Which SEO agency do you recommend?

By | August 12, 2019

>>CUTTS: A question from West Virginia, right
next to my home state Kentucky, Frank asks, “If I’m looking to hire an SEO agency, which
one do you recommend?” I’m not going to say which SEO agency I personally would recommend
because you never know things can change, you know, people change their policies. You
never know exactly what different agencies might be doing. I’ll give you a general answer
to the question. If you search for, you know, Google SEO guidelines or something like that,
we have an entire page on our Webmaster Help Center that sort of says, “Here are some things
to look out for–and here are some things to look for in an SEO.” So, things like references,
they should be able to tell you exactly what they’re going to do. Like, if they’re going
to wave some magic smoke and not tell you what they’re doing, be a little worried about
that. You might find what they say boring, but they should be very transparent about
what they’re doing. “Oh, I’m going to change the site architecture. I’m going to do all
this.” They should be completely up front about all those sorts of things. We’ve changed
our SEO guidelines. So, it used to be a little more controversial. Now, they are much more
focused on, you know, “Here are some great ways to identify them.” So it is a really
good page and I’d recommend that you should check it out. There are lots of great SEOs
out there. If an SEO gives you a sort of a queasy feeling or they seem a little shady
or fly by night, there are lots of SEOs out there, and so don’t go with anybody where
you’re worried that, you know, you can’t leave them or that you just get a bad feeling from
them because there are lots of good SEOs out there.

15 thoughts on “Which SEO agency do you recommend?

  1. junomanx Post author

    yes just search for 'search engine optimization' or 'seo' or 'search engine marketing' and look in Top 10.

  2. Kris Beus Post author

    I like what wredlich says the best way to find an seor is to search google for some extremely competitve keywords such as "seo" and see what companies actually understand seo well enough that they can rank their own website. I find it funny when I see seo websites that have not even been indexed and use email for their traffic rather than search engines.

  3. MumblingMickey Post author

    Matt… seriously I know you're constrained… but if you any more fluffy in the way you fluff these questions… you'd have buck teeth, pointy ears and a cotton tail…

  4. Ritaki27 Post author

    talks a lot but says nothing… 😛

  5. Johnny Hile Post author

    this advice is like telling a soldier dont die, shoot your gun, swing ya knife when your surrounded. could of said nothing and learned more

  6. קידום אתרים COMBAR Post author

    אי אפשר היה לתאר את זה טוב מהבחור, כך בודקים חברת קידום אתרים מקצועית
    ממליץ על ההמלצה combar

  7. Arsham Mirshah Post author

    Every marketing person, it department, and business owner should have to watch this…

    And if that's you… shameless plug… Google: WebMechanix

  8. Marc Connor Post author

    You guys really don't expect someone from Google to actually name a company that they recommend do you?

    I mean seriously…think about it.

  9. planicko Post author

    What does it mean being transparent? Do you ask web design company to explain the process of building your site? Do you ask your bank how are they going to transfer your money? Content writers, web hosting company? No. You pay for their services and you like the results or not. They don't have to explain the exact process of what they are going to do. I don't think SEO professionals should reveal their methodology. After all, isn't Google the one who wants to keep its search algorithm secret?

  10. Spook SEO Post author

    Hahaha… Yeah right. As if Matt would really give us a specific name of an SEO agency. It would be intriguing if he does though. One word from Matt and that specific SEO company will get TONS of clients OVERNIGHT! No doubt about it!

  11. Henry Alan Post author

    yeah definitely…
    I would recommenced the reference from the existing clients….
    Thank you…

  12. Voicalls Com Post author

    There are a lot of SEO companies out there and most of them promise things they cant deliver. Beware

  13. COPYRIGHT SEO PTY LTD Post author

    Thanks Frank for asking that question. If you have a small business and need to market it on google adwords, we can easily dominate for you. Cheers.


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