[#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Jin Preparing for Tip to Berlin | #GrandpasOverFlower | #Diggle

By | November 3, 2019

(Porter Lee Seo Jin is pressured)
Are you going to reserve the accomodation right now, or when? Prague? You said we’re going to Prague
the day after tomorrow? So I should slowly start to I’m in a rush too!
(Even without the pressure, I feel rushed) Then hurry up! Hurry (It’s not that I was trying to not do it)
My phone is charging [Staff] How are we getting to Prague? (Porter’s work is piling up
like pressure to pay debt) I have to reserve the train too? Should I do it then?
(Rejection is rejected) Hey, how am I supposed
to reserve a train? Reserve it [Staff] You’ve done well in the past (It’s not that I didn’t know,
but there’s really no end to the work) (Korean) guesthouses are nice
(Oh, this is a Korean guesthouse?) Yes, Korean guesthouses have their merits They have their merits Come over here, engineering student (Me?) – Sit down
– Engineering student… – What’s your name?
– Park Min Ki Min Ki (From today, you’re Manager Park
of this guesthouse) (Throws bait) You have to ride a
train to get to Prague, right? (Lee Seo Jin gets work done
without lifting a finger) (Bites bait) You could take the train,
but there’s also a bus (That’s right) The train is better,
the bus is too hard Where do we get on it? (Second bait,
then where do we ride the train?) There’s a train station here
(Manager Park gives a detailed explanation) It’s about five stops from here,
but if you go there… (Mechanical reaction)
Do we have to make a reservation? Yes. Online… Online…. – Can you check the times for us?
– Sure Let me bring my laptop
(Need laptop) (A master doesn’t force anything
He just asks questions) Shouldn’t you be doing this on your own? (Yeah, no) When are you departing? For Prague? The day after tomorrow I think you need to sign up on this
website first (Needs to sign up at Germany’s national
railroad association to make a reservation) After becoming a member of Deutsche Bahn… Who’s going to become a member?
(Who will join?) I’ll do it (Answers every question,
it’s almost like magic) [Staff] But why is he doing it and not you? [Staff] It’s like a boss
and his employee… (Begins reservations with smart employee) There’s one that goes straight from
Berlin Central Station to Prague.. It takes about four hours – So this is the timetable?
– Yes (Good departure time is 11:19 or 1:19) I think going about 11:19 is good How many people need tickets?
(How many people are going?) Us? Six people (Our grandpas) (and me) June 6, 11:19, arrival is at 3:35 – Should I make the payment?
– Yes, yes (Manager, do whatever you want) You can say that’s the nice thing
about Korean guesthouses (Brazen) You can get help in many ways (You can go anywhere if you have a Korean
guesthouse and internet) That’s a given basic. Why else
would you stay at a Korean guesthouse? (Return of the JIMGGUN, a porter’s return) Should I make the payment?
(Now all they need to do is pay…) (Porter and manager of general affairs,
Seo Jin makes his own payments) (Body isn’t what it once was) [♬ BGM “Seo Yoo Seok –
Seasons passing” playing] (Unlike six years ago) (his eyes keep squinting) [Na PD] (Honestly) I can’t watch,
you look so pitiful – (Where did it go) Where did the @ go?
– The @? (Here) Am I done?
(When you get older) At the top… (The number of things you can
do on your own decreases…) (Looks over) (Travel book) And there’s another thing
(you can help us with) (Let’s plan out our day for tomorrow) We’re going to start out
sightseeing from here But since when has Berlin
been the capital city? Wasn’t it Bonn? It was Bonn
(Bonn was the capital of Western Germany) Did it change after Germany unified? (After the unification, Berlin
became the new capital) We learned it as Bonn
when we were little… We learned it as Bonn when we were little
(His ‘When we were little’ is so far back) When did the wall come down? [Staff] 1989? I entered college in 1989,
how would I know? [Na PD] What were you
doing when the wall fell? I was probably drinking I was probably using that as
an excuse for a celebratory party I want to see this (Seo Jin has already chosenwhat to see
tomorrow) (Answers are already chosen) Before seeing this, how about
going to the Reichstag Building? – Reichstag Building?
– Yes – Should I show you?
– I don’t need to see it – But it’s beautiful?
– There’s no need Why would I see someone else’s capitol?
In someone else’s country We want to see this, this, and then this And is this right next to it?
(The destinations have already been chosen) Yes, but It would be better for you to see this Do we have to see this? This is the prettiest thing in Berlin All the tourists say “Wow” when they see it (What is it…?) (Berliner Dom) (With a blue roof and
Renaissance architecture) (The biggest church in Berlin) What would we do there? Then how do we get here?
(I want to go here) – I (really) want us to go here?
– Here… – This is Checkpoint Charlie
– Should we go? It might be a little far to walk… How do we get there? It would be much better to give up
Checkpoint Charlie and see the Dom… Because Korea is a divided country It’s a divided country, right?
So we need to see something like this [Na PD] You had a reasoning for it
(Schedule planned according to reasoning) [Na PD] It wasn’t because you couldn’t
be bothered to visit the Dom… No We have a photo of the Dom in our room [Seo Jin] That’s all we need
(A great Berliner Dom photo) When we were kids, we learned about
Eastern and Western Germany That the capital of
Western Germany was Bonn Because we’re people who were taught that I wanted to focus on that aspect the most Youths will go to nightclubs in Berlin Those are the hottest places If we were in our twenties,
we’d be out clubbing too But we’re not You have to fit your travels to your age You have to see things
you enjoy at your age That’s how I made my decisions (If there’s nothing else to do) (I’ll be going now) (Not over yet) Around here…
(Can’t escape from Seo Jin) Are there any Asian restaurants? Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai,
something like those (Why is professional porter Lee Seo Jin
looking for an Asian restaurant?) (For the starving grandpas) (he wanted them to at least
have one filling meal) (The problem is) There aren’t any (Asian restaurants)
around here Not even out there? Near the station? There were a lot of
Vietnamese places there? But there aren’t any in this neighborhood? (Persistent pressure)
They don’t even have Chinese food? I’ll look it up There’s a place nearby See? I told you! I knew it It’s right up front, it’s right there,
the Chinese place (Discovers Chinese restaurant
in front of dorms) Oh, it has good ratings too
(Even has high ratings) – Yes, a 4.3 is good
– It’s really good (Satisfied)

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