White Hat SEO Techniques To Avoid 2020

By | November 3, 2019

Hello and welcome, my name is Chris Palmer , and in today’s video I want to discuss white hat SEO techniques that you need to avoid moving into 2020 these types of white hat SEO techniques are running rapid online and in my personal and humble opinion I urge you to stop using these white hat SEO techniques Now the types of SEO techniques that I’m speaking of we will get into in a moment But as you know in the past I have ran on numerous platforms having hundreds of clients and a small virtual team that I worked with to implement my strategies to help small businesses Medium-sized businesses succeed with SEO and social media marketing in any case over the course of time. I Switched my thinking I switched my business model to doing Consulting and helping with very technical problems when people are stumped also, my main focus is doing JV which are joint ventures with That being said I come across numerous Projects and numerous partners that want to build a partnership with me now This is leading to the negative SEO attack by white hats that was implemented and I’m going to cover that with this white hat SEO technique that needs to be avoided for 2020 so I just wanted to give a little bit of a backstory of exactly how this all came about and One of our sites that was one of our best performing sites. This is my second Best performing web site that I have as a joint venture. It was a Google site I was using rather gray hat techniques Ranking to me as a competition if I am generating leads and generating Income, if I beat you in the SERP that doesn’t so let’s just get into this I just want to go ahead and show you this was a site a coupon site that we were running I generally do not show my money sites because of things like this and we cannot risk us Losing our partnerships and losing earnings coming in So we were running a coupon site for a website by the name of Hostgator I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of Hostgator They are a hosting company now, but on average we were getting about $100 a signup This was my second best performing web site that we have So I just want to let you know the scope of what we were splitting now, there’s two of us now We split our proceeds. So I just wanted to let you know the scope of income that we were earning No, we’re not getting rich however This is a significant amount of income for someone that is only working for themselves has a family, a home So they are directly impacting my life So in any case I want to go ahead and move on our site was Disabled and what’s really sad, isn’t and I go in and everything is gone. I Look into my deleted sites. It’s gone it has Literally been eradicated and I have gone in and had this problem before the amount of people that must have been mentioning this site Must have been huge because literally it has vanished and And it’s it’s really sad. So in any case I am able to appeal this luckily it is still in the index I’m assuming what by the next cache it will be removed. I wasn’t even ranking that high, but we were able to generate numerous amounts of leads So we were ranking on the first page fifth So I was the fifth ranking website here was a sites.google.com right here we where generating numerous leads but the site was taken down but I wanted to talk about this this white hat seo technique this white hat SEO technique if you’re in working, right? Your ranking and your competition beats you I urge you for the future for you new SEO is out there telling on Another SEO that is beating you for any type of practice that they’re doing this is a competition how someone owns and how someone ranks and How somebody provides is on them. if if you want to go the route and you want to succeed, your way and a negative SEO Penalizing websites and getting them taken down is not doing SEO it is not proper I don’t want to get upset. I do not want to be negative. I just want to let anyone know that’s watching this reporting websites that you cannot beat Because they are in a position It’s not proper SEO if you’ve seen this That’s really the point. I want to get across This is a white hat SEO technique a tactic that is being implemented on scale That needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth because it is hurting people’s businesses My name is Chris Palmer if you have any questions regarding SEO, digital marketing, Facebook Ads, Anything at all, please. Feel free to leave it in the comments and I look forward to seeing you in the next video Stay away from these tactics. Have a wonderful day white hat seo techniques end.

13 thoughts on “White Hat SEO Techniques To Avoid 2020

  1. CHRIS PALMER SEO Post author

    Thank you for watching this white hat seo techniques video if you have SEO questions please feel free to ask below in the comment section I am always happy to help if I can , thank you for taking the time to watch.

  2. Sk Apsar Ali Post author

    You are doing great job Chris…. 1k subscribe coming soon..

  3. Juelz kid Post author

    How do you know someone reported your site. Plus your appeal can still be approved. I hope it does. Question what kind of links were you using? GSA, etc

  4. Sam Anber Post author

    Chris, how do I do re-direct properly? I want to buy a domain with lots of backlink and redirect it to mine.

  5. Akshay Yaravalli Post author

    So Sorry to hear about your loss, Hope you recover soon. Waiting to hear an update on the status for this issue

  6. Luz Moss Post author

    I don't watch any tv, except for Bills games. But I do watch Chris Palermo Seo daily and love it ! Now I finally know what g stacking is about. And I get why it works. Effem create Ten more just like it .

  7. Shijil S Post author

    Hey Chris, Just like others this video made my day. Thank you very much.
    I have a question. I saw that you are using old version of Google sites instead of new. Which is better in your experience and why?

  8. Stinky Potatos Post author

    Isnt it true though that you were using black hat techniques on that site or is it because of the sheer amount of people flagging the site? Just curious. Sucks when people mess with your money

  9. NanoWebs Post author

    Wow! I didn't know that this site was yours. It is really lame that someone has reported it and it has been taken down. Sorry for your loss. There was a website which was ranking for the same term. That was hosted on Amazon. Was that page yours too?

  10. punit bayad Post author

    Question regarding voice search. It will more hard as voices will only speak the snippets and there's nothing like CTR to improve rankings for voice searches. So what do you think about that?
    And how would this affect local SEO?

  11. The 11 Plus Tutors in Essex Post author

    I agree. GMB vanadlism is also a thing. It’s the lowest.

  12. Shijil S Post author

    Chris, Can you make videos on how to create hidden web 2.0 backlinks and the exact way to boost page authority of web 2.0?
    It will be great if you can make a series on this topic!!

    And have you got your website back? What is the situation now?


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