When Was Content Marketing Invented? | Soap Operas and Procter and Gamble

By | August 12, 2019

What is content marketing? Content marketing, interestingly, comes from
the term Soap Operas. Beginning in the 1930s, TV commercials would
be produced by soap companies to sell to housewives- they were primarily the people in the household
who would stay home in that period of time. Companies including Procter & Gamble wanted
to reach housewives and sell soap products and other things to them. They would create content- Soap Operas: dramas
on television in which 100% of the share of voice of that show would go to a product like
soap sold by Procter & Gamble. That is where the term “soap opera” comes
from and the concept of content marketing originated from. Content was created to sell products. One thing to consider when you are engaging
in content marketing, is to make sure that you are providing helpful, relevant and engaging
content to your customers. Use those 3 things as a guide when you are
writing your content. It doesn’t have to be written text- it can
be a video, an info graphic, images, or a podcast; content can take many forms. When you are producing content always remember-
helpful, relevant and engaging.

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