31 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between Do Follow and No Follow Links

  1. Saad Ali Khan Post author

    I haven't watch your vid yet, But here is my View…
    Dofollow: It passes the Link Juice.
    NoFollow: It Doesn't…
    Now I'm viewing your Vid. LoLz…

  2. David McKnight Post author

    Hi Neil

    Can you recommend any video tutorial ( free or premium) on seo that will guide me.

    I want to be offering seo services on Fiverr, upwork and other freelance site.

    Looking forward to your quick and favorable response.

  3. Sandra Helmsley Post author

    Thank you for your helpful video! I will check out your site!

  4. Healthy Life Plans Post author

    Hi Sir !! Thank You For Sharing !! ,, We Buy Some Back link Form Other Web Sites .. What is the best way ,, dofollow or nofollow ..

  5. Daniel Alvarado Post author

    Finally… I have been searching for a good answer on this. Very concise and clear explanation. Thank you!

  6. Stacy Wells Post author

    FINALLY… someone who can actually explain "do-follow" and "no-follow" links. Thank YOU, Neil! 🙂

  7. Marvel Gaming Post author

    sir plsss help me how to remove nofollow bad backlink plssss mujhe nikaliye is problem se

  8. Harvey Jones Post author

    do you recommend that I use a different domain masked to the affiliate offer plus no follow hyperlinked to a text ? or is just hyperlinking an direct affiliate link plus adding no follow good enough ?

  9. freestyle737 Post author

    Thanks Neil a very simple easy to understand video!

  10. apoorva singh Post author

    Thank you for sharing the information neil

  11. Fabian M. Post author

    Why Affiliate links nofollow?
    Do I have to set every affiliate link on my page mit the rel:nofollow?

  12. Anmol Pathak Post author

    Km se km Indian English to bol lo,
    Jb samjh hi nhi aata to bolte q ho

  13. letisha malakooti Post author

    Neil what software do u recommend i use to make utube tutorials like yours?

  14. Sajib Khan Post author

    what about new born site??
    new site da ,pa is lower ,then if i do follow external link,my link juice will pass..right ??
    so should i use no follow to external link??

  15. Zadi silveira Post author

    Wow after watching a bunch of videos I finally understand about the meaning of no follow links thanks

  16. Anonymous Boy Post author

    Maintaining Link diversity is important or not? plss sir tell me

  17. Luca Spinello Post author

    Hi Neil,
    Thank you for the content you publish, it is very useful!
    I saw in this video and in some others that you posted that you encourage the inclusion of links to external authoritative source as it will help ranking and providing value for the visitor. My question is, how do I track the clicks to external links and at the same time satisfy SEO criteria for external links? At the moment I am using Pretty Links for WordPress but I am not sure this is the ideal way for SEO
    Thank you in advance!

  18. moussaab moulim Post author

    woow a week in reading artcles
    you just gave me what i want in 2 min

  19. Patel Vidhu Post author

    Do follow links passes link juice. No follow does not pass link juice. But now a days seo is less about links. It is about showing your great content in front of as many people as you can.

  20. brahmani naidu Post author

    Hi sir
    This video is very full to me thank you.


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