's "Climate Change" become a religion in the West? I just don't get it, do you?

  42. Olive Papyrus Post author

    So… how come no one is talking about the floods in Africa?

  43. Karen Otte Post author

    They're melting the anartica and when that merges into the Indian Ocean it's a different temperature and it creates storms but there's something more something that I can't put my finger on and I think it has to do with Ireland the United States and Australia and the Island's only be islands for different reasons and I'm on it

  44. Kiera Thomas Post author


  45. Snatched_Lifeshow Post author

    And our politicians still don’t believe in climate change it’s literally in front of us! They need to get it through their thick skulls if we don’t do something now there will be more worse outcomes very soon. We all need to do our part in trying to restore and protect our planet because there isn’t a second one and there probably never will be one.

  46. JLS Productions Post author

    Never been soo happy to see welcoming rain during the past few days.

  47. DGooseMan Post author

    We can't even fix our problems… the best we can do is make them…

  48. Annabel Spring Post author

    honestly as an australian im so glad people are aware about the fires but i had no idea that this was happening in africa this needs to be talked about more

  49. Nancy Wang Post author

    Interesting but the caption says 'the east' when the voiceover says 'the west' at 2:09, in case anyone hard of hearing comes across this video

  50. N. Lionel Guzha Post author

    In Zimbabwe, South East Africa, we had one one the weirdest thunderstorms two weeks ago…people's houses were struck by lightning and burnt to the ground…lighting struck every 10 – 15 seconds…not to mention the flooding

  51. Alisha Shaikh Post author

    there was a boy in my class saying the world would end soon and we would have to evacuate to mars, i thought he was joking but now I'm doubting it😨

  52. Alkie Bengil Post author

    The apocalypse is coming:
    A world war about to happen
    A new disease in china
    A much larger volcanic eruption about to happen in Taal
    A huge"APOCALYPTIC" fire in australia
    High FLOODS in Africa
    the END just BEGUN

  53. can i get 6000 subscribers with no videos? Post author

    Easy people prayed too much for the rain

  54. Marie Saiz Post author

    Face Yahuah-Alahim, Our Highly Mighty rules the end of the arets earth! Time to repent. It is just a beginning of the pain at childbirth is increasing…

  55. BreezyAnthony Post author

    So mr. beast planting 20 million trees was pointless

  56. kamaljeet singh Post author

    Recommend this video to trump and bolsonaro. Please do youtube.

  57. M.xasan xjxasan Post author

    All of this comes from man made . Man made is the broblem


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