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By | November 2, 2019

Hey, this is the Daily Overpass, my name is
Eric and I make apps! Now today I wanna talk about where to put
google play keywords! Ok, so today I wanna answer a question that
came in on video 344 by Hareram Panchal, it’s all about Google Play keywords. And this might seem like an easy question
for a lot of you guys who have been using Google Play for a long time, but it can be
very confusing for new developers just coming in. So his question was this: “Also I have one
question extra” -so it was one of many questions. “Everyone says keywords change can make your
app download increase…but no one explains how exactly we have to do on Google Play…where
to change”. And this is really good question because if
you upload an app to the amazon app store or to iTunes, to the apple app store, they’ll
ask you which keywords you should be targeting, so it helps in the search algorithm, everything
like that. Because they can’t necessarily go through
and pass the application, I’m not sure if Google can or not, people ask about that sometimes,
I’m not really sure. But on Google Play it operates a lot more
like traditional SEO, so you got the on page stuff and the off page stuff, and a lot of
things go into it that’s not just the keywords. So, when you put keywords in Google play,
you have to put them in the title, the description, and in the short description. So have a look at my screen over here and
see what I’m talking about. So here’s my store listing for Ear Agent,
which is my top app. So I basically have the title, the short description
and the full description. Now the title, one of the things about Google
Play and apps in general, and in fact search in general is that we are starting to see
a lot more use of subtitles, and that’s because it allows us to describe more of what the
app does, and put some keywords in there that things might be searching on, where we don’t
actually have to change the title. So like this here, if I show you this, I’ve
got ear agent super hearing aid, we got the 50 characters so I have a bit more room there
to play with, but this works so well for me for so long that I’m kind of sticking with
this for the time being. But when I do change something, if I wanna
introduce a new keyword, the prime real estate is right here because that’s the most weighted. So that subtitle is very useful because it
is flexible, i can change that from time to time and start introducing some new keywords
in there and try to see how things rank. Also the short description ranks pretty high. Some people will say it’s the second biggest
or it’s after description, I’m not really sure but I know that it’s important. If I wanna introduce a new keyword into it,
or if the keywords that I’m targeting are too popular, like everyone’s using those and
there’s no way that I could rank for that one, and I want something a little bit more
long tail, something that might not be as popular, like ‘free game’ would be one that
would be impossible, the word ‘game’ would be impossible to rank for, for example, because
everybody’s in there. So I might introduce something in here, and
then in the description. And the description, you usually wanna do
it in the first couple of sentences. And you hear of different people talk about
different stuff there too. And then you test these kind of things out. Like, I use App Annie, so App Annie is my
favourite tool for doing this. It takes a few days to really see any results,
but then you go over to the keyword section over here and then you can see for each of
the different app stores which keywords you’re ranking for and how you’re doing. So here it’s ranking number 2 for spy, number
11 for agent, ear, ear drop, ear spy, eavesdrop, everything like that. So, aside from those things, which are the
things that you can control directly, there’s other things that are key to the search ranking. So where you can put keywords. Another one is reviews. now I did a video on this I think last year,
or maybe two years ago, where I talked about some of the things that ear spy at the time
was ranking for that I did not put in the description, I did not put in the title or
subtitle or anything like that. It was things like ‘cheating girlfriend’,
stuff like that, and all these things came from the reviews. So people would leave reviews and put some
of these keywords in there too. If there’s some way that you can word your
‘please leave a review’ kind of thing which would allow them to put some keywords in there
too, that might help your case too. And also if you’re gonna respond to the reviews,
if someone leaves you a five star review say “hey, thanks for leaving a review”, and try
to use keywords there too, so that plays key into it. Lastly, you want a lot of back link, so this
is something that is very different about Google Play is those back links count too. If you have a link that goes to your Google
Play page, put back links in as many places as you can, get them out on the web, try to
get people to promote your app. And don’t have the link, just say the title,
like for me, I wanna be Ear Agent inside the link that says Ear Agent. It would say like, Spy App or Eavesdropping
App, or something like that, and would just go straight in there. So, let’s just go into the app store here. And a lot of times, if you look at the top
apps on the app store, sometimes you won’t see this but a lot of times you will see that
subtitle. If you look at the top books on amazon, you’ll
see the subtitle, you start to see longer and longer titles because people wanna not
just have a really good title, because the title is important, a lot of people will say
you don’t need a good title, you just need a descriptive title. I like having a good title! So this is why the subtitle is very important
to me. So if I go in here and I try ‘spy’, I’ve done
this before, I rank number two. For the longest time I ranked number one – it’s
starting to fall a little bit, but I’m not using spy in my title, it’s not in the short
description, it’s used one time in the description and that’s it. But it’s in the reviews all over the place! It’s all around the web all over the place,because
for the longest time, my app was called Ear Spy and even though I changed it over a year
ago, it still ranks for those keywords. If I look for the same with some of these
other ones that have just been.. you know, eavesdrop, I’m still second, except for one
that actually has it in the title, but I didn’t like that keyword anymore. There’s other things here. Then you’ve got all the competitors here and
everything like that. So, I don’t wanna make this video too long
so, it’s a really good question, you have to play around with it in the description
and your keywords. If you’re gonna respond to a review, do it
that way too. Use the subtitle- the subtitles you don’t
wanna go too long, you don’t want it to just be stuffed with keywords because it just looks
cheap and nobody’s gonna download it then. But if you do something that’s relevant and
you can play around with those a little bit. It might be a complimentary keyword to the
main one. Like if you have a really good keyword in
your title and you wanna have a complimentary one, that’s a good place to test it too. So I hope that’s been helpful, so let me know. And those of you guys out there who have other
advice that I didn’t cover, please put it in the comments below because that would really
help everybody! And that’s it for today, I’ll talk to you
guys tomorrow!

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    Hey Eric.Thanks for your videos. Can you you tell us the countries languages in which we should localize our app, including Google Play store listings?. As i see you have localize your app meta data in 27 languages on Google play listing. THANKS

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    Now thats AWESOME
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  3. Ku Syuk Post author

    You can tackle more keywords by making various store listing translation and make a localization promo images for your app. That works for me.

  4. daiquiri Post author

    Hey Eric, I just wanted to say that I just found your channel a few days ago, and I've been watching your vids continously since then – it's a goldmine of useful info for someone like me, planning to get into creating apps on top of client work. I'm loving it and so glad I found it! Keep up the good work!

  5. hareram panchal Post author

    Thanks for answering my question…. but still how to update keywords…. because I have a game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=shriram.panchal.onemoresnake I have updated my game, because I seen one of your vdo & u said that we have to change keywords, we have to test them, but at the time of updation I didn't found place to change my title or description…. please help…. we want to see the process of keywords changing for a published game… not for publishing game

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  7. Prakash Timilsina Post author

    Hi Eric, there is a typo in your app description. "This app was previously named "Ear Agent" ". Shouldn't this be "Ear Spy" ? BTW thanks for your awesome videos 🙂

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    Hey eric i was wondering how about subtitle for games? I have this mario alike platformer game. What would you suggest?

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    Hi Eric, this is your new subscriber. Just went through your video and liked it so thought of subscribing to see more such videos. This one seems a bit old as Google Play still has 30 characters in title.
    Anyhow, Can u make a tutorial on how to use appannie for keywords? I use Appannie too but I am not sure about the info it gives me. I took an app, looked at the Keyword ASO section and found out keywords for which that app was ranking Num 1 or 2. GREAT but that's no use to me. I want my app to be on the top that is it.. How is appannie helping me in this?

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